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Version history for Baka MPlayer (32-bit)

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Changes for v1.4.5 - v2.0.1 beta

  • Windows Build Available!
  • Reduced the number of files needed
  • For full list of changes, refer to previous Changelogs
  • Fixed: Spacing in debug window output
  • Fixed: Some issue with loading mpv settings
  • Fixed: Modified PKGBUILD to download much faster than before
  • Fixed: Desktop file for better platform integration
  • Changed: Build system from CMake to QMake
  • Changed: Some menu item shortcut keys
  • Changed: Increased seekbar height
  • Changed: Fast seeking
  • Changed: Do not save window size into settings
  • Added: Youtube video playback support (and others)
  • Added: Ability to open directories
  • Added: Recently opened file list
  • Added: Interact with mpv directly via command line interface
  • Added: Fit Window 150%
  • Added: Gesture Support
  • Click & drag cursor up/down to change volume
  • Click & drag cursor left/right to seek
  • Playlist
  • Search is now case-insensitive
  • Up/Down Arrow keys navigate, Enter plays
  • Currently playing item is bolded
  • Added Translations
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

Changes for v1.4.4 - v1.4.5

  • Fixed: Small bugs
  • Fixed: Small visual tweaks
  • Fixed: Remade the playback button graphics
  • Changed: Decrease playback button size
  • Added: Display selected audio/video codec in Info window

Changes for v1.4.1 - v1.4.3

  • Fixed: Don't hide media controls in full screen mode when seeking
  • Fixed: Pressing Esc while seeking in full screen cancels seek properly
  • Fixed: Seekbar gets messed up if chapter has invalid value
  • Changed: Simplified and edited IMPORTANT.txt
  • Changed: Renamed 'MPlayer Tags' to 'File Tags' in Media Info
  • Added: Fit Window feature
  • Added: Auto fit video window on file open

Changes for v1.4.0 - v1.4.1

  • NOTE: You must remove all files before version 1.3.9
  • Fixed: Several bugs
  • Fixed: Random program freeze
  • Fixed: Continued attempt to make program work correctly under different languages
  • Changed: Do not show Url window in taskbar

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