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Version history for Blackbird

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Changes for v1.0.28 - v1.0.3

  • - Full Windows 10 v1809 support (October 2018 update)
  • - Disabled more services; BcastDVRUserService, BluetoothUserService, CaptureService, cbdhsvc, ConsentUxUserSvc, DevicePickerUserSvc, PrintWorkflowUserSvc
  • - Disabled more scheduled tasks; Schedule Scan Static Task, USO_UxBroker
  • - Disabled Clipboard history & cross-device logging.
  • - Disabled Edge silent background startup.
  • - Disabled SmartScreen startup app control.
  • - Disabled all "AI Insights/SwiftKey" keylogging-text-prediction bullshit.
  • - Fixed unresponsive W-key option (enable/disable Task View) when selected in the main menu.
  • - Fixed /U switch not disabling automatic updates on Windows 10 in some cases.
  • - Fixed the 'Current User' Ad-ID token not getting removed properly.
  • - Fixed "Invalid console session size" error appearing for some users even when running with 80+ columns width.
  • - Fixed KB update hiding script not getting properly generated and executed when it's filepath contains whitespaces, causing syntax errors.
  • - Fixed temporary files not getting created under some circumstances, causing Blackbird to quit due to a fatal error.
  • - Fixed the 'loopback' bug that caused Blackbird to re-apply itself when running Verbose Mode (/v) with any other switches.
  • - Fixed a bug in versions 1.0.27/28 that caused scheduled task states to sometimes not get properly backed up.
  • - Another attempt to fix the /L switch not restoring LAN connectivity in some cases. Shut up.
  • - Added system speaker beeps support. Currently only used if fatal errors are encountered.
  • - Added support for partial Blacbird execution by starting with the following switches;
  • /updates = Only secure/remove KB updates.
  • /tasks = Only secure/disable scheduled tasks.
  • /services = Only secure/disable services.
  • /registry = Only secure registry.
  • /hostblock = Only run IP/host blocker.

Changes for v1.0.27 - v1.0.28

  • - Fixed App Manager failing to disable apps that have been restored during a Windows update.
  • - Added more hosts to blacklist

Changes for v1.0.11 - v1.0.15

  • - Minor scanning speed optimizations (Scan Mode/startup).
  • - Fixed various crashes and glitches when using certain system languages/localizations.
  • - Fixed menu selection sometimes not responding correctly to user input.
  • - Fixed WiFi connection breaking for some users after applying Blackbird.

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