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Version history for BlitzSound

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Changes for v3.0.13 - v3.1.0

  • Implemented ImageEditor.
  • Added the possibility to choose what kind of Select lines to have while taking a selected screenshot.
  • Added the possibility to choose what colors to have the border of your capture.
  • Added Dimensions while Selected Capture it's active, useful to calculate the dimensions of your selected image.
  • Added Preset feature [Custom] which asks you what to do with the image that you captured, uploading/saving or editing it.
  • YoutubeExtension: Graphics changed.
  • YoutubeExtension: Now you can download and convert any kind of video from Youtube.
  • General: Improved YoutubeExtension response.
  • General: Improved imgur upload service.
  • General: Improved application startup.
  • Settings: Added Screenshot Category
  • Settings-Binds: Binding can be disabled per each module.
  • Settings-Screenshot: Added Presets menu, with 2 options available. One which let's you select any options you like, and one which asks you what to do everytime you make a screenshot.
  • Settings-Screenshot: You can change the selected border while you're taking a screenshot.
  • Settings-Screenshot: You can change what color the border will have while taking a screenshot.
  • Check Updates: Fixed a bug which occured when the application started and no internet was available.
  • YoutubeExtension: Fixed a bug which didn't let you download VEVO Movies.
  • Fixed a bug when choosing NOT to start at Windows Startup, but instead the application still started.

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