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Version history for Blu-Disc Studio

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Changes for v2.2 - v3.0

  • * New one-window interface.
  • * JAR signing.
  • * Ability to store images outside the JAR.
  • * Now you can use more than 8 megapixels of graphics.
  • * Resume disc playback.
  • * Video scaling is added.
  • * Ability to import multi-page PS Designer PSD.
  • * Ability to import PSD files in DoStudio format.
  • * Slideshow encoder is added.
  • * A selection frame for all objects in the designer is added.
  • * Ability to select a group of objects using mouse (press and drag).
  • * Ability to show navigation links is added.
  • * A background image can be shown in the simulation.
  • * Ability to load moved projects.
  • * Ability to include Current and Selected states into the fade animation.
  • * A disc load script is added.
  • * Now you can use subtitles in SUP format for Scenarist and internal muxer.
  • * Ability to specify PSR in "Set GPR" dialog.
  • * New commands "Next chapter" and "Prev Chapter" are added.
  • * Undo is now global.
  • * Fullscreen for PIP is added.
  • * Many other improvements and bugfixes.
  • * Help updated.

Changes for v2.0 build 121 - v2.2

  • * Added effects for objects: transparency and fading.
  • * New condition In SWITCH: "if selected [button] ...".
  • * Basic PIP functionality is added (at this time only for advanced users).
  • * A new mechanism for the Auto-button.
  • * Now you can get the values of the PSR registers (function PSR() in SWITCH).
  • * A new checkbox is added to the SWITCH - Exclusive.
  • * You can now select and delete more than one element of the tree (menu/popup/film).
  • * MultiAction is now similar to the SWITCH.
  • * Now you can set the start and end alpha-values for the fade effect.
  • * "Cancel" button is added to the compilation.
  • * You can now simulate the End Action, pressing the F1 key in the simulation.
  • * Now there are 5 Enter Animations. Each Enter animation has its own auto-action.
  • * Audio/subtitle language is now visible in the Set Audio/Subtitles actions.
  • * You can set the action of a button, using the right-click on the object.
  • * Button hint can now show the Enter-action.
  • * Fixed an issue with an Activated state delay.
  • * Now you can choose a background for the simulation.
  • * You can choose jump to the menu button for "First play" and "Top Menu".
  • * Double-click on the "Play Movie" command in the Matrix opens a chapter select dialog.
  • * Double-click on the "Jump Menu" command in the Matrix opens an Enter Animation select dialog.
  • * Added "Save complete project" to save the project in the new location, including images and sounds of buttons.
  • * Bugfixes.
  • * Help update.

Changes for v2.0 build 119 - v2.0 build 121

  • * AutoAction replaced on the property "AUTO button" - now uses the "Press ENTER" action and its animation.
  • * Undo now works for Highlight in the Action matrix.
  • * "Number of additional playitems" moved to the project properties.
  • * In the Project properties added: "General -> Use Action Sound only for Enter" and "Streams -> Switch audio tracks in menu before Play movie".
  • * Added "Clear other directions" in the Auto-assign actions.
  • * Added MUI Generator version checking (may be false positives - please report).
  • * Added effects for the Slide-animation.
  • * Bugfix.

Changes for 2.0 build 118 - v2.0 build 119

  • * Added delay for the Activated state.
  • * Now you can move the audio and subtitle streams up and down in the Property window.
  • * Export and import are added to the SWITCH window.
  • * Now "Include current and selected state" adds these states to the static part of the group animation, if the group does not contain any buttons.
  • * Now object (constant) animation does not reset between pages.
  • * Added ability to specify a list of chapters in the Wizard.
  • * If you add a line with "*" in the anim-file, the animation will stop at the last frame.
  • * Added two functions in the script to jump between chapters: jumpNextMark and jumpPrevMark.
  • * Auto-action added for the button.
  • * Added option "Allow empty states in buttons" in the Project properties.
  • * Added ability to configure the available languages in the program settings (File -> Languages).
  • * Now you can specify anim-file for loading process.
  • * Added button to center the loading images.
  • * Added "Resume negative delay" in the Project properties.
  • * Cleaning the GPR at disc startup added to the Project properties.
  • * Update assets now enabled by default, and moved to the Project properties (read help).
  • * User settings now moved to the user's documents (Documents\Blu-Disc Studio (MX)).
  • * Global bugfix.
  • * Global update of the help, FAQ added.

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