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Version history for Comodo Firewall (32/64-bit)

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Changes for v11.0.0.6728 - v11.0.0.6802

  • Fixed:
  • Fixed false alert about Chrome tries to modify it's settings
  • Fixed long OS boot time in some rare cases

Changes for v8.2.0.4674 - v8.2.0.4703

  • Compatibility with Google Chrome 45.x issue

Changes for v8.1.0.4426 - v8.2.0.4674

  • Improved Live Support
  • Support improvements for MSFT Windows 10 official release.
  • Fixed
  • Network firewall is not functioning properly after update from Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • Cycle BSOD on Windows 10 x86 with CIS in proactive security
  • Sandbox doesn’t support junction points
  • Application that launched by 'LNK'-file is absent in File List

Changes for v7.0.317799 - v8.0.0.4344

  • New
  • Policy based automatic-sandboxing
  • Ability to create automatic sandboxing rule based on various parameters such as file reputation, file origin, file source etc.
  • New default auto-sandboxing policy which is fine-tuned to isolate risky unknown applications
  • Hardware virtualization support
  • When Intel VT-x or AMD SVM Virtualization extensions are available, Enhanced Protection Mode makes use of these technologies and CIS operates at hypervisor level
  • Extended Logging
  • CIS can now send security and configuration events to Windows Event Logs
  • New UI theme
  • "Flat Tile" theme with updated icons and colors for better look and feel
  • Viruscope Recognizer grid in ASE
  • List of registered recognizers
  • Possibility to manage each recognizer state, turn it ON and OFF
  • Improved
  • Viruscope
  • Viruscope is now enabled by default, monitors more activities and works on sandboxed applications as well as not sandboxed ones.
  • Viruscope performance is improved
  • User Interface
  • The advanced settings window has been redesigned to provide a better layout
  • Fixed
  • We have addressed many issues reported by our users in this release. Here are a selected few
  • Enabling Viruscope causes file sharing violations
  • Killing certain malware can cause BSOD
  • Certain keyloggers can sniff keyboard while sandboxed as partially limited
  • Office 2013 documents downloaded from the Internet sometimes cannot be opened inside sandbox
  • Microsoft Outlook cannot receive email inside sandbox
  • Multiple issues exploited by malware to bypass certain protections
  • Firewall blocks fragmented UDP traffic even if this option is disabled
  • Incompatibility between Cisco Anyconnect Mobile VPN and COMODO Firewall

Changes for v7.0.313494.4115 - v7.0.315459

  • New
  • Website Filtering - COMODO Firewall now inspects URLs and blocks malicious sites while allowing users to define various access rules
  • Viruscope - A new dynamic behavior analysis feature that can inspect the real time behaviors of running programs and detect and reverse malicious activities
  • Data Protection - New data security feature which makes important files completely invisible to programs running in the sandbox
  • Multiple UI themes - Users are now able to choose between Modern, Classic and Tile based UI themes
  • PrivDog - A new browser plugin which helps protect online privacy is bundled. More information about PrivDog can be found at
  • Improved
  • Applications now run 700% faster inside sandbox and virtual desktop
  • Usability of advanced configuration editor is improved significantly with new features such as contextual grid searching, keyboard shortcuts etc.
  • More granular exclusions handling for automatically sandboxed applications
  • Fixed
  • Compared to 6.x, there are more than 200 bug fixes included in this release. Below are the selected few:
  • Blue Screens on Windows 8.x
  • Corrupted dialogs and memory leaks in user interface
  • Hanging scans under certain conditions
  • Task manager hangs while terminating certain jobs

Changes for v6.3.302093.2976 - v7.0.313494.4115

  • Improved:
  • ~700% Faster Sandbox.
  • All CIS Advanced Settings components are now accessible via CisTray menu.
  • Windows in 'grid view': Improved file search operation and added 'search completed' notification; added 'Jump to Folder' option; columns now retain their widths as last changed by the user.
  • AV Scan results and Rating scan results windows can be viewed in full screen mode.
  • CIS UI tooltips now correspond to Windows style.
  • Fixed:
  • More than 300 bugs are fixed

Changes for v5.9.25057.2197 - v5.12.55693.2551

  • · IMPROVED! Compatibility with other security suites is improved in Windows 7 x64
  • · FIXED! BSOD when corrupted executables are loaded in memory in Windows 7 x64
  • · FIXED! HIPS can leak process handles with a special set of access rights
  • · FIXED! Smart scan crashes under certain circumstances
  • What's new in Comodo Firewall 5.10.228257.2253:
  • March 14th, 2012
  • · IMPROVED! Compatibility with other security suites is improved in Windows 7 x64
  • · FIXED! BSOD when corrupted executables are loaded in memory in Windows 7 x64
  • · FIXED! HIPS can leak process handles with a special set of access rights
  • · FIXED! Smart scan crashes under certain circumstances

Changes for v3.0.24.368 - v3.0.25.378

  • Fixed! Windows Vista 64 UI Problems
  • Fixed! SafeSurf crashes applications on x64 based operating systems

Changes for v3.0.22.349 - v3.0.23.364

  • NEW! COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar built on COMODO Memory Firewall technology
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not add files from network shares to pending list
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not log incoming ICMP packets properly
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall blocks everything when password protection is OFF and suppress options are ON
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not terminate active connections properly
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall firewall driver can not be installed properly in Vista operating systems
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall can be terminated when Windows XP is being shutdown
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall GUI does not appear properly on Windows Vista operating systems
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall GUI can truncate texts in 120 DPI
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not handle long filename properly
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not update the version correctly after being updated
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall crashes on exit
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall can cause BSODs when gameprotect rootkit triggers its self defense
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall can not verify digital signatures
  • FIXED! Small problems in GUI

Changes for v3.0.22.327 Beta - v3.0.22.349

  • FIXED! BUG causing D+ to allow file modification attempts although it is blocked under some circumstances
  • IMPROVED! Reduced false positives for D+ keyboard access alerts
  • IMPROVED! Removed false positives for D+ service control manager access for XP computers
  • IMPROVED! Increased D+ ability to protect itself from already installed rootkits

Changes for v3.0.21.329 - v3.0.22.327 Beta

  • This BETA release is intended for beta testers who would like to join the testing of the new feature called Threatcast. Threatcast is a new, community based alert/popup management system to give statistics about the events based on community feedback

Changes for v3.0.18.309 - v3.0.20.320

  • FIXED! Slow network performance under certain circumstances

Changes for v3.0.16.295 - v3.0.18.309

  • FIXED! Import functionality does not work correctly
  • FIXED! Logging does not work for "Allow" rules
  • FIXED! Duplicate entries are created for some applications with 8.3 path names
  • FIXED! Logoff/Login stops the functionality of some applications

Changes for v3.0.15.277 - v3.0.16.295

  • NEW: Anti-Leak Configuration
  • NEW: On-Demand Virus Scanning
  • NEW: A-VSMART Warranty Program
  • IMPROVED: Self-Defense
  • IMPROVED: Default Configuration
  • IMPROVED: Handling of known code executing applications
  • IMPROVED: Pending Files
  • FIXED: Bugs in Defense+ Engine
  • FIXED: Minor Bugs in the GUI

Changes for v2.4.17.183 - v3.0.7.208 Beta

  • Setup sizes are larger than previous release as we have added lot more safe files information with it
  • Installation time will be slightly higher than previous version as extraction of safe list takes some time
  • Known bugs: Profile option may crash on Vista x32 and x64; Show balloon option changes goes into effect after firewall application is restarted
  • Please note: This is a beta software, which means it has bugs in it

Changes for v2.4.4.107 Beta - v2.4.5.111 Beta

  • "Comodo Firewall" name has been changed to "COMODO Firewall Pro"
  • "Activity->Connections" now shows per connection bytes in/out
  • Animated tray icon showing in/out traffic status
  • Removed Buffer Overflow Protection feature, it will be targeted for next i.e. 2.5 release

Changes for v2.3.6.81 - v2.4.1.96 Beta

  • Multilanguage capabilities
  • Defense against buffer overflows (experimental

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