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Version history for CoolPlayer

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Changes for Build 218 - build 219

  • Fixed potential buffer overflow when reading OGG tags
  • Fixed open file dialog not being modal
  • Fixed add directory dialog not being modal
  • Enabled XP visual style support
  • Fixed bitrate display showing parts of previous songs bitrate
  • WAV file bitrate is now shown
  • Improved dialogs
  • Keyboard shortcuts between player and playlist are now more integrated

Changes for build 217 - Build 218

  • Fixed channels being swapped when toggling EQ
  • Fixed player skin not saving properly

Changes for Build 216 - build 217

  • Now loads .m3u playlists using "Open URL"
  • Fixed using -h,-?,-help on the command line killing existing instances
  • Fixed using -/+showplaylist on commandline messing with toggle playlist
  • Fixed issue when seeking if coolplayer is paused
  • "Just add files" is back
  • Improved options dialog usability (Keyboard input and tab navigation now works and in correct order)
  • Menus now have keyboard accelerators for easier navigation (underlined letters)
  • Fixed length of WAV files not showing in playlist
  • Fixed non valid files being added to playlist (such as .txt)

Changes for build 215 - build 216

  • Enhanced aoTuV vorbis support.
  • Correct the Makefile(s) there was a minor inconsistency that meant that it would not build.
  • Add -Wall to the compile options so that gcc issues all warnings.
  • Modify the sources to eliminate all of the compiler warnings.
  • Update libogg to the latest version (1.1.3).
  • Provide additional vorbis libraries (latest version = 1.1.2 and the aoTuV r1 variant) which can be used in place of the current version when building CoolPlayer.
  • Create Visual Studio 2005 project files and modifications.
  • Fixed several possible buffer overflows.
  • Compiled against new MS libraries.

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