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Version history for Directory Monitor

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Changes for v2.12.0.3 - v2.12.0.4

  • - Fix Emailer options layout cutting off the port settings.

Changes for v2.12.0.2 - v2.12.0.3

  • - Updates to user detection. Improved accuracy when multiple users and processes are making changes at the same time and improved waiting when Windows delays audit creation (Ticket #1405 and 1458).
  • - Add Turkish translation.

Changes for v2.10.8.2 - v2.10.8.3

Changes for v2.10.8.1 - v2.10.8.2

  • - Remove WMIDiag.vbs, not being used any longer and MS Defender sees it as a threat for some reason.
  • - Remove legacy storage mechanisms such as events file and SQL Compact.
  • - Wait longer for a print to finish before closing the external application.
  • - Fix inactivity events not honoring the include/exclude patterns.

Changes for v2.10.7.6 - v2.10.8.1

  • - New Emailer rule to send if a certain number of events occur within a given time period.
  • - New Emailer option to limit the size of email attachments.
  • - Fix issue with print enabled option persisting (Ticket #1107).
  • - New inactivity feature to create an event when no changes occur in the specified directory (
  • - New Printing plugin (
  • - Remove warning about application not starting correctly when it's not sequential and has no timeout.
  • - Fix unlock key reactivation bug.
  • - Fix text box linking of directories paths.

Changes for v2.10.7.5 - v2.10.7.6

  • - Fix auto update during startup.
  • - Include Comodo root certificate to correct outdated machines such as Windows XP/2003.

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