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Version history for DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller)

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Changes for v18.0.1.7 - v18.0.1.9

  • -Changed minimum .NET Framework minimum requirement to 4.6
  • -Removal of additional Vulkan and D3D cache leftover for AMD
  • -SharedDlls removal enhancements.
  • -Reworked SystemRestore code.
  • -misc fixes / enhancements

Changes for v18.0.1.6 - v18.0.1.7

  • -Fixed the cleaning of the "OpenGLShExt" and "NvAppShExt" happening when it's not expected

Changes for v18.0.1.5 - v18.0.1.6

  • -Nvidia USB-C additional removal.
  • -Updated first launch message for new users.
  • -Fixed a little bug when removing Vulkan.
  • -Polish.xml translation update.

Changes for v18.0.1.3 - v18.0.1.5

  • -Many additional AMD leftover removal.
  • -Additional Nvidia leftover removal.
  • -Added launch argument : -preventwinupdate
  • -Fixed log was not always created.
  • -Changes to when we use the system impersonation to avoid issues.
  • -Read files configurations before impersonation.
  • -More precision on file removal to avoid potentially unwanted file removal.
  • -Removed unnecessary warning debug message

Changes for v18.0.1.2 - v18.0.1.3

  • Fixed a random DDU hang.
  • Language update Slovenian.xml

Changes for v18.0.0.9 - v18.0.1.2

  • Additional NVIDIA RTX cleanup. (NGX)
  • Additional NVIDIA Ansel removal as per user reports..
  • Language update Turkish.xml (Murat5038)

Changes for v18.0.0.8 - v18.0.0.9

  • -Fixed an issue with Geforce Experience when the DDU option "Remove GFE" is unticked.
  • -Made significant speed improvement on the registry clean-up part.
  • -Fixed the impersonation of the system account for some users.(hopefully)
  • -Additional AMD and Nvidia leftover removal.
  • -Release SYSTEM token after cleaning thread is complete to avoid weird issues with SetupAPI.
  • -Changed manifest from asInvoker --> requireAdministrator

Changes for v18.0.0.7 - v18.0.0.8

  • -Fixed CM_Get_Device_ID in Unicode.
  • -SetupAPI : SetupUninstallOEMInf (use unicode)
  • -Fixes and enhancement to the driver removal logic.
  • -Remove audioBus is now default to false (because it *could* cause some problem on some specific system)
  • -AMD additional services and tasks removal.
  • -Added Software component removal to realtek audio.
  • -Chinese (Traditional).xml language update.

Changes for v18.0.0.6 - v18.0.0.7

  • -Fixes and enhancements on devices find / removal.
  • -Possibly fixed the removal of the "AMD audio bus" that was causing issues to AMD GPU owner who also have AMD chipset + CPU.
  • -(DCH related)Removal of the "SoftwareComponents" of the GPU being removed.
  • -Translations updates

Changes for v18.0.0.5 - v18.0.0.6

  • -Support the removal of the USB type C of the Nvidia RTX card.
  • -NVIDIA NGX removal.
  • -Additional AMD leftover removal
  • -Fixed an issue with SharedDlls removal.
  • -Changed the logics on how the devices are removed.
  • -Bug fixes and addition to Realtek.
  • -Updated Turkish.xml
  • -Report in the log the FriendlyName if available when removing devices, if not, use the device description.

Changes for v18.0.0.4 - v18.0.0.5

  • -New requirement starting from this version ".NET Framework 4.5 now required."
  • Reason: Recently with Windows 10, we now see DCH drivers and theses drivers come with their control panel from the Microsoft store App.
  • To be removed, some library that were only available for 4.5 is now forcing us to update too.
  • The downside is the end of support of Windows XP.
  • -Nvidia,Intel,Realtek DCH driver removal is now supported.
  • -Additional Realtek audio cleanup.
  • -Removal of new subkey found in HKLM/Software/nvidia corporation/installer2/ (Drivers)
  • -Removed "CharSet:=CharSet.Unicode" and "MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPWStr)" from "Function CM_Get_Device_ID" that were giving unexpected results for retrieving the DeviceID with .NET 4.5
  • -(DCH)Removal of the Extension device class and their components

Changes for v18.0.0.3 - v18.0.0.4

  • -Fixed an issue affecting the CUDA SDK removal after using DDU. Thanks to ("Forceflow")
  • -Left-over removal "NvDLISR" for Geforce Experience

Changes for v18.0.0.1 - v18.0.0.3

  • -Removed paexec.exe , use impersonation instead. Should help AV False/positive.
  • -Fixes and enhancement to Vulkan removal. (Thanks Sora)
  • -Support Intel Vulkan removal.
  • -Translation updates

Changes for v18.0.0.0 - v18.0.0.1

  • -Additional NVIDIA cleanup
  • -Fixed the System environment path cleanup
  • -Translation update Slovenian.xml Turkish.xml
  • -Selected type combo box is now translatable
  • -Added many missing verification for "Nothing" when using the registry.

Changes for v17.0.9.1 - v18.0.0.0

  • ChangeLog:
  • -Added support of Realtek audio driver removal. (WIP)
  • -Added very limited removal of SoundBlaster audio driver.(no files or registry yet)
  • -Added command line argument: -cleanrealtek -cleansoundblaster
  • -Fixed a possible startup issue when character like ## are in the folder name.
  • -Fixed many possible null exceptions I have encountered during some code cleanup.
  • Known issues:
  • -DDU may be flagged by your AV as a PUA/PUP (potentially unwanted application / potentially unwanted program)

Changes for v17.0.9.0 - v17.0.9.1

  • Fixed SharedDlls removal.
  • Fixed argument "silent" for pending computer restart.
  • Japanese.xml & Swedish.xml language update.
  • small option menu enhancements.
  • Known issues:
  • -DDU may be flagged by your AV as a PUA/PUP (potentially unwanted application / potentially unwanted program)

Changes for v17.0.8.7 - v17.0.9.0

  • -re-added the functionality to disable driver search on windows update as an option his time.
  • -Added version number to the "About" window.
  • -Small bug fixes.

Changes for v17.0.8.5 - v17.0.8.7

  • -Threaded some files removal and registry cleanup for speed increase.
  • -Intel additional cleanup.
  • -Additional Nvidia cleanup.
  • -DDU doesn't use (not dependent to) c:\windows\system32\sc.exe anymore.
  • -Windows update is set back to it's default now, so it is mandatory when using DDU to disconnect the internet.
  • -Better paths detection.
  • -The log is now generating even if DDU doesn't start correctly and contains more details.
  • -Bug fixes.
  • -Updated Readme and Issues and solutions files.

Changes for v17.0.8.1 - v17.0.8.5

  • -Additional AMD cleanUP by adding a workaround for a "font" file preventing complete removal.
  • -Small GUI update to fix overlapping text for some language.
  • -Russian.xml translation update.
  • -Polish.xml translation update.
  • -French.xml translation update.
  • Known issues:
  • -DDU may be flagged by your AV as a PUA/PUP (potentially unwanted application / potentially unwanted program)

Changes for v17.0.8.0 - v17.0.8.1

  • -Additional AMD CleanUp.

Changes for v17.0.7.5 - v17.0.8.0

  • -Additional AMD and NVIDIA CleanUp.
  • -Translation update: Korean.xml
  • -Small log fix.

Changes for v17.0.6.5 - v17.0.7.5

  • -Additional NVIDIA Cleanup based on users logs.
  • -Fixed "checkupdate" not showing when "enablesafemodedialog" is "True".
  • -Fixed the "-silent" argument not silencing the safe mode message.
  • -Translation updates :
  • Fixed some English typos. (Thanks to Fanis G. Markakis)
  • Greek.xml
  • Polish.xml

Changes for v17.0.5.4 - v17.0.6.5

  • -Higher timeout for checking new updates + added warnings.
  • -Prevent DDU to abruptly stop cleaning when the 'Task Scheduler' service is disabled
  • -Do not check for updates if we are in safemode (without networking)
  • -French and Ukrainian translation update.

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