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Version history for doPDF

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Changes for v10.3.115 - v10.4.118

  • New: Added Burmese language
  • New: Added Polish language
  • New: Added Romanian language
  • Update: "Use regional settings" option now uses the Windows display language
  • Update: Existing PDF files are parsed to detect Unicode strings before merging
  • Fix: Vertical position of Word bookmarks was wrongfully displayed at the top of the page
  • Fix: Error creating PDF file (The specific module could not be found)

Changes for v10.2.114 - v10.3.115

  • New: Added hyperlink detection support for "tel:" phone number links
  • Fix: Printing Preferences stopped when broadcasting active profile change
  • Fix: Corrected the PDF/A format when non-latin characters are used

Changes for v8.1.923 - v8.2.927

  • Various fixes for errors occurring during installation
  • 1bit images are now correctly converted
  • Distributing and using forms on client computers was not working correctly

Changes for v8.0.915 - v8.1.920

  • Added custom paper size option
  • Smaller PDF files due to compression algorithm updates
  • Page Zoom in the resulting PDF now is set to system default
  • Added firewall exception for service port during setup
  • Fixed minor PDF conversion issues

Changes for v8.0.906 - v8.0.908

  • NOTE: You have to uninstall manually the previous build of doPDF before installing this new build
  • Fix: Resulting PDF will have the same page size as the original document sent for printing
  • Fix: Updated information displayed on the About window
  • Fix: Various fixes for the installer
  • Fix: Update uninstall version message
  • Fix: Updated help file and manual
  • Fix: Added details regarding the novaPDF add-in for Microsoft Office during installation

Changes for v8.0.905 - v8.0.906

  • New: Add-ins for Microsoft Office that allow one-click PDF conversion from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Publisher
  • New: Bookmarks from Microsoft Word are recognized and converted to PDF bookmarks (only when using the add-in)
  • New: Hidden links in Microsoft Office documents are recognized and converted to active links in the PDF file (only when using the add-in)
  • New: Modified installer to show add-in installation as an optional step
  • Fix: Installer failed if Windows username had two names
  • Fix: Check for updates was verifying daily even if it was set to weekly
  • Fix: Version history was showing changes for previous build numbers (older than current build)
  • Fix: Corrected requirement information and added help sections for the add-in conversion in the help file

Changes for v7.3.381 - v7.3.387

  • New: doPDF is now fully compatible with Windows 8
  • Update: Various optimizations for image conversions
  • Fix: Fixed several memory leaks

Changes for v7.3.379 - v7.3.381

  • New: Conversion corrections for text with ColtFont font
  • New: Changed font names for subsetted fonts to have correct ANSI characters
  • Update: Changed the hash algorithm for image optimization

Changes for v7.2.378 - v7.3.379

  • New: Multiple copies of the same page/document can now be converted to a single PDF file (with or without Collate)
  • New: doPDF can now be installed using parameters from a single setup configuration file (instead of using the parameters one by one)
  • Update: After installation is successful, you have the option to open the website for tutorials, documentation and other resources
  • Update: Optimized conversion when using Unicode fonts (i.e. documents in Tamil language are now accurately converted)
  • Fix: Corrected language selection depending on regional settings

Changes for v7.2.377 - v7.2.378

  • Fix: Corrections for converting Type1 fonts with custom embedding
  • Fix: Added a parameter for command line installation called PROGRAMFILES (X86)
  • Fix: The Save As dialog will always be on top of other windows

Changes for v7.2.376 - v7.2.377

  • Fix: Changed font names for subset fonts to have correct ANSI characters on documents containing Chinese fonts
  • Fix: For fonts that didn't have italic characters, doPDF calculated an angle for skewing that increased with every character, now is fixed
  • Update: Modified text on About window

Changes for v7.2.373 - v7.2.376

  • Fix: Skew font characters do not work well, the characters are rotated instead of skewed when printing CAD drawings (idw, ipt, spl).
  • Fix: Spooler crash when printing web pages (from a particular site) through Internet Explorer 9.
  • Fix: Fixed a problem where on x64 systems memory used by splwow64.exe increased with each print.
  • Fix: Conversion problem when printing transparent images with grayscale options on.

Changes for v7.2.363 - v7.2.365

  • New: Added new predefined page sizes (for Autocad)
  • Fix: Some customers reported that the Print Spooler hangs on client restart on 32 bit Windows 7 computers, that's fixed now

Changes for v7.2.361 - v7.2.363

  • New: Added /InstallOnlyNewerVer parameter for command line installations
  • Fix: Corrected installation on Windows 2000
  • Fix: Correction for Greek character conversions
  • Fix: Correction for rendering patterns

Changes for v7.2.355 - v7.2.359

  • The uninstaller for doPDF (unins000.exe) is now signed too
  • Optimized the monochrome image conversion
  • Lines created with Highlight in Windows Journal were not printed (fixed now)

Changes for v7.2.353 - v7.2.355

  • New: Added full version info for startup application (dopdf.exe from the Program Files directory) to improve version detection for update managers
  • Fix: Corrected Type1 font subsetting (Monospac821 BT Type 1 font was not correctly embedded)

Changes for v7.1.349 - v7.1 build 351

  • Fix: Corrected a crash when printing from Excel in special conditions
  • Fix: Corrected printing emails with long attachments from Lotus Notes
  • Fix: Corrected embed Type1 fonts' conversion (Print Spooler was crashing)
  • Corrected vertically written fonts' conversion error

Changes for v7.1.347 - v7.1.348

  • Released build 348, there was a problem when installing on Windows 7 the previous build (if it worked no need to download and install the new build).

Changes for v7.1.346 - v7.1.347

  • with previous builds in the property "Title" and "Application" of the PDF file the first Pathname was visible, generating a problem of privacy, as well as the name of the user in the "Author" - these properties were removed so now they're not added anymore
  • there's a big change in the installation of the new build. Until this build, there was a specific doPDF Port Monitor installed along with the doPDF printer. We've discovered that this isn't needed anymore so starting with build 347, the Port Monitor is not installed anymore and a local port is now used instead. Because of this, an empty file with the same name as the port name is created by Windows in the "Documents" folder for the currently logged in user. This file can be deleted, but Windows will create it again at the next print job, its name being DOPDF7 (no file extension, 0 byte file).

Changes for v7.1.345 - v7.1.346

  • doPDF 7.1 build 346 was released with only 2 minor fixes: we corrected the Romanian translation (which was working 2 builds ago, but then it reverted last build so we had to re-correct the ... correction); second fix is related to document conversion from Microsoft Publisher 2010 - a combination of characters was not converted correctly, but now it is. So download is recommended only for users affected by these 2 fixes mentioned.

Changes for v7.1.344 - v7.1.345

  • doPDF 7.1 build 345 was released, it contains two small fixes (corrected A0, A1,... paper sizes on Vista and Windows 7, fix for Excel conversions)

Changes for v7.1.342 - v7.1.343

  • doPDF 7.1 build 343 was released, it contains some small text corrections in the Romanian translation, as well as a fix for printing in a folder where a file already exists (in some cases it would prompt to save in a different folder than the original one).

Changes for v7.1.340 - v7.1.341

  • doPDF 7.1 build 341 was released it contains a single fix but an important one as it affects the size of the resulting PDF file. Basically starting with build 341 we're switching back to the JPEG compression algorithm for images, the one that was used in version 6 and which proves to have a better quality/size ratio than the GZIP one (as reported by users here ).

Changes for v7.1.334 - v7.1.336

  • New: Add Hebrew language to user interface
  • Update: Optimized PDF file size for documents with Asian characters
  • Fix: Corrected selection on edit fields on Paper page (when pressing TAB the selection didn't switch correctly - bug described here
  • Fix: Compatible with Windows 2000 now (didn't work before)

Changes for v7.1.332 - v7.1.334

  • doPDF 7.1 build 334 was released, since build 332 there were only some minor fixes regarding the documentation, so update is optional.

Changes for v7.1.330 - v7.1.332

  • New: Added Lithuanian language
  • Fix: Changed default compression for high color images to zip
  • Fix: Rendering corrections (including outlined text, see
  • Fix: Fixed page orientation from Excel, Word, TextMaker and others on x64 (i.e.
  • Fix: Fixed platform string display on About page

Changes for v7.1.329 - v7.1.330

  • Fix: Corrected font left clipping
  • Fix: Unicode Innosetup - Unicode command line params
  • Fix: Use local time instead of system time for creation date and time

Changes for v7.1.327 - v7.1.329

  • Fix: Corrections for the Danish language file
  • Fix: Korean language corrections
  • Fix: During install, if a printer exists with the same name and different driver, it deletes the printer before install

Changes for v7.1.326 - v7.1.327

  • New: User interface translated in Malay
  • New: User interface translated in Thai
  • Fix: Conversion problem with page orientations in Word documents
  • Fix: 0 byte PDF files created when checking rights, now gets deleted and recreated

Changes for v7.0.332 - v7.1.325

  • New: doPDF can now be installed silently (list of parameters supported is in the help file)
  • Fix: Corrected duplicated fonts problem (virtual memory)
  • Fix: Solved a problem when printing images from Adobe Viewer
  • Fix: Registry handle leak

Changes for v7.0.320 - v7.0.321

  • We've released build 321, it includes only a minor fix, Wingdings characters were not converted correctly (bug reported here -

Changes for v6.3.311 - v7.0.320

  • DoPDF now supports Type1 fonts too
  • Added option to embed font subsets only (reduces pdf file size)
  • Added a Getting Started splash with quick actions (accessible from Start-Programs)
  • New option to keep Save PDF window on top of others
  • Minor GUI changes (Languages tab is now part of About, section adjustments)

Changes for v6.2.301 - v6.3.307

  • New: doPDF now allows you to choose if the PDF reader will open after the PDF is created
  • New: Uses local time instead of system time for PDF creation date and time
  • New: Added Danish language for the interface
  • New: Creates folders (multiple levels) when saving pdf file, if folders do not exist
  • Fix: Corrected bug numeric values when no decimals allowed in regional settings - numbers
  • Fix: Corrected mirrored images in printer driver

Changes for v6.2.300 - v6.2.301

  • Update: doPDF is now compatible with Windows 7 RC
  • Fix: When printing from Adobe Reader some characters were not converted correctly (music notes)
  • Fix: Corrected crash occurring when showing error message box on PDF save
  • Fix: Corrected some client hangs when printing particular Excel files
  • Fix: Fixed crash occurring when printing from ttf16.ocx

Changes for v6.2.288 - v6.2.289

  • Corrected behavior when printing specific images from Google Chrome (32-bit bitmaps with alpha channel)
  • When printing from Crystal Reports the name of the PDF will not include "Crystal Reports - " anymore
  • Minor language updates (some new strings translated)

Changes for v6.1.284 - v6.1.286

  • Update: Added silent cancel printing - in previous versions, when the Cancel button was pressed from the Save As dialog, it would reload it and return an error when cancelling again - now this behavior is corrected and the Save As dialog is shown once.
  • Update: The character & is now allowed in the filename (was replaced in previous versions with underscore)
  • Update: Minor language file changes for Romanian, Russian, Slovenian and Ukrainian

Changes for v6.1.281 - v6.1.284

  • Fix: Corrected image conversion when printing from explorer
  • Fix: A random crash in Windows Vista 64-bits occured when closing Printing Preferences
  • Update: Minor documentation changes (updated help file, user manual and EULA)

Changes for v6.1.280 - v6.1.281

  • Update: Minor interface changes (started in build 280, made additional ones in build 281)
  • Update: Help file/manual changes
  • Fix: Corrected image conversion (for images with mask/color 0x01)
  • Fix: Corrected a bug in converting MS Projects files (*.mpp)

Changes for v6.1.274 - v6.1.276

  • Fix: Corrected bug in converting Norwegian text containing numbers (for Norwegian numbers the thousand divider is a blank space, so the numbers were not correctly converted - bug in dlgPaper).
  • Fix: On Vista machines that have UAC enabled, printing from IE7 (in protected mode) returned a "Permission denied" error when trying to save the PDF file locally. Upon installation doPDF now sets permission to write to local files.
  • Update: Do not check open file when using doPDF on Vista and printing from IE

Changes for v6.1.271 - v6.1.274

  • Fix: In some particular cases doPDF would not convert headers/footers with colored tables from Word documents correctly (SetClippingPath was crashing - info about this bug here

Changes for v6.1.270 - v6.1.271

  • Fix: When using the Browse window to select a folder to save the pdf to, if the file aready existed two consecutive overwrite prompts were shown (one from Windows, other from doPDF) so now only one shows

Changes for v6.1.267 - v6.1.269

  • A new build is out, 6.1.269, but since it includes only a minor fix update is optional.

Changes for v6.1.265 - v6.1.267

  • Fix: Corrected a paper margin conversion bug from Word to PDF (margins where not converted exactly with the same size in certain conditions)
  • Fix: Corrected a conversion bug from Word to PDF, where if an Excel table was embedded in Word it would get replaced by a black rectangle
  • Fix: There was a page layout bug when printing a word document from the free TextMaker Viewer program - if the document contained a succession of portrait and landscape pages, the PDF would contain only portrait pages - the new build converts them correctly.

Changes for v6.0.262 - v6.1.265

  • New: doPDF now has an "Always use this folder" option. When checked, doPDF will save the PDF to the specified location each time a PDF is created.
  • Update: When PDF creation fails, doPDF now returns an "Error creating PDF file: " message
  • Fix: Corrected a crash with Microsoft Outlook 2007 printing under Vista (does not create ActivateContext anymore, uses existing)
  • Fix: Corrected interaction with TransparentBlt and StrecthDIBits

Changes for v6.0.260 - v6.0.262

  • Fixed: Some CambriaMath characters were not converted well, now font with GlyphID is forced to use unicode subetting (means it's fixed)
  • Fixed: The Path variable (in Environment Variable) changed type to REG_SZ under certain circumstances, now it's not modified by the installer anymore (see this for details)
  • Updated: Temporary PDF files and logs are not stored in C:\Windows\Temp anymore, but in the application data folder
  • New: Added "Visit the forum" link in the doPDF Start Menu (Start->Programs->doPDF 6)

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