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Version history for Doro PDF Writer

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Changes for v2.10 - v2.11

  • New: Turkish translation added

Changes for v2.09 - v2.10

  • New: Slovak translation added,
  • LaunchCommand option supports now multiple commands,
  • sendmail option improved

Changes for v2.08 - v2.09

  • New:
  • Hungarian translation added,
  • Environment variables can be used in LaunchCommand option

Changes for v2.07 - v2.08

  • New: Multi doro printer support added,
  • sendmail function improved,
  • minor user interface improvement

Changes for v2.06 - v2.07

  • New: Russian and Ukrainian translation

Changes for v2.05 - v2.06

  • New: Color conversion and page rotation option added, compatibility improved

Changes for v2.04 - v2.05

  • New: Windows XP append and overwrite option added, more Doro.ini options added

Changes for v2.03 - v2.04

  • New: Czech translation added

Changes for v2.01 - v2.03

  • New: Encrypted PDF file append error handling improved

Changes for v1.99 - v2.01

  • New: "Can't create file" error fixed

Changes for v1.97 - v1.99

  • New: Additional pdf view options in the ini file added

Changes for v1.96 - v1.97

  • Windows 98 crash fixed

Changes for v1.92 - v1.93

  • New: Unicode characters in PDF info now supported

Changes for v1.88 - v1.91

  • Windows 98 compatibility issue fixed

Changes for v1.86 - v1.87

  • Danish translation added

Changes for v1.83 - v1.85

  • New: Norwegian translation added
  • New: ReducedUI option improved

Changes for v1.82 - v1.83

  • New: If PDF file already exists, Merge option added

Changes for v1.80 - v1.81

  • New: Doro.ini LaunchCommand=sendmail option added

Changes for v1.77 - v1.80

  • New: Polish translation improved

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