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Version history for Droid Explorer (64-bit)

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Changes for v0.9.0.3 Beta - v0.9.0.4 Beta

  • Fixed the install apk shortcut to default to install. 'Install Apk' shortcut tool always tries to uninstall apk even if app is not installed
  • Added screen capture functionality. The Plugin will show up if the connected device supports screen capture. Feature request: Recording a device screen tool
  • Tweaked the SaveFileDialog, OpenFileDialog, & FileDialog to better support an 'initial directory'.
  • Tweaked the way the plugin toolstrips are created to hopefully support reloading when connecting to another device.
  • Fixed launching screenshot from the shortcut or jumplist item. Unable to run 'Screenshot' tool from shortcut
  • Replaced the JNLP with a more active developed androidscreencast and launch a jar file directly.
  • Changed the window of the ScreenRecorder to be fixed.
  • Updated the InstallDialog to make use of the PluginHost which provides device and other information.
  • Fixed the regex for checking if an app was installed successfully and fixed the regex for getting the permissions
  • Fixed the device backup so it launches correctly from the shortcut.
  • Added Sqlite Browser to replace the feature lacking sqlite explorer that was part of this project. See for info on Sqlite Browser.
  • TransferDialog now usable by plugins. Move TransferDialog to Core.UI
  • Consolidation of some string resources in to the Global App Resources
  • Default the file name when saving a screenshot to be 'screenshot-{yyyy-MM-dd-hhmmss}.png' Enhancement. 'Screenshot' tool. Make new File Name for each screenshot
  • All PluginForms now require IPluginHost to be passed in.
  • Updated image resources for the screenshot plugin
  • added toolbar item to screenshot to "edit in default application"
  • removed SqliteEditForm since it isn't used any more.
  • fixed the saving size of the screenshot. It will save as the original source size Enhancement. 'Screenshot' tool. Add Image size/format/quality settings
  • Added ability to rotate screen capture video 90/180/270 degrees when copying to pc. uses ffmpeg to rotate video. Enhancement: Screencapture flip video on PC using FFMpeg
  • Added option to delete capture file after copy to pc Voted Enhancement: Screencapture. Add option: Delete video from device after copying to PC
  • set a default filename on '/sdcard/' for screen capture Enhancement: Screencapture. Need to set default file name and directory
  • Changed when disconnected from device that the 'connect to device' button is not disabled. 'Connect to device' button becomes disabled after disconnecting device from PC
  • Fixed crash when the monitor service is not running and you disconnect from the device because the ADB daemon shuts down and status cannot be retrieved.
  • Added link to WiFi ADB app on the remote connect dialog. This will help people enable wifi adb. Enhancement: WiFi ADB. Need to add link on Remote Connect pop up
  • Added method to IPlugin interface to initialize the plugin. This can be used to set up files on the device before the plugin executes.
  • Removed androidscreencast, switched to using android screen monitor fork ( The fork allows the device ID to be passed as an argument. This way the user does not have to select the device again.
  • Changed the call to launch the jar for screen monitor to call "java.exe", before it was just "java" and that was causing issues. Unable to run Screencast tool: Select program for opening Java.exe
  • Added more logging during initialization to help with debugging start up issues. App stuck on run during 'Attempting to launch ADB as Root' with Samsung Devices
  • Set the toolstrip renderer on screenshot plugin to be the same that is used elsewhere.
  • Added functions for Forward & Reverse to be used with the port manager
  • Added option to restart ADB server on the connection dialog

Changes for v0.9.0.2 Beta - v0.9.0.3 Beta

  • updated the location of the device images to use the program data directory. This is mainly for the service because a normal user, on windows 10, will not have access to read the icon file.
  • updated to use Visual Studio 2015
  • updated to .net 4.5.2
  • updated to use Wix 3.10 - it will try to use the installed version of wix, if it has created the WIX environment variable
  • changed the position of the Ask for Help button on windows 8+ devices to account for the larger buttons (on windows 10)
  • fixed when looking for the build tools versions it will only take directories in to account that match a version string regex.
  • Reworked the 'status-window' to use existing functionality in ADB so a different binary does not have to be distributed with Droid Explorer.
  • Updated some of the plugins that launch tools. It now checks for the tools, if it can't find them, they will not show up.
  • Updated the application manifest files to support current features in windows.
  • Added check to see if user (or user policy) has recent document tracking disabled. If it is, do not attempt to create jump lists. Jump list logs error if Recent Document Tracking is disabled

Changes for v0.9.0.0 Beta - v0.9.0.2 Beta

  • Fixed issues with build process where the incorrect web service is set in the config, which prevents the device icon from loading.
  • Added shortcuts to the shell in the Start Menu Program Folder
  • Fixed the shell console not performing line breaks correctly.
  • Cloud Statistics now "throttled" by 7 days for each device.
  • catching the exception that is sometimes thrown when existing from logcat so it doesn't crash the application.
  • Fixed the issue where the tree will not "reload" after device is disconnected/reconnected.
  • Fixed the issue with some commands in the shell console not on a new line when they should be.
  • Added check for a minimum version of adb.
  • Added support for adb devices call that doesn't support "-l"
  • Added multiple shortcuts for shell, screenshot, screencast, ask for help, DE website

Changes for v0.8.8.5 Beta - v0.9.0.0 Beta

  • Added support for connecting to devices via TCP/IP
  • New web service for getting device icons.
  • Upgraded .NET Framework Requirement to 4.5.1
  • Device lookup now uses 'detailed' call. Gets device name, model, and product name. see adb devices -l.
  • Redesigned the GenericDeviceSelectionForm
  • Updated the default image for devices
  • Options Windows: added information to show the build tools version that is being used. Add build tools version to SDK options panel.
  • Added ActiveMenu to add button to DWM.
  • Moved DDMS launcher to be a plugin
  • Moved Hierarchy Viewer to be a plugin
  • Removed the "reboot" buttons, instead there is now a reboot plugin that supports all forms of reboot: normal, recovery, bootloader, download.
  • Added a warning dialog when the app launches that will let the user know if droid explorer was unable to gain root access via adb root.
  • Some refactoring to some plugins, like the shell, so it can be launched independently.
  • Added links to ask questions on android enthusiasts.
  • Removing some code that is unused.
  • removed out of date plugins / tools.
  • Some refactoring of the ConsoleControl. Moved to the Core.UI. Added reference to Camalot.Common.
  • Updated LogCat to use ConsoleControl.
  • Updated the Debug Console to use ConsoleControl.
  • Updated ConsoleWriter to work with the ConsoleControl.
  • Added OutputProcessors to handle different content for logging.
  • Adb Root call is now called during initialization, after device selection.
  • if adb root fails, a warning is displayed to the user. Future warnings can be ignored.
  • A minor redesign to the splash screen.
  • Plugins are now grouped in to separate toolbars.
  • Added SDK Manager plugin
  • Added AVD Manager plugin
  • updated some icons across the application.
  • Plugins now grouped in the plugin menu.
  • Fixed the cloud image path to support the new site.
  • Fixed the file names when transfering to PC to remove invalid characters.
  • Fixed the device monitor service.
  • Added PluginSettings (not yet used really)
  • Added AdbScanner (test) to find adb devices on network.
  • Added icon handler interface
  • Added picture extension handler using the icon handler interface

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