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Version history for DropIt (64-bit)

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Changes for v5.1 - v7.0

  • improved "Associations" and "Profiles" windows (position is saved)
  • improved "Compress" action to rename compressed files if they are duplicates in the archive
  • improved "Progress" window (position, size and columns are saved)
  • improved "Select Action" window (associations are in alphabetical order)
  • improved filters by file content (now with 6 alternatives)
  • improved option to skip files if in use (e.g. during download)
  • improved PDF files generated with "Create List" action
  • improved support to gradually hide target image
  • improved support to move files with "Rename" action
  • added "??" and "? ?" modifiers to alternate upper and lower characters
  • added "a>(s1,d1)" and "a<(s1,d1)" modifiers to insert a string in a defined position
  • added "lz(d1)" modifier to fill strings with leading zeros
  • added creation of profile examples at the first DropIt run (new installations only)
  • added option to create the automatic backup every 3 days (enabled by default)
  • added some "Paths" and "Images" abbreviations
  • added some profile examples (available from right-click context menu of "Customize Profiles")
  • added some rule examples for common file formats (Documents, Music, Videos...)
  • added support to alert with a sound when the "Select Action" window appears (read 4.4 of the Guide)
  • added support to create archives with any extension (regardless of the compression format)
  • added support to define the name of DropIt SendTo links (read 4.4 of the Guide)
  • added support to define the speed to gradually hide target image (read 4.4 of the Guide)
  • added support to define the time before gradually hide target image (read 4.4 of the Guide)
  • added support to enable/disable associations with Ctrl + click (in "Manage Associations" window)
  • added support to press "Alt" key while folders are dropped on to remove them as Monitored Folders
  • added support to run a command line at the end of the process (read 4.4 of the Guide)
  • added support to use profile icons in SendTo menu (read 4.4 of the Guide)
  • removed More/Less button from "Progress" window (total freedom of window resizing)
  • removed option to "Show list of loaded files by default" (no longer needed)
  • fixed %Counter% abbreviation within "Rename" action
  • fixed automatic language detection at the first DropIt run
  • fixed button to open files/folders from %UserInput% window
  • fixed support to multiple monitors
  • fixed support to skip files/folders if %UserInput% value is not defined
  • fixed some minor bugs

Changes for v5.0 - v5.1

  • improved interface and context menu
  • improved method to store associations (now only association names have to be unique)
  • improved progress bar with Create List action
  • improved upgrade performance
  • added hyperlinks to the PDF Guide
  • added link to download more target images in Customize Profiles window
  • added option to decide the order to process file groups
  • added support to filter files in a size/date range (Additional Filters)
  • added support to filter folders by file content of included files (Additional Filters)
  • added support to filter folders by included files/folders (Additional Filters)
  • fixed "always on top" option
  • fixed bug creating encrypted archives
  • fixed bug with SendTo and multiple instances features
  • fixed bug with some commandline features
  • fixed date format in lists (to fix sorting in HTML files)
  • fixed several minor bugs

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