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Version history for dvd::rip

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Changes for v0.98.10 - v0.98.11

  • Notes:
  • Event::ExecFlow version 0.64 is required for this version. This fixes a bug where no error messages were shown after ripping short. It was reported via Ubunutu Launchpad: (You find it in the perl-modules/ directory, which was updated to the most recent versions btw)
  • Features:
  • Updated Danish and Catalan translation. Thanks to Ysangkok, Kenneth Nielson and Joan Farrerons.
  • Turn "ripping short" error message into a warning, so the ripping process continues and it's up to the user to decide whether this is critical or not.
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed h264 2pass cluster mode bug, generating a malformed transcode command. Reported by semkath and Christiaan Putter .

Changes for v0.98.9 - v0.98.10

  • Features:
  • transcode 1.1 compatibility improved, warning about experimental dvd::rip support removed; there are still issues with some filters in the filter preview dialog; your mileage may vary.
  • Workaround for transcode h264 two-pass problem, so dvd::rip now supports h264 two-pass encoding.
  • Applied patch from Jussi Judin to detect GraphicMagicks as an ImageMagick replacement.
  • No files will be placed in /tmp anymore, instead all temporary files will go to PROJECT_DIR/tmp. Thanks for the hint to Michael Renner .
  • dvdrip-master doesn't throw warnings on unneeded missing binaries anymore, if installed alone without the full (anyway on the master unneeded) packages. Suggested by Nicolas Chauvet .
  • Added .ogv extension for OGG files as another option. Suggested by Nicolas Chauvet.
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed cluster mode audio processing with transcode 1.1.x. Thanks for the report to Samuele Giovanni Tonon .
  • Fixed race condition which could result in a missing audio merge in cluster mode when title has one track. Based on a patch from Matt Lawrence .
  • Fixed wrong progress information (not taking chunks into account) in cluster mode.
  • Added a patch from Nicolas Chauvet to fix a problem with Fedora's Perl (setlocale).

Changes for v0.98.8 - v0.98.9

  • Features:
  • Full support for anamorph transcoding by setting the pixel aspect ratio in the transcoded files if no resizing is applied.
  • New "Autoadjust, Clipping only" preset by Marc Sherman ., which makes use of the new anamorph transcoding feature.
  • New preference option for the default Clip & Zoom preset.
  • Updated Catalan translation.
  • New Danish translation by Ysangkok.
  • Bugfixed:
  • Fixed a race condition in cluster node version detection. Thanks for the report to Sean Gallagher .
  • Fixed a division by zero condition when video is not resized.
  • Fixed cluster mode problem with avi merging. Thanks for help debugging this to Helge Mühlmeier .

Changes for v0.98.7 - v0.98.8

  • Tooltips were missing in the Preferences dialog.
  • Added a small screen layout mode. The default layout doesn't fit well on wide screens with a small veritical resolution. On initial startup the "small" mode is activated, when the screen resolution has less than 1024 lines, but you can change it in the preferences at any time. Requested by Olivier Choquet , Guelden Cevik and many I can't remember anymore ;)
  • dvd::rip now remembers the main window size between sessions.

Changes for v0.98.6 - v0.98.7

  • tools/gensplash was missing what made "make install" in ./l10n fail. Thanks for the reports to Flavio and Joan Farrerons.
  • Cluster mode node check was disabled until a GUI connected to the master.
  • Small fixes regarding missing project name and utf8 problems in the logfile. Thanks to tropikhajma .
  • Fixed grabbing previews from the wrong title with on-the-fly processing. Thanks for the patch to Wolfram Kresse
  • Fixed problems with fping not installed in /usr/sbin. Now dvdrip-master supports /usr/sbin and /usr/bin as well. Reported by Neill Mitchell .
  • Determine svn versions of ffmpeg properly.
  • Fixed close button in "About" dialog.
  • A Catalan translation provided by Joan Farrerons .
  • Spanish and Italian translation updates.
  • Added dvdrip.desktop file. Thanks to Christian Marillat.

Changes for v0.98.5 - v0.98.6

  • Swedish and Serbian translation updates.
  • Crash on first dvd::rip startup (initial configuration) fixed. Thanks for the report to Christian Marillat.

Changes for v0.98.4 - v0.98.5

  • This version requires Event::ExecFlow 0.63. Grab it from the perl-modules/ directory of this dvd::rip tarball.
  • Fixed a typo which made the the subtitle preview window crash. Thanks for the report to Dario Castellarin.
  • Fixed ffmpeg preview grabbing with newer ffmpeg builds. Thanks for the report to Christian Marillat.
  • Fixed a buffering issue in the cluster control GUI when processing progress update events from the master. Thanks for the report to Joe Plunkett .
  • Stopping a cluster node didn't work when it was actually executing a job.
  • Cluster node test now checks for ogmtools as well. Thanks for this suggestion to Bart Nagel .
  • Programs in cluster node check now are executed in C locale to prevent any problems due to different default locales on cluster nodes.
  • Restarting a cluster project which finished with errors didn't work under specific circumstances (bug in Event::ExecFlow).
  • Prevent putting non-audio titles with ogg container on a cluster, since ogmcat doesn't support ogg files without audio. Thanks for the report to Carlos-Manuel Major .

Changes for v0.98.3 - v0.98.4

  • Added a new dependency to the ffmpeg command line program. It's optional for now, but recommended, in particular if you're suffering from the preview hanging bug (see below).
  • Experimental support for transcode 1.1.x branch. You get a warning if this transcode version is detected. Basic operation seems to work with 1.1.x, but it's not deeply tested yet. Please report bugs, if you find them.
  • Preview stuff (subtitle, filters) is currently known not to be working with transcode 1.1.x.
  • Fixed occasional hanging bug on preview grabbing by using ffmpeg instead of transcode to decode the preview image.
  • Fixed crash with Italian locale when opening cluster control menu. Patch by Davide Capodaglio .
  • Really fixed crash on DVD titles without audio. Fix was announced in 0.98.3 but went lost somehow.
  • Missed adding Daniel Nylander to the translators list of the About dialog (Swedish translation).

Changes for v0.98.2 - v0.98.3

  • Project's tmp/ directory is now created with 0775 permissions, which enables cluster mode running with different users belonging to the same group. Patch by Tom .
  • Added swedish translation from Daniel Nylander
  • Added another patch from Tom fixing cluster processes not running with the correct nice value.
  • "Exit dvd::rip after transcoding" didn't work.
  • Fixed off by one bug in dvd::rip command line option to select a specific title. Try to workaround transcode hanging on preview frame grabbing by providing a different import filter. Based on comments from Francesco Romani and Jesse Heitler .
  • Fixed crash on DVD image paths with whitespaces. Thanks for their reports to Franz Brauße and Thomas Wendt .
  • Fixed crash on DVD titles without audio. Thanks for the report to Edward Doolittle.
  • Fixed mplayer version detection.

Changes for v0.98.1 - v0.98.2

  • Updated Serbian translation, now in latin variation as well, thanks to Filip Miletic .
  • Added Italian splash screen, thanks to Fabio Russo.
  • Dependency check: accept SVN versions of mplayer as well.

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