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Version history for DxWnd

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Changes for v2.04.10 - v2.04.14

  • fix: virtual registry parser, token names now case insensitive (es. "path" = "Path")
  • fix: virtual registry crash when replacing tokens and lplpData is NULL
  • fix: virtual registry return code, must not return ERROR_MORE_DATA when lpData is NULL (fixes "Rollcage II")
  • fix: eliminated error message in virtual palette processing when color depth is 8 bits
  • fix: improved logging in EnumDisplayModes wrapper
  • fix: EnumDisplayModes wrapper for nonemulated nonwindowed mode
  • fix: deleted improper input clipper destruction after primary surface destruction. Fixes "Settlers III" clipper problems
  • add: virtual heap (makes some "Wing Commander" games work)
  • fix: freak help->about...
  • add: GUI "Tools->Recover system colors" utility

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