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Version history for Moovida

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Changes for v2.0.1.2 - v2.0.2.0

  • 5 Reasons why Moovida 2.0.2. is a BIG release
  • Moovida’s latest release, version 2.0.2., may not seem like much to the naked eye, but underneath this release’s tranquil exterior lies an earth shattering component.
  • The new feature in question is Moovida’s enhanced Video Identifier. At Moovida we consider this feature to be part of one of the cardinal rules of what makes a media center great. ”Why should I care?” may you ask. Here are the 5 reasons:
  • 1) Embellish your media collection instantly
  • Besides the obvious video identifying, this function allows Moovida to accurately categorize the movies your import, matching them with the right film and synopsis info from our very own online database, automatically decorating your collection with cover art.
  • 2) Save time
  • A mediocre video identifier will classify only a small fraction of your media files, which means you’ll have to waste a large chunk of precious time doing chimpanzee work, renaming files so that the program can distinguish “Weekend at Bernie’s” from “Weekend at Bernie$%s” [dramatization]. Why go through the trouble when you can use a media player that takes care of the dirty work for you? Moovida now accurately categorizes over 93% of videos and covers by identifying these based on its content, not only its file name.
  • 3) Multi-language support
  • Although Moovida’s official language of communication is English, we have many fans out there that ask “porqué can’t I have the synopsis in my language, especially if the file is not in English, it don’t make sense!”. Well Moovida has one of the only video identifiers out there that take this reasoning into account, providing plot summaries in English, French and Spanish, with much more languages on the way.
  • 4) TV Series identification a cinch
  • Moovida doesn’t mess around. It will correctly identify any series you import in 100% of cases, classified by season.
  • 5) Moovida fills in the blanks
  • Imagine you get your hands on some cult silent film on DVD. There is a slight possibility Moovida won’t be able to categorize it, but since we rather die of shame than leave a cover poster bare, Moovida automatically generates the covers of non-identified films using thumb nailing.
  • Not only that, there are less resources consumed by the Video Identifier, so the rest of the interface responds better.
  • Not convinced? Test it against competitors, and let us know who ranks better.

Changes for v2.0.0.9 - v2.0.1.2

  • Moovida UI/Player
  • Minimode for video files and better overall process integration
  • Optimized starting time
  • Open single or multiple files from desktop will automatically queue in one running instance of Moovida (the application no longer duplicates)
  • Drag and drop files from desktop or any other location into Moovida library
  • Optimized performance for Moovida’s advertising window
  • Better support for subtitles and track choices (Moovida Controller)
  • Optimization and revamped version of poster browsing
  • Moovida launches one instance at a time
  • Media scanner improvement for English titles – support for A.K.A.s (Also Know As) in other languages coming soon
  • Installer
  • Removes prior version first to avoid any conflict
  • First verifies if version is running
  • Bug Fixes
  • Adding a radio station makes the application crash on Windows
  • When double clicking a movie from the cover list, it’s not opened in the now playing extension
  • Text translation
  • Improve media scanner accuracy
  • Introduce a blacklist for some file patterns that should not be scanned
  • Handle movies split in multiple files
  • Music hangs and makes the application unresponsive
  • Two instances of account log
  • Some tags are sent with a space ‘ ‘ at the beginning of the name ( ‘ jazz’ instead of ‘jazz’ )
  • Close the current playback / navigation event when closing the application
  • Automatically get the movie genre
  • Update default path differs from the installation path
  • New Update dialog
  • Film title is too close to the horizontal ruler in the video title dialog
  • Keyword consistency
  • Contextual labels for movie identification could be improved
  • Moovida Account Registry Activity never stops
  • Search engine in video’s source should search filename
  • Categorizing from Movie to TV Show does not work properly
  • New shortcut in the videos category are not working correctly
  • Video identifier extension blocking startup for too long
  • libgstdshowvideosink.dll prevents video from playing
  • When we try to play a video that doesn’t exist, Moovida crashes
  • Implement extended tab options for CDsThe application crashes when we “stress” the album cover panel
  • “Import media files” dialog when we start moovida
  • Fix communication problems when Moovida in Mini mode
  • Simplify and improve the architecture of identifying videos (jobs, etc.)
  • Show the update dialog when closing the application
  • When Moovida is executed, the main window should be focused and activated
  • When Moovida is started, a movie is automatically played
  • Correctly set the rating (stars) and CD part for the identified films
  • Remove orphan cover arts
  • When we download a cover after identifying a video, calculate the different sizes
  • Improve movie image loading
  • Calculate number of stars and the source of tracks in an album
  • Cover resolution analysis
  • Apply the delayed events on the player
  • When a playlist changes, update Moovida’s playlist
  • Sometimes there are covers that don’t appear
  • Experimental Features / Fixes
  • DVD section
  • TV Episode Section
  • Optimize the number of attributes per track when querying the tracks for an album
  • Playing .FLAC files
  • When no filters are set for querying the movies, return unidentified movies

Changes for v1.0.9 - v2.0.0.9

  • Create playlists or shuffle at random
  • Import the exact folders you want in your media library
  • Hook up with your account
  • Moovida’s interface is available in 20 + languages

Changes for v1.0.5 - v1.0.7

  • #415018 Unclassified videos missing/library rescan fail 1 Critical Kaleo 8 Fix Released
  • #309178 AttributeError: Deferred instance has no attribute 'cancel' 2 High Olivier Tilloy 8 Fix Released
  • #327697 Search functions in external plugins need a restart to work 2 High Philippe Normand 8 Fix Released
  • #382809 Various texts in the UI are not CGI escaped when needed 2 High Kaleo 8 Fix Released
  • #418704 http client doesn't resend request body if server closed conne... 2 High Philippe Normand 8 Fix Released
  • #422099 Loading of main menu is visually clunky 2 High Kaleo 8 Fix Released
  • #425748 Discogs resource provider broken 2 High Olivier Tilloy 8 Fix Released
  • #427208 http_client has a strong dependency on PyOpenSSL 2 High Guillaume Emont 8 Fix Released
  • #429539 popups displayed at launch time don't get the focus 2 High Kaleo 8 Fix Released
  • #251732 bus deadlocks in some cases 3 Medium Philippe Normand 8 Fix Released
  • #257617 Wrong icon for data CD's and DVD's 3 Medium Guillaume Emont 8 Fix Released
  • #429304 Retrieve album covers from Last.FM API 3 Medium Fernando Casanova 8 Fix Released
  • #297131 [linux] LIRC plugin tracebacks if lircd not running 4 Low Philippe Normand 8 Fix Released
  • #425270 Fix the scanning widget localization 4 Low Michal Sawicz 8 Fix Released
  • #232702 Ability to mount disc images 5 Wishlist Guillaume Emont 8 Fix Released
  • #312571 Folders Containing DVD Rip not Recognized as DVD 5 Wishlist Guillaume Emont 8 Fix Released
  • #346511 Cursor keys doesn't work in DVD menus 6 Undecided Guillaume Emont 8 Fix Released

Changes for v1.0.3 - v1.0.4.1

Changes for v1.0.2 - v1.0.3

  • Much faster media indexing and thumbnailing for videos and pictures
  • Better handling of plural forms in translations
  • Updated French translations

Changes for v0.5.37 - v0.9.2 RC 6

  • New design of the interface
  • Quick and easy navigation between all the sections
  • Access your media in only a few clicks
  • HD background (fan art) for your albums and TV shows
  • ...and tons of other things to discover!

Changes for v0.5.35 - v0.5.36

  • [win32] Exotic characters in username prevent elisa from starting 1 Critical Philippe Normand 8 Fix Released
  • Black screen without feedback when requesting to play a stream 2 High Philippe Normand 8 Fix Released
  • [win32] gstreamer crashes while logging 2 High Jesús Corrius 8 Fix Released
  • Youtube plugin should show "most viewed today" and "top rated ...

Changes for v0.5.24.1 - v0.5.25

  • This is a bugfix release: among other issues solved, the Youtube plugin now works again.

Changes for v0.5.24 - v0.5.24.1

Changes for v0.5.22.1 - v0.5.23

  • The main highlight of this release feature-wise is on the plugins installation: plugin updates will now be silently installed by default as well as new recommended plugins. New configuration options allow to tune this default behaviour. On windows, Elisa is now able to restart by itself after installing plugin updates.

Changes for v0.5.22 - v0.5.22.1

  • Elisa 0.5.22, released yesterday, contained a critical bug, preventing Elisa from launching for first-time installations (upgrades from a previous version not affected). As this was impairing the user experience, we decided to release a bugfix version today.

Changes for v0.5.21 - v0.5.22

  • The main new feature is a set of generic RSS models and a controller that allow plugin developers to very easily integrate media RSS feeds in their plugins. Expect new cool plugins that make use of this very soon!
  • A complete list of the bugs fixed by this release is available at:

Changes for v0.5.20 - v0.5.21

  • A new mechanism to update the media database so as to reflect gstreamer's improvements at media detection and typefinding
  • Ability to publish unstable plugins in the plugin repository and offer them for testing to advanced users

Changes for v0.5.17 - v0.5.18

  • Plugin management inside Elisa: inspect you plugin collection, look for new plugins, update the installed plugins, enable/disable plugins on the fly
  • A unified launcher for Windows and Linux
  • Drag'n'drop media files in Elisa's window to play them

Changes for v0.5.16 - v0.5.17

  • This release brings its usual lot of bug fixes and important performance improvements.

Changes for v0.5.15 - v0.5.16

  • Search videos in Youtube
  • Same level of support for subtitles in Linux and Windows
  • Updated Polish and Italian translations

Changes for v0.5.14 - v0.5.15

  • The focus during this release cycle has been put on fixing bugs (16 closed, with an emphasis on reducing memory leaks and usability improvements), while a good part of the team was working on implementing new features with a mid-term target. These features will show up within the next releases of Elisa, stay tuned!

Changes for v0.5.13 - v0.5.14

  • The focus during this release cycle has been put on Windows functionalities and bug fixing (a good dozen closed). Here are the main highlights:
  • Play files launching Elisa from the command line on Windows (this feature was implemented for Linux in 0.5.13), this will allow a better desktop integration by enabling Elisa as the default media player
  • A codec management application for Windows that integrates with Elisa, detects missing codecs and helps the user install them

Changes for v0.5.12 - v0.5.13

  • Generic support for favourites (with a first proof-of-concept implementation for the plugin)
  • Improved usability when browsing folders for additions to the collection
  • Play files launching Elisa from the command line, this will allow a better desktop integration by enabling Elisa as the default media player

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