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Version history for Encode360

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Changes for v2.02 - v2.03

  • CHANGE: K-Lite install options changed to work with AVC/AAC formats without the need for CoreAVC. This should resolve a number of encoding problems
  • NEW: When /AUTO is specified, the application will automatically exit on successful completion (returns errorcode 0)
  • CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to v0.7.7.6
  • CHANGE: Some minor tweaks to hopefully fix up some form-related bugs
  • FIX: Install / Uninstall mechanism now works as expected
  • FIX: MSI tended to not actually upgrade the files, just the Windows Installer version details

Changes for v2.0 - v2.02

  • CHANGE: Everything has been changed to being x86 only. It’s not possible for Enc360 to work with WME9 x64, so the app is now forced to x86 mode on XP / Vista x64. This prevents against a lot of problems people have when trying to get Enc360 working on x64 platforms.
  • CHANGE: Rework of how MKV subtitles are detected and extracted to be more robust
  • CHANGE: Lots of fixes and updates to the installer
  • CHANGE: Updated MKVToolNix to 2.3.0
  • CHANGE: Updated K-Lite Codec Pack to 4.1.7
  • CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to

Changes for v2.0 RC2 - v2.0

  • CHANGE: Updated K-Lite Codec Pack to 3.9.5
  • CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to
  • CHANGE: Updated compiler options to hopefully fix some unmanaged COM problems
  • CHANGE: Updated MKVToolNix utilities to v2.2.0

Changes for v2.0 RC1 - v2.0 RC2

  • NEW: Command-line option /Auto etc. for automatic encoding
  • NEW: Updated with support Vista Controls (Class Library from by Pedro M. C. Cardoso)
  • CHANGE: Upgraded to VS2008 Project
  • CHANGE: App Manifest for UAC (will hopefully prevent against regkey write failures because of running under standard user mode that was mucking up some filter settings, such as 5.1 audio through AC3Filter and subtitles under ffdshow)
  • CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to
  • CHANGE: Updated K-Lite to 3.5.7

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