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Version history for Epsilon

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Changes for v13.08 (update) - v13.09 (update)

  • C tagging now has special logic for the PROTO macro, in addition to the _ANSI_ARGS and __P macros.
  • Visual Basic indenting now understands the MustOverride and Interface keywords.
  • Under Mac OS X, Epsilon's CPU usage when waiting for an event is now lower.
  • C mode comment handling was incorrect at the end of the buffer and in other cases.
  • Dired couldn't delete NTFS junctions.
  • The EEL compiler no longer crashes when it sees a certain invalid use of the & operator, but diagnoses the error.
  • The -m0 flag could make Epsilon run out of memory sometimes.

Changes for v13.07 (update) - v13.08 (update)

  • Epsilon for Windows now has much better support for NTFS junctions and symbolic links. Dired will show their destinations, and ** file syntax will follow them while guarding against loops, as under Unix.

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