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Version history for Firebird for Mac OS X (Intel)

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Changes for v2.1.2 - v2.1.3

  • This patch release includes no new functionality but the following issues should be noted:
  • The default authentication method on Windows platforms is no longer mixed. It has been changed to native. For more information, see the release notes on the configuration parameter Authentication.
  • A fix in Firebird 2.5 that alleviates the "hogging" behaviour of the nBackup utility has been backported to this patch release. For more information, see the Improvement in V.2.1.3 note in the nBackup section of the Utilities chapter of the release notes.
  • There are no v.2.1.3 non-NPTL builds for 32-bit Linux Superserver and no more will be made. If you are still using a 2003 or earlier Linux distribution that does not support the New POSIX Threading Model then you will need to upgrade your OS to use Firebird 2.1.3 and any future Superserver releases.
  • By popular request, Dmitry Yemanov added some helpful performance guidelines pertaining to the internals of the database monitoring system (a.k.a. "MON$") to the release notes.
  • Known issue :: Since V.2.1 (and still), although the engine will use the first space listed in TempDirectories, it fails to “hand on” sets to the any of the other configured spaces if the first space is exhausted. (Tracker reference CORE-2422). Because of the impact on related code, this regression could not be fixed for the V.2.1.3 patch release. The workaround for now is to ensure that you configure enough space in the single location that the engine can address.

Changes for v2.0.5 - v2.1.2

  • Fixed unregistered bug. Issue with @prefix@ in aliases.conf on MacOS. Contributor(s): Paul Beach
  • Bugfix CORE-2329. Significant performance degradation in v2.1.2 RC1. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-2326. Access violation when committing a new view while trigger on rdb$relations is in place. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-2271. GFIX reports the database ownership error way too late. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-2266. NBACKUP database locking not working correctly. Contributor(s): Vlad Horsun
  • Bugfix CORE-2242. The engine incorrectly fills BPB. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-2241. Wrong number of records fetched when using index. Contributor(s): Vlad Horsun
  • Bugfix CORE-2234. Sometimes terminated worker processes in Classic are still considered being alive. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-2227. Problem with column names with accents and triggers. Contributor(s): Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
  • Bugfix CORE-2223. Multiple bugs in GBAK when working with ACLs. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-2222. AV in the engine when storing text blob with transliteration blob filter. Contributor(s): Vlad Horsun
  • Bugfix CORE-2221. Attach to any DB fails after modification of access rights of security2.fdb from 0660 to 0666. Contributor(s): Paul Beach Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-2209. Very slow processing of the monitoring requests under high load and blocking other activity during that time. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-2184. Superserver hangs when multiple clients create tables simultaneously. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-2182. It's impossible to drop an existing UDF which name overlaps with a new built-in function name. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-2173. Server crashes after abnormal disconnect with open ExecuteStatement. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-2171. Column MON$CALLER_ID of table MON$CALL_STACK reports invalid IDs. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-2157. fbclient does not have the libpthread dependency. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-2151. Temporary directory path with spaces in the middle is wrongly truncated from the rightmost space. Contributor(s): Vlad Horsun
  • Bugfix CORE-2137. Database restore may crash the server when DummyPacketInterval is set. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-2118. UPDATE OR INSERT with subquery used in the MATCHING part doesn't insert record. Contributor(s): Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
  • Bugfix CORE-2117. Incorrect ROW_COUNT value with indexed retrieval and subquery. Contributor(s): Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
  • Bugfix CORE-2108. Error "get_free_slot() failed" reported. Contributor(s): Vlad Horsun
  • Bugfix CORE-2098. View over global temporary table. Contributor(s): Vlad Horsun
  • Bugfix CORE-2093. Superserver startup fails on Solaris 64-bit. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-2087. RemoteBindAddress = hostname instead of IP address is silently ignored and server binds to all interfaces (nothing in either firebird.log or syslog). Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-2084. Services API security problem. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-2078. Suboptimal join plan if there are selective non-indexed predicates involved. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-2077. Signal TERM in Classic Server 2.1 for Linux. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-2073. Expression indices bug: incorrect result for the inverted boolean. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-2065. Client library is not in default dynamic loader search paths. Contributor(s): Paul Beach
  • Bugfix CORE-2055. Buffer overflow in fbclient. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-2053. Computed expressions may be optimized badly if used inside the RETURNING clause of the INSERT statement. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-2050. Performance regression: too many semop() system calls. Contributor(s): Vlad Horsun
  • Bugfix CORE-2049. Performance regression: too many sigprocmask() system calls. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-2045. References to non-existent system fields with blr_field are not resolved to NULL. Contributor(s): Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
  • Bugfix CORE-2039. Domain-level CHECK constraints wrongly process NULL values. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-2033. Unresolved symbol _Unwind_GetIP in the client library. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-2031. NULL in the first record in a condition on RDB$DB_KEY. Contributor(s): Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
  • Bugfix CORE-2026. Problem with a read-only marked database and Firebird 2.1. Contributor(s): Vlad Horsun
  • Bugfix CORE-2017. I/O statistics for stored procedures is not accounted in monitoring tables. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-2008. NOT NULL procedure parameters. Contributor(s): Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
  • Bugfix CORE-2000. Lock manager may report false deadlocks under high load. Contributor(s): Vlad Horsun
  • Bugfix CORE-1984. Lock manager may report false deadlocks if one of deadlock participants waits with permitted timeout. Contributor(s): Vlad Horsun
  • Bugfix CORE-1983. Out of memory condition in OS causes SEGV. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-1982. Simultaneous backups or restores could interfere each with other using the Services API. Contributor(s): Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
  • Bugfix CORE-1972. Non-SYSDBA user can change FW mode of a database. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-1970. Lock conversion denied (215) error may occur. Contributor(s): Vlad Horsun
  • Bugfix CORE-1963. Possible server crash on commit when granting/revoking privileges from multiple connections simultaneously. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-1962. Incorrect extraction of MILLISECONDs. Contributor(s): Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
  • Bugfix CORE-1958. Bugcheck 179 (decompression overran buffer) when attempting to update the same record multiple times. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-1957. Long ACLs truncated. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-1944. Monitoring tables contain wrong data on big-endian machines. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-1930. Possible AV in engine if procedure was altered to have no outputs. and dependent procedures was not recompiled. Contributor(s): Vlad Horsun
  • Bugfix CORE-1926. MON$DATABASE returns outdated transaction counters. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Bugfix CORE-1922. Trusted authentication doesn't work with the Services API. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-1919. Memory corruptions in EXECUTE STATEMENT may crash the server. Contributor(s): Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
  • Bugfix CORE-1909. Garbage in firebird.log on linux/amd64. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-1843. GBAK with service manager doesn't allow path with space. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Bugfix CORE-1596. Bug in CsConvert::convert. Contributor(s): Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
  • Bugfix CORE-1506. Server crash with isc_dsql_execute_immediate and zero length string. Contributor(s): Alex Peshkov
  • Improvement CORE-2243. Make Firebird distribution on Windows easier . Contributor(s): Vlad Horsun
  • Improvement CORE-2233. Allow non-SYSDBA users to monitor not only their current attachment but other their attachments as well. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov
  • Improvement CORE-2200. Extremely slow executing a cross join of 3 tables in Firebird 2.x. Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov

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