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Version history for GetRight Pro

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Changes for v6.3d+05 - v6.3e

  • No changes from +05 except that the "GetRight Vault" is not included. (Not enought people actually used it to consider it well tested yet...)

Changes for v6.3d+04 - v6.3d+05

  • Another Opera 9.5 fix for "quotes" around URLs; didn't do right if GetRight wasn't running already.
  • Signed with new digital signature.

Changes for v6.3d+02 - v6.3d+03

  • Fixed a lockup, and extra "tip" messages about some temp files that shouldn't have shown (like when checking for new versions, etc.)
  • Added to the right-click menu for the "tip" message to turn it off when Automatic Mode is on.
  • Fixed NTLM proxy/website authorizations.
  • Added some more checks for leftover windows (especially in Auto w/ lots of little files.)
  • {Been busy with some contract work and trips out of town, I did more, but didn't keep track}

Changes for v6.3d+01 - v6.3d+02

  • Fixed Save/Open window getting the date/time.

Changes for v6.3c+04 - v6.3d

  • Fixed so sync scripts will start so Download Status refreshes and updates.
  • Fixed display after a Disk Full segment error.
  • Added to the daily downloads, you can use %ZIP% or %ZIPANDDEL% on the File item to compress the downloaded file, or compress and then delete the uncompressed one. We wanted this ourselves for downloading website backups

Changes for v6.3c+03 - v6.3c+04

  • Fixed adding to Startup group in new AdminPriv tool.
  • Fixed some piece-progress-bar display when segmented downloading.
  • Added one-time-prompt about detecting URLs on the clipboard.
  • Probably a few other things I must have forgotten to note.
  • 6.3d is really close...very likely will be the same as this +04 and out early next week...just want to make sure I haven't messed up anything at the last minute!

Changes for v6.3c+02 - v6.3c+03

  • Fixed restoring the "Save As" window location--didn't work right all the time.
  • Fixed problems/messages if cancel a drag-dropped torrent file.
  • Fixed to move to Recycle Bin for any files in a multi-file torrent download that is deleted.
  • Added so Quicksync will do podcasts now.
  • Fixed another possible resource leak when downloading as tray icons. Hopefully this one finally does it, I believe it should!
  • Fixed a couple of buttons that didn't do "screen reader" mode.
  • Separate "AdminPrivSetting" to set the things that need administrator in Vista,etc. Runs as a separate program so Vista will prompt to allow it. Settings on the "Starting & Stopping" config now use it, maybe other places need to as well...
  • A number of things on the Lightning/Gozilla compile side (including there now being a whole Gozilla build!)

Changes for v6.3c+01 - v6.3c+02

  • Fixed the occasional crash when resuming (bug with some segmenting changes.)

Changes for v6.3c - v6.3c+01

  • Changed how segmenting/accelerating data is stored. This allows breaking up a file into many more pieces (1000+ vs under 100 before.) Mainly, it will be noticable on large files where more segments can be working as it gets to the very end.
  • NOTE: It will convert any partly finished file fine, but I haven't added any backward conversions yet. If you start a segmented download with this build; finish it before going back to an earlier version.
  • Changed how "Open" saves files back to the old way....but added the option on the Advanced--Saving about where to save files clicked as "Open" on the "Save/Open" window.
  • Added "GetRight Import Types (*.grx;*.urls;*.lst)" as a quick convenience default for when importing.
  • Added so QuickSync does some "make unique filename" so INDEX.HTM?xyz would get saved better.
  • Added so Importing a list of URLs will do the "make unique filename" too.
  • Fixed saving comments entered on the Save As
  • Fixed so Verify won't override user-given filenames if the file type is the same. (So it will still fix xyz.php to; but not to
  • Added so Verify should save states better; if add something in the middle, shouldn't make it restart, etc. (Pressing F5 will reset all the verify states.)
  • Added a registry setting to use NTLM for proxy logins by default. (Most send a "Use NTLM" sort of reply and worked fine...but one didn't.)
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Headlight\GetRight\Config
  • ProxyUseNTLM=DWORD:1

Changes for v6.3b+01 - v6.3b+02

  • Added a "Brand New User" wizard. To help get some things setup right, test connections, introduce features, etc. A few had been in the older pre-InnoSetup installer, and others were prompts you could get. Combined them all into one nice little wizard to set them, and help new users find the right Config pages for more.
  • Anybody who isn't installing a brand new install (likely everybody here in the forum) can see it by running GetRight with the /NEWUSER command line item.
  • Some BitTorrent fixes.
  • Fixed to always use "Classic" graphics for Windows95/98/ME/NT4. They don't do the newer Alpha channel things so looked funny.
  • Added a registry setting so you can change the place temp files are saved. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Headlight\GetRight\Config TempFolder={FOLDER}

Changes for v6.3+04 - v6.3b+01

  • Added extra "close window" timer to try and avoid any getting left open when Automatic downloading
  • Fix so will adjust settings for some sites that return an error code when resuming

Changes for v6.1 - v6.3+04

  • Fixed crash if tried to run a file from the History that had been deleted
  • Fix some text highlighting for FindFiles menus
  • Fix URLs added by scripts not refreshing the Download Status
  • Added so R-click on header lets you choose Download Status columns
  • Fixed several things with the InnoSetup installer. Uninstalling, right icons, digital signing
  • Plus several improvements from Ricardo's custom GetRight installe

Changes for v6.0c - v6.1

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