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Version history for Gizmo Project Internet Phone for Linux

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Changes for v3.1.0.78 - v3.1.0.79

  • Fixed: Crash when opening 'Add Contact' window, seen as of GTK+ 2.12
  • Fixed: Crash reporter failed to launch if argument strings contained quotes (e.g. --distro=""Fedora release 8 (Werewolf)"").
  • Fixed: Missing 'Gizmo Project' menu entry in Fedora 8

Changes for v3.1.0.77 - v3.1.0.78

  • Track presence states per jabber resource and display a contact's most available presence state.
  • Fixed: Login w/out presence or ability to make calls on multihomed machines (i.e. multiple NICs). Stated fix in v77 did not work.
  • Fixed: If going idle during a call, and Gizmo is woken up while still on the same call, Gizmo will remain stuck with the 'idle' presence state without the ability to change to some other state.
  • Fixed phonebook contact activate (via enter key) crash seen in GTK+ 2.10
  • Fixed: Occasional File Transfer send would immediately cancel (Nokia #70720)
  • Fixed: File Transfer timeout and cancel in remote client if sending multiple files at the same time.

Changes for v3.0.1.70 - v3.1.0.77

  • Translation updates
  • Update Notfication dialog now includes 'Do not show again' checkbox. Previously, update notifications did not show after initial display. (#2566)
  • Display invited contacts in the MUC particpants list, with dimmed display name and greyed avatar. (#2557)
  • The MUC invite window should not list contacts that have already been invited (#2560)
  • GTalk/Jabber contacts that are offline are now dialable when double clicked.
  • The 'Call SIP' contact context menu option for Jabber/GTalk contacts will call the jabber id if the contact does not have a SIP address.
  • Business card popups will display jabber ids in the SIP field if the contact is neither a Gizmo user nor has a SIP address.
  • Fixed: Inability to make calls on multihomed systems. On some systems with more than one network interface, login would succeed but UA registration would fail causing call attempts to fail. (#2483)
  • Fixed: Phonebook tooltips would remain after logout.
  • Fixed: Phonebook tooltip timeouts would cause a crash if the main window had been destroyed.
  • Fixed: Crash during MUC Create/Join (#2561)
  • When poping down status or account menus at the bottom of the screen 'push-in' the menu to provide enough space to display the menu.

Changes for v2.0.0.56 - v3.0.1.68

  • File transfers would trigger a gdk_pixbuf_composite seg fault for GDK v2.10 and higher (bugzilla #384912). Screening GDK version in calls to this function.
  • Core Fix: Un-holding calls failed to stop playing hold music.
  • Crash Reporter failed to load libcurl on systems without a softlink. Now loading libcurl so versions 1-4 directly.
  • 'Group' selection added to 'Contact Request' window (#167)
  • Added dial entry and 'Call In' button to the conf tab (#2166)
  • Added client version to contact status tooltip. Hide sub state and client version if debug logging is turned off (#2161)
  • Crash Reporter utility to allow user to send a backtrace and crash description when Gizmo crashes. (#2160)
  • Call Out balance update 5 secs after call.
  • Added 'CallOut' link label to the main window status bar (#2219)
  • Allow users to play UI sounds using an external sound player. This allows for UI sounds and phone calls to be played over different devices (e.g. usb headset and speakers). (#2238)
  • Checking gnome gconf http/https proxy settings (#2202)
  • Create UI Debug file (gizmo-ui.log), if Prefs->Advanced debug option is turned on. Previously only available on stdout.
  • Added 'Display Last Name First' View menu option for displaying contact names by last name first.
  • Fixed: If phonebook contacts were removed since LinGizmo last cached the phonebook, LinGizmo would crash while syncing (i.e removing cached contacts) with the server copy. (#2218)
  • Workaround: Initializing alsa devices to anything other than default (e.g hw:0) on startup, could result in an EBUSY response on initial use attempts (symptom: no sound until after the first or second call). (#1274)
  • Phonebook to show PSTN contacts as online. This was broken after 3.0 Jabber migration. (#2241)
  • Fixed: Configuring TransportUtils to use http/https proxy settings. Previously only libcurl connections were using proxy settings. This caused a proxied login process to get stuck at 'Starting UA'.
  • Fixed: Setting profile avatar occasionally caused a crash (buffer overrun) in the core's base64 encoder.
  • Fixed: File transfers would occasionally terminate (core fix). Mostly seen on Nokia 770/N800.
  • GIPS VE updated to v2.4.1. Fixes DTMF tone generation bug.
  • Fixed: GTalk contacts were not dialable.
  • Attempt automatic re-login when receiving UA UNREGISTERED event.N800/770 Features:
  • When initiating a call from outside the main window (e.g. IM window), present the main window. (#1177)
  • Auto-Reconnect after dropped network (IAP) connections.
  • Hardware volume keys active for prefs and main windows N800/770 Bug Fixes:
  • Maemo GTK+ bug workaround for Prefs->Sounds widget layout issues
  • Fixed: Prefs -> Audio volume control

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