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Version history for GOM Media Player

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Changes for v2.3.3.5254 - v2.3.6.5259

  • Add subtitles find window
  • The Youtube 360 degree separation up down of the stereoscopic video playback support
  • Youtube Video subtitle support
  • Add supported subtitles(sup, psb)
  • Fixed crash error when used touch function
  • Add GOM 2016 skin
  • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes

Changes for v2.3.0.5248 - v2.3.2.5251

  • Multi-language subtitle support
  • Add GOM ID authentication
  • Intel real sense Motion Support
  • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes

Changes for v2.2.77.5240 - v2.3.0.5248

  • Fixed HW acceleration wizard
  • Improving URL open feature
  • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes

Changes for v2.2.69.5227 - v2.2.71.5231

  • 1. Added "Touch Setting" feature for touch screen devices.
  • 2. Added "Search box" feature on playlist. (Ctrl+F)
  • 3. Supported "HTTPS URL" for youtube or net radio playback. (Ctrl+U)
  • 4. Added "Music Tap" on preferences related to play music files.
  • 5. Improved performance related to "speed of add & delete" of files on playlist.
  • 6. Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes

Changes for v2.2.67.5221 - v2.2.69.5227

  • Added GIF Animation Output feature
  • Added “Enable Hardware Decoding (If possible)” feature
  • Added YouTube Playback feature
  • Added “Disable Internal Filters Settings” feature
  • Solved the problems in the version of GOM Media Player
  • Added some more filters in the “Disabled Filters List”
  • Change of the video output type at default
  • Added File Info in the Playing File Info…
  • Added “Limit color range: 16-235” feature
  • Compatible with Windows 10 Preview
  • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes

Changes for v2.2.64.5211 - v2.2.67.5221

  • 1. Added Preview Feature:
  • - Preview appears when moving mouse cursor to a certain time of seek bar. It’s not checked at default but you can check it anytime in the preferences window.
  • 2. Added “Hide skin during playback” Feature:
  • - Added “Hide skin during playback” Feature. It’s not checked at default but you can check it anytime in the preferences window.
  • 3. Added “Hide mouse cursor after 2 seconds without using the mouse during playback” Feature:
  • - Added “Hide mouse cursor after 2 seconds without using the mouse during playback” Feature. It’s checked at default but you can uncheck it anytime in the preferences window.
  • 4. Added “Auto Rotate” Feature:
  • - When playing videos which are originally upside down or not in the right direction, GOM Media Player will automatically rotate it. If you don’t wish to rotate, please modify in the preferences window or from GOM menu.
  • 5. Solved the problems in the version of GOM Media Player:
  • The issues occurred in the Ver2.2.62.5205, Ver2.2.62.5207, Ver2.2.62.5209 and Ver2.2.64.5211of GOM Media Player have been solved and improved.
  • - Corrected the playback issue of VCD (some of .dat files).
  • - Fixed the saturation of video being recognized incorrectly issue.
  • - Regardless of the audio issue when playing DVD with Windows 8/8.1, the problem of not showing Codec Finder window is fixed.
  • -“The audio keeps playing when stopping DVD (.IFO) playback which is played from the root menu” issue is fixed.
  • - Corrected the playback issue of some .avi files.
  • - Corrected the audio playback issue of some .m2ts files.
  • - Corrected the snapshot issue that couldn’t be operated correctly for some .m2ts files.
  • - Corrected the playback issue of some .ts files.
  • - Fixed the JPEG quality not being applied correctly issue while doing still image capture.
  • - Fixed the bookmark problem that occurred during the update of GOM Media Player Ver. from Ver.
  • - “The seek bar only shows the first 6 seconds when playing some .wav files” issue has been fixed.
  • 6. Support V210 playback:
  • - From version, V210 playback is supported.
  • 7. Improvement of subtitle support:
  • - Fixed the issue of some ASS/SSA format subtitle files not being recognized normally.
  • - Corrected the character alignment problem of RTL subtitles.
  • 8. Added “Subtitle Priority” Feature:
  • - When playing media files with internal subtitles, the “Subtitle Priority” feature allows you to set external subtitle as priority. Please select “Internal subtitle priority” if you wish to give priority to internal subtitles. In addition, when there are multi-languages in the external subtitle file of a media file, you can fill out the language that you prefer to play.
  • 9. Added “Enable Intel HEVC(H.265) decoder” option:
  • - When playing files encoded with H.265, the processing speed will be improved if enabling Intel HEVC(H.265) decoder. It’s not checked at default but you can check it anytime in the preferences window.
  • 10. Added “Play to match the audio when audio out of sync (video comes after audio)” option:
  • - Added “Play to match the audio when audio out of sync (video comes after audio)” feature. It’s checked at default but you can uncheck it anytime in the preferences window.
  • 11. Added “Quality optimization mode” option:
  • - Added “Quality optimization mode: Give the priority as the file format.” option.
  • 12. Change of the video output type at default:
  • - The video output type at default is changed to [EVR – Custom Presenter] from {Enhanced Video Renderer}.
  • 13. Added “Seek bar loads according to the file analyzed progress when playing damaged MKV files” option:
  • - When playing damaged/ corrupted .MKV files, the seek bar will loads according to the file analyzed progress. It’s checked at default but you can uncheck it anytime in the preferences window.
  • 14. Change of file playback operation:
  • - When there are multiple files in the playlist, delete the one which is currently playing, GOM Media Player will play the next file in the playlist instead of the previous one.
  • 15. Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes

Changes for v2.2.62.5207 - v2.2.64.5211

  • Added the Preference Backup feature
  • GOM2.2 Skin update
  • Solved the problems in the Version of GOM Player
  • Added "Maximize window when dragged to the top edge of the screen" feature
  • Improved the subtitle display feature/li>
  • Changed the default setting of the Video Output Type
  • Added filters in the Disabled Filters List
  • Deleted the Configuration Wizard
  • Solved the crashing issue after updating Windows 7
  • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes

Changes for v2.2.62.5205 - v2.2.62.5207

  • 1. Corrected a security issue
  • 2. Corrected an issue where the screen capture features were not working properly when a video was in the "pause" state.
  • 3. Corrected an issue where certain files would not be displayed with the proper aspect ratio when using the Enhanced Video Renderer video output type.
  • 4. Correct an issue where Arabic and other RTL subtitles were not being displayed correctly

Changes for v2.2.57.5189 - v2.2.62.5205

  • Improved Subtitle Support
  • Added support for ASS/SSA subtitles
  • Added support for VP9 video playback
  • Some image files can now be opened
  • Improved the Bookmarks feature/li>
  • Improved the Advanced Capture feature
  • Corrected an issue with A-B Repeat and custom skins
  • Improved Support for FLAC & M4A audio files
  • Corrected an issue regarding a CPU error message
  • Corrected an issue with file associations in Win 8.1
  • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes

Changes for v2.2.56.5183 - v2.2.57.5189

  • Changes to minimum system requirements
  • Major improvements to the internal source filter
  • FLAC audio file (.flac) playback support added
  • Added Internal support for several video and audio codecs
  • Improvements to the Bookmarks feature
  • Jump to specific time feature added
  • “Play in single thread” set to off by default
  • Improved .LNK file playback
  • Corrected DAT file associations
  • Updated the Codec Finder window
  • Improved the Subtitle Explorer window
  • Fixed a security issue
  • Enhanced the security of the installer package
  • Misc. changes and fixes

Changes for v2.2.56.5181 - v2.2.56.5183

  • GOM Media Player now officially supports Windows 8.1.
  • Fixed an issue where MP3 files containing album art information would not play while using Enhanced Video Renderer.
  • Modified file access rights during playback.
  • Improved playback support for files requiring the TSCC codec.
  • Fixed an issue affecting the Enhanced Video Renderer video output setting.
  • Fixed an issue where MP4 files made with Windows Movie Maker wouldn't play properly.
  • Fixed an issue affecting ASX and video/audio streaming from the Internet.
  • Fixed an issue affecting .AVI files created with Casio Digital Cameras.
  • Improved playback while playing files with Intel Quick Sync Video enabled.
  • Intel Quick Sync Video and the ASF source filter are now both disabled by default.
  • Other misc. corrections and fixes.

Changes for v2.1.50.5145 - v2.2.53.5169

  • A new default GOM Player 2.2 Skin has been applied.
  • Volume can now be boosted to 200%.
  • UI Transparency Slider added.
  • Bookmark Feature Improved.
  • Changes the File Associations window for Windows 8.
  • Playback status icon added to taskbar icon.
  • Message reflecting window size changes added.
  • Internal support added for multiple codecs.
  • A buffer overflow security issue has been corrected.
  • Audio sync issue with some Xvid videos corrected.
  • Improved ability to properly recognized display aspect ratio.
  • Improved ability to display "Current Frame" information.
  • Other misc. corrections and fixes.

Changes for v2.1.49.5139 - v2.1.50.5145

  • Modified the software's AAC codec.
  • Removed AC3 Tab and internal options.
  • Corrected a sync issue with certain TS files.
  • Corrected a playback issue with certain MP4 files.
  • Added playback history management options (Win7 +).
  • Minor misc changes and fixes.

Changes for v2.1.47.5133 - v2.1.49.5139

  • Corrected an issue with the MPEG source filter.
  • Added support for 10bit AVC files.
  • Corrected a playback speed control issue (WMV).
  • Improved FLV playback with internal filters.
  • Improved playback for certain MTS files.
  • Improved the seek function for H.264 videos.
  • Playback Speed Control improved (0.2x - 16x).
  • Improved Easy Browser preferences.
  • Snapshot Preview shortcut added (CTRL + Q).
  • Corrected a volume message display issue.
  • Misc fixes and changes.

Changes for v2.1.43.5119 - v2.1.47.5133

  • Windows 8 Support Added / Windows 98SE support dropped.
  • Default MPEG Transport Stream changed.
  • Added additional Aspect Ratio options.
  • Audio playback issue corrected.
  • RTL Language Subtitle Support is now enabled by default.
  • File Playback Information will now include the version of GOM Media Player being used.
  • Various fixes in phrasing and spelling.
  • Other miscellaneous issues have been addressed and corrected.

Changes for v2.1.40.5106 - v2.1.43.5119

  • Improved AAC Audio Support.
  • AVI Playback Issue Corrected.
  • SRT Subtitle Display Issue Corrected.
  • RTL Subtitle Support Added (beta).

Changes for v2.1.39.5101 - v2.1.40.5106

  • 1. Disable Splash Screen Function (window that appears when closing the player) added. Users can now permanently disable the splash screen that periodically appears when closing the player. This can be done from the Preferences window (Preferences -> General -> Network tab -> Splash Screen). Resetting the player to it's default settings or re-installing the software after uninstalling will re-enable the Splash screen until it is disabled again.
  • 2. Improved the Gretech MP4 Source Filter. Corrected an issue that was causing MOV files recorded with CANON and FUJIFILM digital cameras to be played with no sound under the software's default settings.
  • 3. Altered default screen size settings. In the previous version the "Only apply when launching a new instance of GOM Player" option was enabled by default, causing all videos to open at 100% size of the first video viewed during that session. This option is now disabled by default.
  • 4. Improved playback for extremely large files (AVI, MKV, WMV, ASF, MP4, OGG, TS). Corrected a problem that caused files that are larger than 40MB per second to play incorrectly.
  • 5. Added the LAV Audio Decoder to the Disabled Filters List. Due to compatibility issues that were causing playback errors, the LAV Audio Decoder is now disabled by default.
  • 6. Corrected the Gretech FLV Source Filter. When trying to play FLV files that included audio that was encoded with the Speex codec, a "0x00000055" error was displayed and the file could not be played. The Speex codec is still not supported, however video can now be viewed properly when playing such files.
  • 7. Improved the Gretech AVI Source Filter. Corrected an issue where audio was not played correctly on some AVI files that were comprised of multiple indexes.
  • 8. Product information added to the Windows Control Panel. When highlighting GOM Player in the Programs and Features section of the Windows Control Panel, Product Version information, a Help Link, a Support Link, and an Update information link are now displayed at the bottom of the window.
  • 9. Impoved the Playback Window size adjustment feature. Previously when using the [Ctrl] + [Alt] + Numpad [-] shortcut you could make the playback window so small that it would completely disappear. This issue has been corrected and a minimum size has been applied.
  • 10. Adjusted the default AC3 options. Previously there was a slight boost applied to AC3 gain by default, which was causing minor audio distortion in some files. The AC3 Gain control is now set to 0 by default.
  • 11. Misc. Miscellaneous minor changes to phrasing, etc.

Changes for v2.1.33.5071 - v2.1.36.5083

  • When stopping a video file after making changes to subtitle sync settings, a message will now be displayed asking whether or not to save the changes. This message can be turned on and off from the Preferences window.
  • Added a feature whereby default playback window size settings will only be applied when launching a new instance of GOM Media Player
  • Improved playback for uncompressed AVI files.
  • Corrected an issue which caused some FLV files to be unplayable.
  • Various minor changes and corrections
  • You can update to the latest version of the software by opening the Preferences window, going to the "Update" tab, and clicking the [Update] button.
  • You can also update to the latest version by pushing the [F1] button, then clicking on the [Update] button on the bottom right corner of the GOM Player info window that pops up.

Changes for v2.1.25.5015 Beta - v2.1.26

  • Fixed a bug with ogg file which is not normally played while downloading it
  • Fixed an error with some of mp3 files are not played or having problem with playing time.
  • Fixed a problem after scene searching, first part of subtitles is not shown occasionally
  • Changed GOM Player icon and added icons for Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Modified source filter of MP3 local files
  • Etc.

Changes for v2.1.18.4762 - v2.1.21.4846

  • Security patches (Solving vulnerabilities when downloading a logo file and executing external files)
  • When using the Intel chipset graphic card, text error fixed in a particular Renderer
  • Bug fixed ; mismatching problem between SRT subtitles and assigned code-page
  • When saving SRT subtitles sync, it will changed to SMI
  • Problem fixed ; codec finding in some MOV files
  • Bug fixed ; when keeping file handle after finishing playing OGG, MKV file

Changes for v2.1.17.4710 - v2.1.18.4762

  • Bug fix: Abnormal video output problem in system with some non-intel CPU
  • Bug fix: Subtitle sync problem in the specific environment when using a built-in source filter,
  • Bug fix: Gretech MKV Source Filter
  • Bug fix: Gretech OGG Source Filter
  • Adjusted the text font size in the Easy Browser
  • Etc.

Changes for v2.1.16.4635 - v2.1.17.4710

  • Security patch: .srt subtitle
  • Improve HD decoding performance
  • Bug fix: Subtitle seeking problem
  • Bug fix: VC-1(WVC1) video codec problem with certain MPEG media files
  • Bug fix: EVR rendering problem
  • Modifying GOM Player process priority level
  • Modifying Gretech FLV source filter
  • Modifying configuration wizard
  • Add disabled filter list
  • Etc.

Changes for v2.1.15.4610 - v2.1.16.4631

  • Modify 'Deadlock problem' occasionally happened when you shut down the player.
  • Improve Vorbis audio decoder performance.

Changes for v2.1.9.3754 - v2.1.15.4610

  • Supporting AVC Video codec on FLV Local file / Network File.
  • Supporting AAC Audio codec on FLV Network File.
  • Putting the skin image file in order.

Changes for v2.1.9.3753 - v2.1.9.3754

  • a UI bug for Preferences window
  • a bug related to Gretech ASF Source 2 Index Reading

Changes for v2.1.9.3752 - v2.1.9.3753

  • This minor update addresses a video/audio sync issue with certain MKV files.

Changes for v2.1.8.3683 - v2.1.9.3752

  • New feature: Quick Play Mode enables DXVA hardware acceleration, providing a smoother playback for high definition files
  • Fixed a bug where bookmark file names were corrupted on certain Windows language settings
  • Better update alert window
  • Addition of a confirmation window when deleting files/folders from Easy Browser
  • Fixed audio sync issue with Gretech Asf Source 2
  • Combined external subtitle filter settings and filter settings
  • Fixed a bug with screen saver option
  • New options to select when internal source filters are used
  • Random button on the playlist
  • Link .TS, .TRP, .SVI files to GOM Player
  • Edited the list of commands for user-defined shortcut keys
  • Other minor fixes/improvements

Changes for v2.1.6.3499 Beta - v2.1.8.3683

  • bug fix: buffer overflow
  • new feature: delete files from Easy Browser using DELETE key
  • new feature: option to automatically sort files when you add a file to playlist
  • bug fix: properly plays MP4(AVC1) files made by certain programs
  • new feature: option to recursively add all files under a directory on playlist
  • new feature: option to pause when minimized
  • bug fix: playback for certain video types
  • new feature: option to sort by directory name on playlist
  • new feature: black list filter
  • new feature: option to maintain the new play speed
  • bug fix: properly finds keyframe when seeking
  • supports Bluetooth multimedia keys
  • supports FLV4 video codec
  • new feature: audio sync control
  • better recognition of TS files
  • other minor fixes/updates

Changes for v2.1.3.3413 - v2.1.6.3499 Beta

  • works without skin information file (skin.xml)
  • properly plays VoxWare audio using Gretech ASF Source 2
  • fixed a bug where keyboard shortcut settings weren't saved properly
  • fixed screen size issue in VMR7-Renderless mode
  • supports H.264 video codec for HDTV files (TS)
  • fixed a bug where the video title wasn't displayed correctly
  • smaller application window when launched
  • supports DAVC video codec
  • other minor bug fixes

Changes for v2.0.12.3375 - v2.1.1.3399

  • Addressed several incorrectly display texts
  • No longer creates GomPlayer folder in My Documents by default
  • File association for .mov, .mqv added
  • Better subtitle support for ASF files
  • Better deinterlacing
  • Supports .m2t
  • Fixed issues with .flv
  • Other minor problems

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