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Version history for gPodder

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Changes for v3.10.7 - v3.10.8

Changes for v3.10.5 - v3.10.6

  • Small bug fixes and improvements, as well as a crippling bug fix, where gPodder stopped responding when downloading episodes.

Changes for v3.10.3 - v3.10.5

  • This is a bugfix release

Changes for v3.9.2 - v3.9.3

  • This is a small bugfix update on top of gPodder 3.9.2, fixing some issues that people were having with some feeds and the change to podcastparser:
  • Soundcloud: Increase track limit (by mprangenberg)
  • Fix HTTP conditional GET (Fixes #193, #182)
  • Podcastparser 0.6.1: Work around a XML parsing bug when PyXML is installed (#185)

Changes for v3.9.1 - v3.9.2

  • Fix tagging download extension (#148, patch by Eric Le Lay)
  • Improve YouTube cover art resolution (patch by Hiltronix)
  • win32-launcher: Fix crash when Python is missing
  • Sync UI: Update podcast list after sync (#136)
  • Port from feedparser to podcastparser
  • Set UI upper limit for episodes per podcast based on current value
  • Cache cover art thumbnails in SQLite database
  • Load/update the episode list model in the background

Changes for v3.9.0 - v3.9.1

  • win32-launcher: Fix compatibility issues with Python 2.7.11
  • Gtk UI: Remove WebKit1 support (Debian bug 790218)
  • Add 'set_artist_to_album' config option to 'tagging' extension (by Brian J. Cohen)
  • Resolve all symlinks in path (bug 2064)
  • Handle "mktime argument out of range" (by Markus Wamser, bug 2023)
  • Include OS name and version in user agent
  • Don't fail if update server is down (bug 2067)
  • Use html5lib/HTMLParser to find hyperlinks in show notes (by Mathias Rav)
  • desktopfile: Filter non-player apps (improves app selector choices on Linux)

Changes for v3.5.1 - v3.6.1

  • Fix YouTube integration (bug 1887)
  • Desktop file: Add prefix to path (bug 1618)
  • Makefile: Use LC_ALL=C to have C-locale dates in manpage

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