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Version history for Hidden Disk

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Changes for v4.15 - v5.01

  • Sorry for delay, we know you were waiting. Thank you for your patience! In this release we are fixing some issues with the initial release of version 5.
  • Fixed numerous bugs related to the code and the interface.
  • Updated tranlsations.
  • Also, next update will be released shortly, without huge delay like this one, sorry for that.

Changes for v4.14 - v4.15

  • Improvements in security

Changes for v4.13 - v4.14

  • Several bugs fixed

Changes for v4.12 - v4.13

  • This update includes several small improvements, however, it is recommended for all users.
  • Advertising links were removed! Have you noticed few links in the program with helpful articles about different topics? They are deleted now. We decided to clean up interface of the program and leave only important things. If you need some interesting information - do search on Google, but let our app do its job only.
  • Removed link for voting about our program (tell us the true).
  • Few bug fixes.

Changes for v4.11 - v4.12

  • This release dedicated to security. We have added several new functions which will help you protect your files in some scenarios.
  • New function: erase contents of hidden disk if the wrong password typed 10 times. This is the most needed and major addition to the security of the program. If someone tries to access your files we believe he/she wont stop, thus a big surprise for attacker will be total deletion of the hidden disk after several attempts. You can configure this option only during setup of a password (or change of a password). By default it is disabled.
  • New function: the program warns you if someone tried to access the disk with the wrong password before.
  • New function: the program will restart computer every time if someone enters the wrong password. Previously the program just exit in such cases. You can configure this option only during setup of a password (or change of a password). By default it is disabled.
  • The program can now display the size of the files located on the hidden disk. You can turn on this option in the preferences area of the program. However, the size will be displayed in secure area of the disk to protect your privacy. The size of hidden disk will be calculated during closing of the disk.

Changes for v4.10 - v4.11

  • There was a problem with password recovery function: it was broken and you was not able to recover password for the disk by email. We're happy to announce that this problem has been fixed in this release.

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