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Version history for Homedale

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Changes for v1.81 - v1.82

  • New: Connect / Disconnect command line option added

Changes for v1.80 - v1.81

  • New: Signal Quality column added

Changes for v1.79 - v1.80

  • New: Channel width column added

Changes for v1.76 - v1.79

  • New: Recommended channel logic improved

Changes for v1.74 - v1.76

  • New: Sorting improved,
  • support for < and > signal strength in search filter added

Changes for v1.73 - v1.74

  • New: Note shown in graph and log, MAC vendor detection improved with help from Juergen

Changes for v1.72 - v1.73

  • Polish translation

Changes for v1.71 - v1.72

  • New: New command line option to append to existing log instead of deletion

Changes for v1.70 - v1.71

  • New: Highlight selected AP in graph

Changes for v1.69 - v1.70

  • New: Channel added to log file,
  • /i /h command line options added for minimize to system tray

Changes for v1.67 - v1.69

  • New: /m command line option fixed

Changes for v1.65 - v1.67

  • New: Command line option to filter output added

Changes for v1.64 - v1.65

  • New: faster download of oui.txt,
  • minor user interface fixes

Changes for v1.63 - v1.64

  • New: More vendor names shown for MAC addresses, sorting fixed, frequency graph usage fixed

Changes for v1.59 - v1.60

  • New: Russian and Ukrainian translation added by, Greek improved

Changes for v1.58 - v1.59

  • New: Notes for each access point now possible, signal graph can be drawn as lines or with dots

Changes for v1.57 - v1.58

  • New: 5GHz 80/160MHz info added, Channel usage supports 5GHz now, Connect to WPA Enterprise support added

Changes for v1.56 - v1.57

  • New: /s and /m now support comma separated list of access points

Changes for v1.55 - v1.56

  • Frequency usage tab added

Changes for v1.54 - v1.55

  • New: is working again to locate access points

Changes for v1.53 - v1.54

  • New: Swedish translation added

Changes for v1.51 - v1.53

  • Brazilian translation added

Changes for v1.49 - v1.50

  • New: Windows XP Access Point names fixed

Changes for v1.44 - v1.49

  • New:
  • Open WLAN Map geolocate added
  • GPS NMEA support added
  • new command line options added

Changes for v1.42 - v1.44

  • Portable mode improved
  • Chinese translation added

Changes for v1.39 - v1.40

  • Locate yourself using Google Geolocation and Mozilla Location Service

Changes for v1.38 - v1.39

  • New: if portable.dat file is present, portable mode is used

Changes for v1.37 - v1.38

  • ortable version feature added, Signal graph is shown for each access point

Changes for v1.35 - v1.37

  • New: Enable / Disable adapters,
  • connect to not-broadcasting ap working,
  • better multiple ap with same name support

Changes for v1.33 - v1.34

  • Several options and improvements added

Changes for v1.31 - v1.33

  • New: Connect/Disconnect to Access Points with no password added

Changes for v1.30 - v1.31

  • New: Crash prevented

Changes for v1.29 - v1.30

  • Option to disable oui.txt file download

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