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Version history for HostsCK

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Changes for v2.2.4.0 - v2.2.5.0

  • Fixed: Completed the fix for the broken visual styling.
  • Fixed: Check for program updates broken.
  • Fixed: HostsCK form flicker when starting.
  • Fixed: Menu items not being translated.
  • Fixed: Some message boxes not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed: Many other small bugs related to the KB4481480 update.
  • Fixed: HostsDE exiting without explanation in Windows 10.
  • Fixed: Hosts file last updated information bar in the built in browser not showing
  • for some users. (not due to Windows update KB4481480)
  • Changed: If you chose to include the Microsoft extra blocks list in settings
  • the list will be downloaded if it does not already exist.

Changes for v2.2.3.0 - v2.2.4.0

  • Fixed/Workaround: Windows update KB4481480 (Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework)
  • has broken HostsCK visual styling.
  • This is an untested fix that should hopefully enable visual styling. The problem should
  • be properly addressed in the next update.

Changes for v2.2.0.0 - v2.2.1.0

  • Added: Setting to automatically show the edit panel when typing
  • in the main textbox.
  • Added: Settings to show or suppress the “No more matches of”
  • message when using search to search for text in the Hosts file.
  • Fixed: HostsCK displays correctly on high DPI monitors.
  • Fixed: A rare “Single Thread Apartment” error when flushing the DNS Cache.
  • Improved: HostsCK detects user input in the main textbox much better and will enable the save button and display an asterisk to show that changes may need to be saved.
  • Improved: Several minor improvements to search functions, GetIP, the built in web browser and the Bugs and Suggestions email client.
  • Updated: The HostsCK uninstaller now enables the DNS
  • Client Service without asking and deletes the registry key
  • HostsDE creates if it is set to run when Windows starts.
  • Updated: The HostsCK Install program has been updated to
  • conform to Microsoft guidelines. This means that links to the Uninstall HostsCK shortcut and the HostsCK license are no longer in the HostsCK Start Menu folder. A link to the uninstaller is now in
  • the HostsCK program files directory and can still be easily uninstalled from the Windows control panel.
  • Removed: HostsCK can no longer be sent to the system tray
  • to protect the Hosts file as this is now handled by HostsDE.

Changes for v2.1.9.0 - v2.2.0.0

  • Fixed: Correct menu icons are shown if HostsCK is running in
  • the system tray.
  • Fixed: HostsDE showing a “The process cannot access the file” warning if
  • checking for an updated Hosts file.
  • Fixed: The larger font when typing setting now works.
  • Fixed: The reading icon was being shown on the ‘Addresses blocked’
  • status label when changing between showing own icons or not in settings.
  • Improved: The Startup code has been re-organized so HostsCK starts more
  • smoothly and, if using the English language file, starts slightly quicker.
  • Added: When highlighting text in the main textbox, ‘Copy’ and ‘Cut’ menu items
  • will be displayed enabling you to quickly copy or cut the selected text.
  • This can be disabled in Settings > Input > Show copy menu.
  • Removed ‘Check for updated Hosts’ setting as it has been replaced with HostsDE
  • checking for Hosts updates.
  • Changed: The ‘No duplicate entries found’ message box no longer shows ‘Hosts OK’.
  • Changed: ‘Cut’, ‘Copy’, ‘Paste’ and ‘Select All’ right-click menu items have been
  • moved above the ‘Saved Sites’ menu items.
  • Updated: Updated the Microsoft blocks list.

Changes for v2.1.8.0 - v2.1.9.0

  • Added: HostsDE can check for mvps updates periodically while
  • it is running and provides protection against the renaming or
  • deletion of the Hosts as well as preventing changing it’s read-only
  • attribute by other programs.
  • Added: HostsCK can now clear the Internet Explorer cache as well
  • as cookies when closing the built in browser. Help
  • Added: You can now use your own button images on the toolbar.
  • Added: Setting to show URLs in main textbox. Links can be clicked
  • and opened in your default browser.
  • Improved: HostsCK’s total load time reduced by up to 1 second. *
  • Improved: Search textbox back and fore colour will be the same
  • as the main textbox.
  • Improved: The Design panel in Settings has a more logical layout.
  • Changed: Search textbox text highlight happens on mouse up
  • instead of mouse down.
  • Changed: Slight redesign to the About window.
  • Minor bug fixes: Several bugs squashed.

Changes for v2.1.5.0 - v2.1.8.0

  • Fixed: Correct language was not shown is some message boxes.
  • Bug Fix: Font settings were not being loaded.
  • Improved: HostsCK handles very large Hosts files much more efficiently.
  • Added: You can now drag and drop a Hosts or Hosts.txt file on to the textbox to load it.
  • Added: Edit panel providing quick access to redo, undo and zoom functions as well as
  • displaying the textbox line number.
  • Added: You can check your saved allowed sites. HostsCK can check that the connection to
  • the sites is working. Site check is available from the userlist window.
  • Added: Greyscale colour scheme for the textbox.
  • Added: Option to install APHont Font, a font developed specifically for low vision readers
  • by American Printing House. The font can be chosen from settings to make the Hosts clearer
  • to read for low vision users. Full download needed.
  • Minor tweaks: Several graphical tweaks to various forms.
  • – Icon on main form now shows by default. See Help file under ‘Change Settings’.
  • – A space is added after or when hitting the return key in the main textbox
  • if HostsCK is set to add those automatically.
  • – The main textbox fore colour should stay as the chosen fore colour when editing.
  • – If using the default MVPS Hosts, the updated info is highlighted slightly if using the
  • default colour scheme.

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