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Version history for IceChat

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Changes for v9.06 - v9.07

  • Added account to to values sent for ChannelJoin event in plugins
  • other minor fixes and updates

Changes for v9.03 - v9.06

  • Change Close Window to Close Query for Query windows
  • Highlite plugin updated to v2.8, fix more regex issues

Changes for v9.02 - v9.03

  • Fix reconnect issue with servers, erroring out
  • added /switch command for allowing to switch to a specific channel on a server (/switch #channel serverID)

Changes for v9.0 - v9.02

  • fix some line wrapping issues with certain character codes
  • Add reconnect time option in server editor (default 60 seconds)

Changes for v9 RC 8.3 - v9.0

  • ctrl-bksp now works mid-sentence
  • multi-threading updates
  • added display option for single row channel bar
  • can pin/unpin tabs on channel bar (console and channels) by right click channel bar menu

Changes for v9 RC 8.2 - v9 RC 8.3

  • Fix issue with connecting to an IRC server with just an IP Address
  • IRCv3.2 username-in-host capability added
  • Added Logged in as to User Info Window
  • Added ability to message user in Info Window
  • Keep toolbar and channel bar in proper place when hiding and restoring
  • LinkClicked plugin method now returns a value, allows override
  • Allow color codes in timestamp and display names for servers
  • Fix scrolling text issue when program is minimized
  • Fix bug with debug window closing when closing a @window
  • Add IRCv3 options in Server Editor

Changes for v9 RC 8.11 - v9 RC 8.2

  • IceChat 9 has bveen updated to RC 8.2. Windowed mode is still currently disabled, as the problems just continue to haunt us. Some issues with wrapped URL's still being broken when clicked on, should be fixed. Also, when the debug window is open, right clicking on the Debug on the Channel bar allows your to select which servers show in the debug window, for multiple connections. The plugin framework has also been expanded to allow for disabling of certain events. A new DisableEvents plugin will be added to allow this to be on a per channel/network basis.

Changes for v9 RC 8.1 - v9 RC 8.11

  • Fix issue with windowed mode closing windows
  • Fix issue with system tray notification settings
  • Added ColorPalette.xml file to allow color palette changes

Changes for v9 RC 8 - v9 RC 8.1

  • Fix dcc chat buffer size issue with windows 8
  • Fix new query not properly showing when on System Tray
  • Start remembering individual channel sizes / options
  • Fix issue with nick colors not updating after mode change
  • Added ability to disable sending away/return messages per server

Changes for v9 RC 7.3 - v9 RC 8

  • A lot more little fixes and updates added. Started windowed mode, which is an option in display settings. We are nearing the end of 2013, and this update brings us that much closer to fully releasing IceChat 9. Update today.

Changes for v9 RC 7 - v9 RC 7.3

  • Side panel positions are now saved, and we have fixed the fuzzy text issue. Text selection is still an issue, but a lot of improvement has come in this newest build.

Changes for v9 RC6.3 - v9 RC 6.5

  • Open Settings/Color/Editor windows and can still use Editbox

Changes for v9 RC 6.1 - v9 RC6.3

  • Added option to play sound in active window if matched
  • Fixed bug with not being able to connect to hybrid servers
  • Fixed bug with certain plugins crashing on startup
  • Added some different control codes for underline and italic in editor
  • More changes made to auto-updater
  • Build RC 6.2 February 12, 2013
  • Fix issue with unable to connect to Hybrid servers
  • Added channel settings to remember No Color Mode, Events Disable

Changes for v9 RC 6 - v9 RC 6.1

  • There were some reports that an error box showed on startup, so this is a minor update to fix this problem.

Changes for v9 RC 5 - v9 RC 6

  • Added option to not show topic bar in channels in Display settings
  • Some minor updates to chat window redrawing speed

Changes for v9 RC 4 - v9 RC 5

  • RC5 has been released today, September 15, 2012. We truly feel we are coming closer to a finished product.
  • Adding more functionality to the plugin engine, so more plugins can be made, with more versatile ideas.
  • There are some things being re-written, mainly because of adding in Bold support, the text selection is buggy. But it is coming along, and future versions should have the problems remedied.

Changes for v9 RC 3 - v9 RC 4

  • RC4 has been released today, July 1, 2012 adding more stability and bug fixes from RC3.
  • The channel bar has returned, but the tabs are not currently draggable, until a fix is found.
  • Plugin functionality has been enhanced as well, so look to see more IceChat 9 Plugins added to the downloads section.

Changes for v9 RC 2 - v9 RC 3

  • Minor fixes and updates to IceChat 7 Settings Importer

Changes for v2009 Beta 7 - v9 RC 1

  • Major update to Plugin Framework, access to Connection Class added
  • Will need to re-compile all Plugins
  • Plugins folder moved from Appdata/Plugins to Program Files\IceChat\Plugins
  • Fixed quickconnect button, does not crash anymore

Changes for v2009 Beta 5.2 - v2009 Beta 6

  • Some more minor fixes added for the Nick list, where it was losing host’s at times.
  • Also, channel modes should behave better now on some networks.
  • Other then those 2 main fixes, just some minor updates for stability.

Changes for v2009 Beta 3 - v2009 Beta 4

  • Build Beta 4 February 16 2011
  • Added Color Themes
  • Fixed properly selecting nicks in nicklist
  • Clicking the header of the nicklist deselects any selected nicks
  • Added /buddylist command
  • Fixed html logging issue with nicknames not showing
  • Fixed html logging with colors showing wrong or on next lines
  • Build Beta 3.8 February 3 2011
  • Added No Color Mode option to popup menu for Channel from Server Tree
  • No Color Mode now properly strips all colors
  • Strip out NULL Characters sent by server
  • Build Beta 3.71 February 2 2011
  • Fix $os identifier for Linux/Unix (now fixed)
  • Build Beta 3.6 February 2 2011
  • Fix bug with rejoining channels
  • Connecting to Socks5 Proxy Server now working
  • Numbered identifiers ending with a - now parse properly ($1-)
  • Build Beta 3.5 January 29 2011
  • Fix line wrapping for Reverse Code
  • Fix wrapped URL's losing underline
  • Fix hover issue with nicknames with an underscore in them
  • Build Beta 3.4 January 24 2011
  • Added fix for removing channel mode l
  • Added button to remove channel exceptions
  • Added CTRL-R for reverse text code
  • Added CTRL-O for plain text code
  • Added CTRL-I for italic text code
  • Added parsing for reverse characters
  • Added parsing for italic characters
  • Added parsing for bold characters
  • Build Beta 3.3 January 9 2011
  • Added a Splash Screen
  • www1 links now work as well, with numbers after www
  • Toolbar shows Update Button when an IceChat Update is available
  • # is now parsed in Channel and Nicklist Popups as the current channel
  • Fixed bug with removing a channel key, now just a matter of unchecking the check box
  • Added /aaway command to set /away for all connected servers

Changes for v2009 Beta 2.1 - v2009 Beta 3

  • Added /play command to play WAV files in the Sounds folder
  • Added /amsg command to send messages to all open channels for a server
  • Added /joinserv command which can connect to a server and a channel /joinserv #channel
  • Links that start with www now show as links
  • Fixed bug with emoticons on lines that are wrapped
  • The Updater should work properly now, closing IceChat and updating the files properly

Changes for v2009 Beta 2 - v2009 Beta 2.1

  • A lot of fixes and updates are included in Beta 2.1. New Setup/Install file added to the CodePlex site as well, a good update for all the IceChat 2009 users.

Changes for v7.63 - v7.70

  • Fixed problem with Windows 7 and FirstRun/Profiles not running
  • Fixed problem with default browsers, can now select it from Main Settings
  • Fixed problem with Bold and Cancel codes not displaying properly
  • $os idenifier now properly identifies Windows 7 instead of Vista

Changes for v7.62 - v7.63

  • Make default browser look in HKCU in registry
  • Fixed bugs with removing channel keys (mode k)
  • Added Close All Channels to Popup Menu for Servers in Server Tree
  • Added Close All Queries to Popup Menu for Servers in Server Tree
  • Remove 255 Character limits for saving AutoJoin, AutoPerform and Ignore Lists
  • Moved errors.txt log file to the IceChat Logs folder
  • Fixed if statements for mirc script engine, for embedded statements
  • Fixed VB Scripting bug with ServerNumbers after removing Console Tabs
  • Fixed RunShell and /run commands to default to Scripts folder
  • Added $icechathandle identifier to return IceChat Window handle
  • Fixed CTRL-O Control Code not properly cancelling color codes
  • Un-installer now asks if you want to remove IceChat Settings

Changes for v7.61 - v7.62

  • This version is mainly to change the internal Updater to now point to a Web Page for updates when they are needed, as the updater in 7.61 was flawed.

Changes for v7.60 - v7.61

  • Fixed problem with |'s in nick from nicklist popup in channel window
  • Fixed problem with System Tray Icon flashing not stopping
  • Fixed problem with spaces appearing in links from double clicking
  • Added the /clipboard command for adding text to the clipboard
  • Added the /print command, just like /echo, but does not save to logfile
  • Added $ossp for returning Windows Service pack
  • Added $osspnum for returning Windows Service pack number
  • Added option to disable All sound events/playing in Sound Events
  • Added option /play ON/OFF to disable all sounds
  • Added $soundson identifier to see if all sounds are enabled/disabled
  • Added CTRL-O (Cancel all Codes) now works in Editor and Topic
  • Added Network search to the Search Menu
  • Added WMA support for sounds
  • Added parsing $identifiers in captions for Popupmenus (not ScriptMenu)
  • Added ALT-Enter goes to next line in Multiline editbox
  • Added On Buddy IceChat7 Script Event
  • Added Buddy List section on Server Tree, for online buddies

Changes for v7.50 - v7.60

  • Added more Windows Vista Support
  • Fixed bug with finding Default Browser for Windows Vista
  • Fixed bug with disabling/enabling events for channels
  • Fixed Reverse Color code not being parsed properly
  • Fixed parsing some identifiers in scripting
  • Fixed using comma's in text script events, for multiple words
  • Fixed "and" and "or" not working properly in if statements in scripts
  • Fixed emoticons will no longer display if in a URL
  • Fixed if Background images do not exist, displays an error on load
  • Added option to disable SystemTray Shift-F11 Hotkey
  • Added OnServerMessage (smessage), OnServerNotice (snotice) Script Commands
  • Added option for not closing channel when kicked
  • Added option for AutoJoin Delay for 5 Seconds, in Server Editor
  • Added mp3 support for playing sounds in IceChat
  • Moved Server List menu under the View Menu
  • Moved Channel List menu under the View Menu
  • Moved Languages menu under the Options Menu

Changes for v7.11 - v7.50

  • Major update - Server Tree now in the Favorite Server List
  • Added Options for Server Tree to show/hide items in the Server Tree
  • Added Options button in Favorite Server List for Server Tree Options
  • Added Remove Tab button in Favorite Server List to remove tabs from Console
  • Fixed DCC Get and DCC Send Timeouts
  • Fixed re-using DCC Chat window, would not allow re-connect
  • Fixed bug with Deleting a Color Theme
  • Fixed bug with BuddyList, if all buddies were removed, still showed as online
  • Fixed bug with sound events, and unchecking the No Sound Event box
  • Fixed bug with Text Boxes for VB Script Dialogs now have auto-scroll style added
  • Fixed URL's not opening in Default Browser for FireFox
  • Fixed Ctrl+Alt+V does not paste any longer, only Ctrl+V
  • Fixed Status message properly updates on Channel Mode changes and Nick changes
  • Fixed bug with URL's having a capital letter in them not getting highlighted
  • Fixed /part message with a part reason, reason was not sent to server
  • Fixed on input script to check for channel/query matches now
  • Fixed bug with new queries, and then IceChat switching to wrong window
  • Fixed Channel Event Overload now disables flashing as well
  • Added Sound Disable Overload to Event Disabling for Channels
  • Added $marker for adding a marker line with scripting
  • Added Auto Marker Line option in Display Settings, which will auto-matically add a marker line to the bottom of a window once it is switched. Works for Channels and Queries only.
  • Added Auto Marker Line option to popup menu from Channel Bar for Channels and Queries, if you only wish to add a Marker line to certain windows
  • Added Quit messages showing in Query's, if you are in a channel with user
  • Added /msgsec command to securly send a message to a nick, echo's *'s to the screen (great for nickserv passes and such)
  • Added middle mouse click on Nicklist, adds selected Nickname to Input box
  • Added right click menu for Nicklist - adding backgrounds to Nicklist
  • Added Color Theme menu under View Menu, to quickly select Color Themes
  • Added IceChat 5 Script Commands to Script Events Menu in IceChat Editor
  • Added Dcc Messages to Events section in Settings
  • Added for Channel AutoJoin List, if item is selected, will insert new item before.
  • Added Right Click on a URL, copies it to the clipboard
  • Added Right Click an item in the Fave Channel List, copies to the clipboard
  • Added /dcc chat Nick Port, so you can select what port to start DCC Chat on
  • Added 3 new Color Settings - Status Bar Fore/BackColor and Menu Background Color
  • Added 3 more Default Color Themes - Pastel, Wild and Plain
  • Added ExploreFolder VB Script Function -ie: ExploreFolder "C:\"
  • Added loading a script file in IceChat Editor shows both file types as default
  • Added User Notices now go to Query Window, if one open for that User
  • Added /server command adds server to Server Tree, removed when Tab is Removed from Console
  • Added doing a /hop, and if IceChat knows the channel key, will send it when rejoining
  • Changed IceChat System Tray Hotkey from Shift-F10 to Shift-F11

Changes for v7.10 - v7.11

  • Fixed crash bug when you choose to view the Toolbar at the bottom
  • Fixed bug with Ctrl-# switching windows, when you switched to the current window
  • Fixed bug with Line Markers
  • Fixed bug with Text Higlighting if a comma was used in the word
  • Fixed bug with incoming messages having blank lines occasionally
  • Fixed bug where using a ComboBox, the Selected sub would run 2 times
  • Fixed bug with blank lines coming into chat windows
  • Fixed bug with Topics which had a single line
  • Added /flashtray command
  • Added /flashtask command
  • Added $isforegound identifier
  • Added Channel Modes to the Status Message bar
  • Added $get(0).cps and $send(0).cps for average CPS raties for all DCC gets and sends

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