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Version history for IObit Uninstaller

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Changes for v8.2.0 - v8.3.0

  • + Optimized scanning algorithm to remove more residuals.
  • + Support to remove more Windows updates.
  • + Some popular programs (Steam, Photoshop, etc.) are placed on the Whitelist for Bundleware.
  • + Occasionally occurring installation problems have been resolved.
  • + Malay has been added to the languages.
  • + Known bugs have been resolved.

Changes for v8.1.0.12 - v8.2.0

  • Faster and more accurate detection of Bundleware.
  • Improved Scan Engine to remove more remains after uninstalling Windows apps.
  • Larger database to remove 300+ new advertising and harmful plug-ins.
  • Optimized algorithm for "Easy Uninstall" to detect programs faster and more accurately.
  • Known bugs have been fixed.

Changes for v8.0.2.29 - v8.1.0.12

  • + Improved scan engine that more remains from the registry and delete it.
  • + Software Updater database is with 10% to more important files to be able to update.
  • + Residue Cleaner has been strengthened to have more residue to clean up.
  • + Improved algorithm for the file shredder to make files more thoroughly and faster to destroy.
  • + Known bugs are fixed.

Changes for v7.5.0.7 - v8.0.2.19

  • + New Easy Uninstall to uninstall a program from its opened window, desktop icon, or system tray icon.
  • + New Bundleware Uninstall to monitor and list all bundleware for easier uninstallation.
  • + New Software Updater with 500% larger database to update more important programs.
  • * Enhanced Scan Engine for more powerful scan and more thorough leftover cleanup.
  • * Expanded Toolbars & Plug-ins database to remove 100% more malicious & Ads plugins.
  • * Enlarged Stubborn Program database to remove 300% more stubborn programs.
  • * Supported removing Windows apps under non-administrator accounts.
  • * Supported removing the latest Universal Windows Platform apps on Win 10.
  • * Supported removing plug-ins in Chrome Beta versions.
  • * Supported Classic & White skins.
  • * Supported 33 languages.

Changes for v7.4.0.8 - v8.0.0.41 Beta

  • Easy Uninstall, where an IObit Uninstaller icon can be dragged to an open program, a shortcut or a system tray icon to remove the program.
  • Bundleware has been added as a category, making it easy to see which programs are bundled and even easier to remove these programs.
  • Databases of Toolbars & Plug-ins and persistent programs have been expanded considerably (by 100% and 300% respectively).

Changes for v6.1.0.20 - v7.0.2.32

  • + Newly supported removing bundleware & bundled plugins completely.
  • + Added Software Updater to update important programs easily and quickly.
  • + Enhanced scan engine for faster and more thorough scan.
  • + Improved uninstall process for better user experience.
  • + Supported two skins: White & Classic.
  • + Supported 38 languages.
  • * And more can be discovered by you

Changes for v6.0 Beta 2 - v6.0.2.143

  • + Supported the latest Google Chrome Plug-ins and Extensions.
  • + Optimized engine for faster and more stable experience.
  • + Fixed the issue of failing to uninstall programs from Startup.
  • + Updated current languages.
  • + Fixed known bugs.

Changes for v5.4.0.119 - v6.0 Beta 2

  • RC (Beta1)
  • + Improved uninstall process for easier uninstallation of more programs.
  • + Optimized real-time monitoring of leftovers missed by other uninstall programs.
  • + Expanded database to remove more malicious & ad-based plug-ins for safer and faster browsing.
  • + Added White skin which is more readable.
  • + Supported 17 languages.
  • + Fixed known bugs in beta 1.
  • Beta1
  • + Added removing for Microsoft Edge plug-ins and extensions.
  • + Larger database to remove more malicious & ad-based plug-ins for safer and faster browser.
  • + Supported uninstalling more stubborn programs & browser plug-ins.
  • + More thorough and faster Powerful Scan.
  • + Brand new intuitive UI for better user experience.

Changes for v4.1.5.30 - v4.2.6.1

  • Accelerated the loading speed of IObit Uninstaller.
  • Strengthened the uninstall feature to be faster and more effective.
  • Improved the support for high resolution (including 4K resolution).
  • Fixed reported bugs.
  • Updated language files.

Changes for v4.0.4.25 - v4.1.5.30

  • Improved Powerful Scan - Enhanced the scanning and removing of leftovers in AppData & ProgramData directories.
  • Improved Uninstall Monitoring - Accurate notice and secure cleanup.
  • Optimized Uninstall Process - More fluent and rapid uninstallation of stubborn programs.
  • Added support for Windows 10 - Supported the uninstallation for Windows Apps and other programs in Windows 10 Technical Preview.
  • Fixed general bugs.

Changes for v2.4.7.340 - v3.0.1.747 Beta 1

  • Brand-new UI for easier and better understanding
  • Added option to remove browser plug-ins of IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera
  • Added shredding leftovers feature in Powerful Scan
  • Added deleting leftovers in Powerful Scan on reboot
  • Added update feature to get the latest program always
  • Added option to uninstall the program itself
  • Improved work process for friendly use
  • And more to be discovered

Changes for v2.4.6.325 - v2.4.7.340

  • Brand New Interface
  • Improved Support for Windows 8
  • Improved Toolbar Function
  • Updated Language Files
  • Fixed General Bugs

Changes for v2.4 - v2.4.6.325

  • Brand New Interface
  • Improved Support for Windows 8
  • Improved Toolbar Function
  • Updated Language Files
  • Fixed General Bugs

Changes for v1.1 - v2.0

  • Added a "Search" feature in "Forced Uninstall". Now you can search programs' names in "Forced Uninstall" and uninstall them directly in the search results.
  • Enhanced "Powerful Scan". Now the "Powerful Scan" gives you a deeper and more secure scan, especially for the leftover items in Registry.
  • Added an option for not creating a restore point. Now you can uncheck the option of "create restore point before uninstalling" in advanced uninstall mode.
  • Added multi-language support. More languages were added in Uninstaller 2.0.
  • Enhanced program detection. Uninstaller 2.0 can detect a list of programs in your PC which is now more complete.

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