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Version history for Jarte

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Changes for v6.1 - v6.2

  • Enhancements:
  • Jarte now supports plain text templates in addition to rich text templates.
  • The tabs "Sort" command sorted open tabs in strict alphabetical order. Tabs are now sorted in natural order similar to how Windows sorts file names.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Jarte's automatic check for updates option stopped working when the Jarte website was moved to a new server in 2017. The automatic update check now works properly in Jarte 6.2 but unfortunately it will continue to fail in older versions.
  • The "Close and Delete" feature used to close the the currently open file before prompting to see if see if the user really wanted to send the file to the Recycle Bin. If multiple files were open then this could be a little confusing because the newly active file being shown by Jarte was not the one being deleted. Jarte now waits for the user to respond to the prompt before closing and deleting a file.
  • Occasionally Ctrl+click of a hyperlink would fail to properly open the linked page in a web browser. The problem only affected users who made use of advanced setting Web Browser Params.
  • File hyperlinks created with Jarte do not normally work in other word processors because the links are designed in a special way to make them portable. New advanced setting Use Portable File Links
  • As of version 6.0, the Ctrl+Backspace shortcut key activated new command "Go to Last Edit". Unfortunately, that shortcut key was already in use as a means of backspacing a word at a time, which was then inaccessible. So, the shortcut key for "Go to Last Edit" has now been changed to Shift+Ctrl+Backspace.
  • Quick Bar buttons assigned Show/Hide type commands did not always behave as expected.
  • Using the "Attached Note" shortcut key while Jarte's main menu was displayed caused the File Options submenu to appear before the Attached Note disalog.
  • Jarte would not create a new document from a template if the template file itself was already open.
  • The JarteRunCommand script helper function did not work properly for a handful of commands.
  • When the Format Brush was used to apply a heading style to a line it would appear to work except the line was not internally converted to a true heading. This would mean that programs such as screen readers would recognize the line as a header.
  • The file type filter in the Open and Save file dialogs did not behave as expected when its value was changed.

Changes for v6.0 - v6.1

  • Bug Fixes:
  • Attempts to display the new modern style file Open and Save dialog windows in version 6.0 caused Jarte to crash on PCs that use multiple monitors.
  • Some characters were not being displayed correctly in Jarte 6.0's new note hyperlink feature. The characters affected were accented characters and certain symbol characters that do not appear on US keyboards.

Changes for v5.4 - v6.0

  • New Features and Enhancements:
  • Jarte Plus now facilitates automation of common tasks via use of AutoHotkey scripts. You can create your own scripts and assign them to custom shortcut keys or to custom Quick Bar buttons.
  • Templates now support special tags used to insert the current date, insert the current clipboard contents, position the text cursor at a desired position, and run AutoHotkey scripts.
  • Jarte's Quick Bar now automatically squeezes buttons in the Quick Bar closer together when the program window is not otherwise wide enough to display all of the buttons. This behavior can be disabled in Quick Bar's advanced configuration dialog.
  • Jarte's Quick Bar now supports button dividers to help better organize buttons.
  • Quick Bar buttons now display hint windows when option Show Hints is enabled.
  • Paragraph heading styles can now be applied by going to the paragraph styles menu.
  • Selected text can now be tagged with a note hyperlink. Hovering over the link, or Ctrl+clicking the link, displays the note.
  • Jarte now includes a Portuguese (Brazilian) spelling dictionary.
  • Jarte now allows you to choose which custom spelling dictionary (if there is more than one available) to which you would like to add a word that has been flagged as misspelled. In addition, you can assign a custom shortcut key to new command "Add to Spelling Dictionary" to add any currently selected word to a custom spelling dictionary.
  • The Ctrl+Backspace shortcut key activates new command "Go to Last Edit" which moves the text cursor back to the position of the most recent modification in the current document.
  • A choice of font colors can now be applied to text when Jarte is in screen reader mode.
  • Document tabs can now be sorted.
  • Jarte's status bar now contains an icon that indicates if the current document has an attached note. Clicking the note icon in the status bar displays the note.
  • Jarte's file Open and file Save dialog windows have now been updated to the same modern style used by most other programs.
  • New option Enable Typing Sounds directs Jarte to emit typewriter sound effects as you type.
  • Advanced setting Single Instance Only is introduced to allow users to disable the ability to open multiple instances of Jarte simulataneously.
  • The Scroll Lock key is now disabled by default. This was done because few users make use of scroll lock and it causes a lot of confusion when it is inadvertently toggled on. Users who want to use the Scroll Lock key in Jarte need to modify advanced setting Allow Scroll Lock.
  • Advanced setting Disable Overwrite Mode is introduced to allow users to disable the action of the Insert key in Jarte (i.e., prevent Jarte from entering overwrite mode when the Insert key is toggled).
  • Advanced setting Web Browser Path is introduced to direct Jarte to use a web browser other than the default browser when a hyperlink is activated. It can also be used in conjuction with new advanced setting Web Browser Params which is useful for speciying browser profiles on portable drives.
  • New advanced setting Silent Reload is introduced to disable the "Do you want to reload this file?" prompt that appears when a file currently open in Jarte is modified by another program.
  • The Swap Views command is now available to be assigned to custom shortcut keys and custom Quick Bar buttons.
  • Jarte Plus' quick reference card PDF file can now be accessed from the Help menu in Jarte Plus.
  • Other minor enhancements.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • A change in the NVDA screen reader program was causing Jarte to occasionally display an error when closing a document. An adjustment has been made to Jarte to prevent NVDA from causing that error.
  • Performing a WordWeb dictionary lookup when WordWeb was not running caused an erroneous message to appear.
  • If two images appeared together in a document then one of the images would be flagged as a misspelling during spell check.
  • There were scenarios where Jarte would display a superfluous error message if the American spelling dictionary was not present.
  • The anchor text of a hyperlink could not be changed via the Edit Hyperlink dialog window.
  • There were scenarios where Jarte's file Save dialog window did not default to using a file's existing file name extension.

Changes for v5.3 - v5.4

  • Bug Fixes:
  • Inserting web links prefixed with protocols other than "http" and "https" did not work properly.
  • Words containing a curly style apostrophe were marked as spelling errors uness the Enable Smart Quotes feature was enabled.
  • Performing a "Save As" on a new, empty, plain text document caused Jarte to crash.
  • The Enable Page Counting and Enable Word Counting settings are accessed by right clicking the status bar. These settings now appear the Tools > Options menu when Jarte is in screen reader mode in order to provide better accessibility.
  • If Jarte ran as a portable app on a USB drive, and a custom path was set for WordWeb, a font manager, or Jarte's backup folder on that same drive, then Jarte did not take into account the custom path's drive letter might change when the drive switches computers.
  • The page number boxes were disabled when the Print dialog's "Print pages" setting was selected, making that setting impossible to use.
  • The "Replacement word or phrase" box remained disabled when the "Automatically replace" option was selected in the spelling dialog used to manually add new words to a spelling dictionary, making that option impossible to use via that dialog.
  • There was an unusal scenario where use of the Clip List hot key could cause Jarte to crash.
  • There were still cases of Jarte's Clip List feature causing Jarte to crash when a clipboard copy was performed in Microsoft's Excel program.
  • Right clicking on a hyperlink and selecting Open Hyperlink caused the resulting web page to be opened twice on older versions of Windows.
  • When the text cursor was moved after changing the case of a text selection, the modified text continued to appear highlighted until the next text modification was made.

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