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Version history for jEdit for Mac OSX

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Changes for v5.1 Pre 1 - v5.2 Pre 1

  • Version 5.2pre1
  • Thanks to Björn "Vampire" Kautler, Matthieu Casanova, Dale Anson, Thomas Meyer,
  • Patrick Eibl, László Schmidt, Zsombor Franczia, Bence Pintér, Makarius, Benjamin Zengin,
  • Yihua Zhang, Marc Häfner, EdorFaus, Jordan Miner, Thiemo Kellner, Tim Blackler,
  • Alan Ezust, and Eric Le Lay for contributing to this release.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fix for bug #3843: Russian localization breaks Search dialog
  • Fixed Whole word search (bug #3824, patch #516 - Benjamin Zengin)
  • Fixed the systray not added on EDT thread (Matthieu Casanova)
  • Fix the integration with Unity and other Linux Desktop Environments, broken by patch #464 (Björn "Vampire" Kautler)
  • Reload optionally dependent plugins when a plugin is unloaded. (bug #3807 - Dale Anson)
  • Applied patch #513 (Makarius), plus some additional cleanup of setting the look and feel (Dale Anson)
  • Fixed a bug in pluginmanager: transitive deps not installed when filtering (bug #3825 - Eric Le Lay)
  • Fix java installer bug: Installing from jedit5.1.0install.jar failure (bug #3837 - Eric Le Lay)
  • API Changes
  • jEdit now depends on Java 1.7
  • StandardUtilities.objectsEqual() is deprecated as Objects.equals() does the same job in Java 7 (Matthieu Casanova)
  • New method: VFSFile.getModified() which allows sorting by date in the FSB for other VFSs (plugin patch #161 Yihua Zhang)
  • GUIUtilities.getShortcutLabel() has a second boolean argument to specify whether platform modifier symbols are desired or not. (patch #514 Makarius)
  • Removed deprecated (ambiguous) overloads of IOUtilities.closeQuietly().
  • View.getBuffers() returns an array that is now sorted according to View option.
  • New status "REMOVED" added to PluginUpdate message.
  • UI improvements
  • Relative line offsets are allowed in "Goto Line" dialog. (Patch #526, Feature Request #286, Tim Blackler)
  • OptionsDialog now remembers and restores the last selected pane under more circumstances. See Project Options Dialog for example. (Alan Ezust)
  • KP_ARROW keys now behave the same way as the regular arrow keys, with modifiers, on all platforms. (startup/startup.bsh:100 - Alan Ezust)
  • Focus the text area when scroll bar is clicked (patch #521 - Jordan Miner)
  • Selecting line from gutter should move caret (patch #520 - Jordan Miner)
  • Fix for the scroll click suppression (patch #505 - EdorFaus)
  • Important speedup of LogViewer (Matthieu Casanova)
  • Support for shortcuts to "copy" the error in Error widget (Matthieu Casanova)
  • The bufferSwitcher now supports Drag&Drop (patch #515 - Yihua Zhang)
  • Added "loading" icon for task status bar widget (request #474 - Matthieu Casanova)
  • The TextArea will not scroll anymore when dragging files on jEdit (Matthieu Casanova)
  • EnhancedDialog instances (Search/Replace, Options, Open) now can be closed using a single-key close-buffer.shortcut. (patch #497, request #454 - László Schmidt, Zsombor Franczia, Bence Pintér)
  • Plugin dependencies are shown in the plugin manager details pane for all three tabs. (request #469 - Dale Anson)
  • Increased the scrolling speed in option pane (Matthieu Casanova)
  • In plugin manager's install panel plugin dependencies are unchecked if they are not required (Eric Le Lay)
  • Use a native splash screen if available (patch #519 - Eric Le Lay)
  • Improved layout manager for text area (patch #518 - Dale Anson)
  • "Copy link to clipboard" popup menu in HelpViewer (Eric Le Lay)
  • Editing
  • Patch to toggle word completion of words with digits. (patch #503, Patrick Eibl)
  • New PowerCenter Parameter File format (Patch # 524, Thiemo Kellner)
  • Several fixes for html mode: (Dale Anson/Marc Häfner). patch #504 HTML mode: Fix mode properties in