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Version history for LastPass for Internet Explorer (64-bit)

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Changes for v1.90 - v2.0.0

  • New: Attachment support in secure notes. Can attach important Word documents, PDFs, images, etc. As always, encryption occurs locally.
  • New: Unified vault combines functionality of offline and online vaults.
  • New: Free Credit Monitoring for all U.S. customers.
  • New: Sites that have 'favorite' checked will appear higher in autofill list. This will help you control the order of the sites listed.
  • New: Malagasy language support.
  • Improved: IE upgrade process is now silent, setting added to disable this in advanced.
  • Resolved: Bookmarklets now utilize a few layers of iFrames for increased security against the page you're running the Bookmarklet in.
  • Resolved: Drag and drop and empty folders now available in unified vault.
  • Resolved: Potential issues with users utilizing high-ASCII email addresses.

Changes for v1.80 - v1.90

  • New: LastPass now has the ability to pull WiFi passwords off your computer save them as a new secure note type and export them onto other computers! (LastPass Icon -> Tools -> Import -> WiFi passwords -- requires WiFi connection to import / export)
  • New: HSTS support for IE on if using the LastPass Extension -- now all browsers have HSTS support on
  • New: An installer has been added for OS X
  • New: [history] links have been added to the edit site dialog for username and password in the extensions
  • New: Support for the autocompletetype attribute
  • New: Enterprise: Can move sites in, out and between Shared Folders more easily
  • New: Enterprise Policy to prohibit offline support
  • New: Enterprise Policy to prohibit to force killing other sessions on login
  • Resolved: If you installed Google Chrome via the msi installer (corporate install) we now support installing and pulling password from it
  • Resolved: Added Canary Islands as a form fill location
  • Resolved: Problems with fingerprint reader detection
  • Resolved: Problems with in IE if launched from our page (CSP blocked)
  • Resolved: A few form fill problems with forms that change on selection
  • Resolved: If using a binary extension prefer /dev/urandom, CryptGenRandom if available
  • Resolved: Notify you when Safari's In Private browsing causes Safari's bug with HTML5 storage on restart
  • Resolved: An edge case where HTTPONLY wasn't being set on a cookie
  • FYI: Extensions now share their version number and build date for support tickets

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