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Version history for LaunchBar Commander Portable

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Changes for v1.135.01 - v1.137.01

    • [Feature] LBC was sometimes not properly docking hiding/sliding docks -- they would reserve desktop space even though they shouldn't.
    • [Feature] Option to check for updates at startup.
    • [Feature] When using keyboard keys to resize dock, you can now use ctrl and alt + arrows to move and resize docks (works well when you have the don't stretch option checked for a dock). Fixed bugs related to resizing with keyboard.
    • [Feature] New license options that make it possible to use LBC as a launcher for a read-only file that you distribute to others.
    • [Improvement] Uses captions as hints when icons are set to not display captions and hints are enabled.
    • [Improvement] When specifying custom x,y popup location of dock menus, you can use negative values to offset from right and bottom of screen.
    • [Improvement] Installer now offers to run the program after installation.
    • [Improvement] Program no longer advises you to backup your file until you have a non-trivial number of nodes in it.
    • [Improvement] You can now drag+resize even borderless docks (usually!).

Changes for v1.133.01 - v1.135.01

    • [Feature] LBC will now try to load launchbar files (.mcf) relative to the project file (.mcp), and try to load the project file relative to the application exe. This is useful when using LBC portably or when using LBC on a multi-account system.

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