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Version history for Maxthon Browser for Mac OS X

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Changes for v4.1.3.2000 - v4.1.3.4000

  • Fix that videos are not available on certain websites

Changes for v4.1.3.1000 - v4.1.3.2000

Changes for v4.1.2.2000 - v4.1.3.1000

  • New feature:
  • New History
  • Improvement:
  • Better support for Mac OS X 10.9.1

Changes for v4.1.2.1000 - v4.1.2.2000

  • New Features:
  • Supported suggestions for search engines in Speed Dial
  • Added BTDigg in search engines
  • Optimization:
  • Optimized Reader Mode
  • Fixes:
  • Fixed some extensions failing to display popups properly on Mac OS X 10.9

Changes for v4.1.1.1000 - v4.1.2.1000

  • New Features:
  • OS X 10.9 Mavericks support
  • Speed Dial groups

Changes for v4.1.0.3000 - v4.1.1.1000

  • New feature:
  • Use QR code to send web pages
  • Optimization:
  • Better support for Flash
  • Fixes:
  • Fixed the browser remembering passwords when users chose not to
  • Fixed HTML5 Youtube videos not playing

Changes for v4.1.0.2000 - v4.1.0.3000

  • Improvements:
  • Many tiny fixes
  • Better Support for Flash

Changes for v4.1.0.1000 - v4.1.0.2000

  • Improvements:
  • Improved the start-up speed of Speed Dial
  • Better plugins-load mechanism
  • Better cloud-services-load mechanism
  • Improved the stability
  • Optimized Skin feature

Changes for v4.0.6.3000 - v4.1.0.1000

  • New Feature:
  • New Quick Access
  • New Reader Mode

Changes for v4.0.4.4000 - v4.0.6.3000

  • Improved stability on Mac OS X 10.7.0 and 10.7.2

Changes for v4.0.4.3000 - v4.0.4.4000

  • Supported the installation of local crx extension files
  • Supported customizing page fonts
  • Supported customizing the loading mode of built-in plug-ins

Changes for v4.0.4.2000 - v4.0.4.3000

  • New Feature:
  • Smart Zoom (Double-tap with two fingers)
  • Improvements:
  • Improved the icons loading speed in Quick Access page
  • Improved the browser stability
  • Fixes:
  • Buttons in main UI disappeared after enabled ‘Full Screen’ in v10.6
  • Skins might lose after switching Maxthon Accounts

Changes for v4.0.4.1000 - v4.0.4.2000

  • New Features:
  • Skin Center
  • Supported hiding and displaying extensions
  • Allowed extensions to visit file urls
  • Added 75 extensions in Extension Center
  • Improvements:
  • Improved the stability of cloud features
  • Support displaying the download remaining time in download window
  • Fixes:
  • Status display problem of ‘Back’ and ‘Forward’ button in tool bar after switching Maxthon accounts
  • Slow loading speed of the search engine icon in Quick Access

Changes for v4.0.3.6000 - v4.0.4.1000

  • New Features:
  • GPU acceleration of video decoding
  • Quick Access customization
  • Support for MathML
  • Improvements:
  • The main UI of the browser
  • Improved the support for FLASH
  • Improved the support for HTML5
  • Improved the support for WebGL
  • Fixes:
  • Some crash problems
  • It could not turn to previous pages in Quick Access if contracted the browser window
  • Background_page extensions would reload if switched Maxthon account
  • Problem about user online status in Cloud Push when slept the computer
  • Download manager display problem

Changes for v4.0.3.3000 RC - v4.0.3.6000

  • New Features:
  • Supported the extensions in Chrome Web Store
  • Supported cloud pushing files in Maxthon Download Manager
  • Improvements:
  • UI of Cloud Push
  • UI of passport login panel
  • UI of user profile panel
  • Fixes:
  • Local-saved password did not work when switched account
  • Site icons in Address Bar drop-down list did not display clearly
  • It would open a new tab when closing windows by shortcuts

Changes for v1.0.4.2000 Beta - v4.0.3.3000 RC

  • Improved lots of places and fixed lots of bugs.
  • Some crash problems
  • The browser would close if opened Print Preview and then exited immediately during the page loading
  • One handle resource leak problem

Changes for v1.0.4.1000 - v1.0.4.2000 Beta

  • Could not get site previews when added/edited urls in Quick Access
  • No content in Favorites Manager if switched the browser account
  • Improved the browser stability when switched the browser account

Changes for v1.0.3.1000 - v1.0.4.1000

  • New Features:
  • Supported Retina Display
  • Supported PDF reading
  • Browser skin switch
  • Mouse Gesture
  • Improvements:
  • Improved the support for HTML5
  • Improved the support for Flash
  • Improved the support for MP3 play
  • Optimized the font display effect in Reader Mode
  • Fixes:
  • "Always Allow" of KeyChain Access did not work
  • Maxthon would be added into Login Items after installation
  • It would open a new window when clicked "Open recent closed page"
  • "Open download folders" window would be behind the browser window

Changes for v1.0.2.0 Beta - v1.0.3.0

  • New Features:
  • Drag & Drop
  • Improvements:
  • Fixed part of problems about that could not install Maxthon for Mac in OS X Mountain Lion
  • Optimized auto login module, improving the loading speed
  • Optimized drop-down list UI
  • Supported uploading gif format avatar
  • Optimized the refreshing method of account switching

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