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Version history for Movica

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Changes for v6.5 Beta - v6.6 Beta

  • Added a Zoomed-in waveform view during audio file editing Menu option to unload a file
  • really needed only for .flv files Ability to edit mp3 files
  • edit, split, join Updated the translations for the following languages: Francais - Jean-Paul Moulin Italian - Alessio Bitetto Japanese - Masaki ( Portuguese - Danielle Tavares da Silva German - Wolf Haberbosch Spanish - Guillermo Revuelta New language files Català - Manel de Losada Chinese (Traditional) - Eric Chou Dutch - Arie Moolhuizen

Changes for v6.4 Beta - v6.5 Beta

  • Fixes bug with editing of mpg movies Prompts to save selections when exiting 'Stay on top' applicable only while playing the media

Changes for v6.3 Beta - v6.4 Beta

  • This is almost an emergency release to fix a few problems
  • Flash video files seekable in flash players
  • Fixed crash when joining some flash movies Compact mode to help multi-taskers Updated Japanese translations

Changes for v6.2 Beta - v6.3 Beta

  • Ability to edit wma files e.g. the lossless wma audio files
  • Waveform display for audio files to help in editing - thanks to BASS library
  • Updated translations in Portuguese as submitted by Danielle Tavares da Silva
  • Usability enhancements: Check for updates is disabled by default, Busy indicator in status bar when loading files, Minor bugs and such

Changes for v6.1 Beta - v6.2 Beta

  • Minor changes mark this release
  • Fixed the bug with not seeing .flv files in the 'Select files' dialog when joining movies
  • Added support for Serbian language, updated translations for Japanese
  • The total duration of the selected segments is displayed in the status bar
  • Usability enhancements - Hitting the space bar will play the highlighted selection during editing - Will prompt you to save Moviclips if you make changes

Changes for v6.0 Beta - v6.1 Beta

  • Ability to now save selections (cutlist) as separte files Added a recent opened file list for quick access Added Arabic translations, updated the Japanese translations All settings will now be saved in config file
  • allowing for portable configuration Usability enhancements
  • Added option to turn off recent file history
  • Added more text to the language pack

Changes for v5.0 Beta - v6.0 Beta

  • A lot of modifications were made to add two more file formats The new formats allow for editing, joining and splitting
  • as with mpg and wmv Some settings are now saved in config files rather than the registry; next version should move all settings out of the registry New formats that are now supported
  • Flash Video
  • using the open source tool flvtool
  • RealMedia Video
  • using rmeditor from Real Usability enhancements
  • The fine-tuning was painfully slow; increased the speed
  • Made 'frame-accurate editing' the default mode for wmv filesAdded more text to the language pack
  • Some cosmetic changes
  • Updated help and FAQ online

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