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Version history for NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit)

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Changes for v3.20 - v3.25

  • Added 'Import From Message Store' option under the File menu, which loads the AutoComplete data directly from the message store (PST file or Exchange server) of the current Outlook profile. (This option is the opposite of 'Export To Message Store')
  • You can now use the /LogFile command-line option without any other command (For creating a log file while using the GUI)
  • Version 3.21
  • The search/replace records are now marked with a darker color. It's also possible to set the search/replace text/background colors from the .cfg file (SearchReplaceBackColor and SearchReplaceTextColor values)

Changes for v3.09 - v3.20

  • Added new option: 'EX Records AutoFill - Drop Trailing Numbers'. If this option is turned on while NK2Edit automatically fills the 'Search String' and 'Drop-Down Name' fields of MS-Exchange record, trailing numbers are removed from the user name. For example, if the email string is "/o=First Organization/ou=Exchange Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=John Doe234", the 'Search String' field set by NK2Edit will be 'John Doe' instead of 'John Doe234'.
  • Added 2 new optional parameters to the Add command of NK2Edit scripts: 'Drop-Down Name' and 'Search String'. For example:
  • Add "EX" "/o=First Organization/ou=Exchange Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=John Doe1" "John Doe" 0 "John Doe " "John Doe"

Changes for v3.08 - v3.09

  • Added more accelerator keys.

Changes for v3.07 - v3.08

  • The detected version of Outlook is now displayed in the about window.

Changes for v3.06 - v3.07

  • Added /SetOutlookMaxRecords option, which allows you to easily change the maximum numbers of AutoComplete records allowed by Outlook, from command-line.

Changes for v3.05 - v3.06

  • Fixed bug: NK2Edit failed to remember the last size/position of the main window if it was not located in the primary monitor.

Changes for v3.00 - v3.05

  • Added TrimSpaces command to NK2Edit scripts, which allows you to trim leading/trailing whitespaces from the email addresses and display names.

Changes for v2.96 - v3.00

  • Added 'Set Outlook AutoComplete Limit' option (Under the Help menu). This option allows you to easily change the maximum numbers of AutoComplete records allowed by Outlook. NK2Edit automatically detects the current installed version of Outlook and updates the correct Registry value.

Changes for v2.95 - v2.96

  • NK2Edit now detects the installed version of Outlook and adds this information to the log file (/LogFile command-line option).

Changes for v2.94 - v2.95

  • Added 'EmailString' field to NK2Edit scripts. This field represents the email address string for both SMTP records and Exchange records.

Changes for v2.93 - v2.94

  • Fixed bug: NK2Edit failed to merge MAPIPDL records.

Changes for v2.92 - v2.93

  • Added secondary sorting support: You can now get a secondary sorting, by holding down the shift key while clicking the column header. Be aware that you only have to hold down the shift key when clicking the second/third/fourth column. To sort the first column you should not hold down the Shift key.

Changes for v2.91 - v2.92

  • Fixed the record edit dialog-box to select all characters of focused text-box when using the tab key to move to the next field.

Changes for v2.90 - v2.91

  • Added 'Copy As Simple CSV' option.

Changes for v2.87 - v2.90

  • The Paste option (Ctr+V) now also accepts text in a simple comma-delimited format, for example:
  • SMTP, NirSoft Support,
  • EX, NirSoft Admin, /o=NirSoft/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=Admin

Changes for v2.86 - v2.87

  • NK2Edit now displays an error message if the log file (/LogFile command-line option) cannot be created.

Changes for v2.85 - v2.86

  • The first line of the log file generated by NK2Edit now also provides the current version of NK2Edit.

Changes for v2.84 - v2.85

  • Added 'Clear Recent Files List' option.

Changes for v2.83 - v2.84

  • The first line of the log file generated by NK2Edit now provides the computer name and user name information.

Changes for v2.82 - v2.83

  • The 'About' window now displays the build that you're running: 32-bit or 64-bit.

Changes for v2.81 - v2.82

  • Fixed a bug with /SkipCommandLineNoProfiles command-line option on Outlook 2013.

Changes for v2.80 - v2.81

  • Added /SkipCommandLineNoProfiles command-line option. If it's set to 1, then the /script, /script_express, and /export_to_message_store commands will not do anything if there are no Outlook profiles on the computer you run it, for example:
  • NK2Edit.exe /SkipCommandLineNoProfiles 1 /LogFile "express_log.txt" /script_express $default 'If AddressType equal "EX" EXToSMTP' 'If Domain Equal "" Delete'

Changes for v2.78 - v2.80

  • Added /RestoreBackup command-line option, which restores the last backup made by NK2Edit on the default AutoComplete file.

Changes for v2.77 - v2.78

  • Added /CompleteMessage command-line option, which instructs NK2Edit to display a message to the user when a command-line action is completed, for example:
  • NK2Edit.exe /CompleteMessage "Finished executing the script of NK2Edit" /LogFile "express_log.txt" /script_express $default 'If AddressType equal "EX" EXToSMTP' 'If Domain Equal "" Delete'

Changes for v2.76 - v2.77

  • Added 'Copy Emails Only' option, which copies the emails of all selected records to the clipboard, each email in a separated line.

Changes for v2.75 - v2.76

  • NK2Edit now displays an error message if it cannot change the sending format ('Change Sending Format To...' action).

Changes for v2.72 - v2.75

  • Added /WarnIfOutlookRunning command-line option. You can use it with /script , /script_express , and other command-line option to warn the user if Outlook is running.
  • Added /TimestampBackup command-line option. You can use it with /script , /script_express , and other command-line option to create a separated backup every time that the command-line is executed. The backup filename is generated with a timestamp, for example: 1.nk2.20130813111927.NK2Edit.bak

Changes for v2.71 - v2.72

  • Added option to change the characters encoding of the files generated by the 'Export Selected Items' option and by the export command-line options (/stab, /scomma, /shtml and so on...) - UTF-8, UTF-16, or Ascii
  • You can also change the characters encoding from command-line by using the /ExportCharEncoding command-line option. For example, in order to export all AutoComplete items to csv file with UTF-8 encoding:
  • NK2Edit.exe /ExportCharEncoding 1 /scomma "simple.csv"
  • Simple CSV File - Changed the default encoding to UTF8 and removed space characters, so this file will be opened properly in Excel.

Changes for v2.70 - v2.71

  • Added /LogFileAppend command-line switch, which is very similar to /LogFile command-line switch, but instead of overwriting the file, /LogFileAppend appends the new log lines to the existing file.

Changes for v2.68 - v2.70

  • Added new package containing both 32-bit and 64-bit builds of NK2Edit (In addition to the separated 32-bit and 64-bit downloads). This package contains a third executable (named nk2edit.exe) which automatically executes the correct .exe file according to the installed version of Outlook. Both executables (32-bit and 64-bit) share the same configuration file (nk2edit.cfg) if they are executed from nk2edit.exe
  • This package might be useful for you if you have mixed environment with some computers running Outlook 32-bit and some computers running Outlook 64-bit.
  • For more information:

Changes for v2.67 - v2.68

  • Added Like operator to the NK2Edit scripts, which allows you to compare a field value using wildcard, for example: if Email Like "a???@*.net" delete

Changes for v2.66 - v2.67

  • When exporting the AutoComplete file of Outlook into the Exchange message store ( /export_to_message_store command-line option) NK2Edit automatically sets the version of the file to 12 if the original AutoComplete file has an older version number.

Changes for v2.65 - v2.66

  • Added secondary sorting for the Domain column. When clicking the header of the domain column, the list is first sorted by the domain, and then by the email address.

Changes for v2.60 - v2.65

  • Added /AutoExportToMessageStore command-line option. You can use it to automatically export the AutoComplete data to the message store of Outlook, On Outlook 2010 or greater. For example:
  • NK2Edit.exe /AutoExportToMessageStore 1 /script "f:\scripts\myscript.txt" $default
  • Added /script_express command-line option, which allows you to run a small script without using external script file, for example:
  • NK2Edit.exe /LogFile "express_log.txt" /script_express $default 'If AddressType equal "EX" EXToSMTP' 'If Domain Equal "" Delete'

Changes for v2.57 - v2.60

  • Fixed bug: NK2Edit failed to import MAPIPDL records (distribution lists) when using /import_address_book and /sync_address_book command-line options.
  • You can now specify multiple address types in /import_address_book and /sync_address_book command-line options, for example:
  • NK2Edit.exe /import_address_book $default "Contacts" "MAPIPDL+SMTP" 2000

Changes for v2.56 - v2.57

  • Added 'RemoveLinkToProfile' action for using in NK2Edit scripts, for example:
  • If AddressType equal "SMTP" RemoveLinkToProfile

Changes for v2.55 - v2.56

  • Added 'Remove Link To Outlook Profile' option. This option is useful for SMTP records that are linked to specific Outlook profile (Linked To Profile = 'Yes') After using this option to remove the linkage to Outlook profile, you'll be able to safely copy the records into another AutoComplete file.

Changes for v2.53 - v2.55

  • Added 'EntryID' column.
  • Added 'Linked To Profile' column. If the value under this column is Yes, it means that the record is linked to a contact or address book item on your Outlook profile, and it'll stop working if you copy this record into another Outlook profile.

Changes for v2.52 - v2.53

  • You can now resize the 'Edit Record' window. Also, the last size and position of this window is saved to the config file, so this window is opened with the last size/position you chose.

Changes for v2.51 - v2.52

  • Fixed the flickering occurred while scrolling the AutoComplete records list.

Changes for v2.50 - v2.51

  • A warning line is now added to log (/LogFile command-line option) when NK2Edit fails to locate the default AutoComplete file.

Changes for v2.45 - v2.50

  • Added 'SMTP Address' field to the 'Edit Record' window (For Exchange records only).

Changes for v2.43 - v2.45

  • Added support for replacing string of 'SMTP Address' field in the 'Find & Replace' option (Ctrl+P) .

Changes for v2.42 - v2.43

  • Added Weight field for the 'if' command in NK2Edit script, for example to delete all records with Weight lower than 10:
  • if Weight LessThan 10 delete

Changes for v2.41 - v2.42

  • Added DisplayType field for the 'if' command in NK2Edit script. You can use it to delete all records with specific 'Display Type' value. You can use the following numeric values: 0 for Mail User, 1 for Distribution List, 5 for Private Distribution List, and 6 for Remote User.
  • For example, to delete all non-private distribution lists:
  • if DisplayType Equal 1 delete

Changes for v2.40 - v2.41

  • Added 'Use SMTP Address In AutoFill Feature' option (Under the Options menu). This feature affects the way that NK2Edit automatically fills the Drop-Down Name and the Search String of EX records. If it's turned on, NK2Edit will use the SMTP address to fill the Drop-Down Name and the Search String. If it's turned off, MK2Edit will use the Exchange account name, like in previous versions of NK2Edit. For example: If this option is turned on, the Drop-Down Name will be 'Nir Sofer '. If this option is turned off, the Drop-Down Name will be 'Nir Sofer '.

Changes for v2.38 - v2.40

  • Added 'Open Selected Address In Outlook' option (Under the File menu and the context menu). This option allows you to open the selected email address in Outlook. If this email address has an enrty inside the address books of your Outlook profile, this address book entry will be displayed. Otherwise, Outlook will open a simple dialog-box with the display name and email address.

Changes for v2.37 - v2.38

  • Fixed bug: On a few systems, NK2Edit crashed immediately on start.

Changes for v2.36 - v2.37

  • Added 'Automatically Export To Message Store' option (For Outlook 2010). If it's turned on, and you save the default AutoComplete file, NK2Edit will automatically export the saved file to the message store of Outlook (PST file or Exchange)

Changes for v2.35 - v2.36

  • Added 'Auto Size Columns+Headers' option.
  • Fixed issue: Dialog-boxes opened in the wrong monitor, on multi-monitors system.

Changes for v2.30 - v2.35

  • Added 'Export To Message Store' option (Only for Outlook 2010). Outlook 2010 maintains 2 copies of the AutoComplete data. One copy in the local file system (Stream_Autocomplete_*.dat), and another copy on the message store of your Outlook profile (PST file or Exchange server). This option allows you to copy the local AutoComplete .dat file into the message store of Outlook, to ensure that Outlook will not overwrite your changes.

Changes for v2.29 - v2.30

  • Fix for the 'Open Recent File' menu: When using the 'Save As' option to save into a new filename, the new filename will be added to the recent files menu.

Changes for v2.28 - v2.29

  • Fixed bug: For SMTP records that are linked to a contact, NK2Edit displayed that the sending format is 'Outlook Rich Text', while it should be empty, because this kind of records doesn't contain the sending format byte.

Changes for v2.27 - v2.28

  • Fixed bug: A script line that deletes all records with empty domain failed to work: If Domain Equal "" Delete

Changes for v2.26 - v2.27

  • Fixed the /import_full_nk2 command-line option to work with environment variables (e.g: %TEMP%).
  • You can now generate a log file (/LogFile command-line parameter) with /import_full_nk2 command-line option.

Changes for v2.25 - v2.26

  • Added more accelerator keys (in the Action menu).

Changes for v2.20 - v2.25

  • Added 'Allow To Overwrite Read-Only File' option. If it's turned on, NK2Edit will be able overwrite existing AutoComplete file even if it has a Read-Only attribute.

Changes for v2.16 - v2.20

  • Added /export_to_message_store comand-line option (For Outlook 2010). This command-line option copies the AutoComplete file stored in the local hard-drive (Stream_Autocomplete*.dat ) into the message store of the Exchange server (For MS-Exchange profiles) or into the .pst file (For Outlook profiles based on .pst file)

Changes for v2.15 - v2.16

  • Fixed a typo of the word 'Automatic' under the 'Sending Format' column.

Changes for v2.11 - v2.15

  • Added 'Convert EX to SMTP', under the Action menu, which converts the selected EX records to SMTP records

Changes for v2.10 - v2.11

  • Added option to set the sending format with NK2Edit scripts, by using 'Set SendingFormat = {value}'. The following values can be used:
  • 0 - Send using Outlook Rich Text Format
  • 1 - Let Outlook decide the best sending format
  • 7 - Send Plain Text Only
  • Example:
  • If AddressType equal "SMTP" Set SendingFormat 1

Changes for v2.06 - v2.10

  • Added 'Sending Format' column, which displays the format that Outlook will use when sending email message to the specified SMTP recipient: Automatic (Let Outlook decide...), Outlook Rich Text, or Plain Text. This column is only valid for SMTP records. Be aware that if the 'Sending Format' is Outlook Rich Text, the recipient that receives the message will get winmail.dat attachment if he doesn't have MS-Outlook or other email client that supports this message format.
  • Added 'Change Sending Format To...' (Under the Action menu), which allows you to change the sending format of the selected recipients.

Changes for v2.05 - v2.06

  • Fixed issue: When NK2Edit failed to read the script file (/script command-line option), 'Error 0' message was added to the log file, instead of the read error number.

Changes for v2.03 - v2.05

  • Added /import_full_nk2 command-line option, which imports all records of the specified nk2 file into the default Outlook profile. (Be aware that this action overwrites all the existing AutoComplete records with the records of the specified nk2 file.)

Changes for v2.02 - v2.03

  • Added Unicode byte order mark to the log file, so it'll be opened properly with all text viewers/editors.

Changes for v2.01 - v2.02

  • Added /CurrDirExe command-line option, which changes the current directory used for all other command-line options. By default, when you specify a filename without a path (For example: NK2Edit.exe /script "myscript.txt" $default ""), NK2Edit searches the file in the current directory returned by Windows operating system. In most cases, the current directory is where the .exe file of NK2Edit is located, but in some other cases (For example, when running NK2Edit from RunOnce Registry key), the current directory might be different.
  • If /CurrDirExe is specified, NK2Edit will search the file in the same folder where NK2Edit.exe is located, even if the current directory of Windows operating system is different

Changes for v2.00 - v2.01

  • Fixed issue: When using the combination of /script and /LogFile command-line options, without specifying the third parameter of /script (For example: NK2Edit.exe /script "f:\scripts\myscript.txt" $default /LogFile "f:\%computername%.txt" ), the script command was failed because the /LogFile was taken as the third parameter.

Changes for v1.96 - v2.00

  • Added 'Open Recent File' menu (under the File menu), which allows you to easily choose the NK2 file to open from a list of the last 10 NK2 files you previously opened.

Changes for v1.95 - v1.96

  • When trying to connect to Outlook 2010 ('Add Records From Address Book' and 'Add Records From Mailbox Recipients' options) with the wrong build of NK2Edit (NK2Edit 32-bit with Outlook x64 or NK2Edit x64 with Outlook 32-bit), NK2Edit now displays informative error message about the problem.

Changes for v1.94 - v1.95

  • The /LogFile command-line option now can be used with /import_csv_file command-line option.

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