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NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.15

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
NK2Edit is a freeware utility from NirSoft that can edit the autocomplete e-mail list in Microsoft's Outlook software.

Outlook offers you a list of possible e-mail addresses every time you type into the e-mail address field in Outlook. It saves a list of previously entered e-mail addresses as an NK2 file.

If you want to remove unwanted addresses from the Autocomplete list, you can do so with this software.

NK2Edit lets you:
  • Easily modify or fix all information stored in the NK2 file, including the display name, the email address, the exchange string, the Drop-Down display name, and the search string.
  • Easily remove unwanted single quote characters from the display name and from the Drop-Down list.
  • Delete unwanted emails, as well as add new emails, by typing them manually, or by choosing them from the address book of Outlook.
  • Copy NK2 records from one NK2 file to another - simply by copy and paste !
  • Build a completely new NK2 file and add the desired emails into it, by typing them manually, by adding them from your address book, or by copying records from another NK2 file.
  • Extract data from corrupted NK2 files that Outlook cannot read anymore (When Outlook AutoComplete stopped working) and even repair them so Outlook will be able to read them again.
  • Export all data stored in the NK2 file into a special Unicode text file in a stucture similar to .ini file of Windows. You can open it any text editor you like, make the changes you need, and then convert it back into NK2 file that Outlook can use.
  • Export the emails information stored inside NK2 file into HTML/Text/csv/xml file.
  • Export the emails information stored inside NK2 file directly into the contacts of Outlook.
  • Copy the selected NK2 records in tab-delimited format and then paste the information into Excel.
  • Change the order of the records in the NK2 file, which also affects the order they appear in the drop-down. You can also sort the list in alphabetical order of the Drop-Down display names. (However, be aware that Outlook change the order again when the user send emails)
  • Command-Line Support: Write simple scripts that can add, remove, or modify records inside the NK2 file, without displaying any user interface.
  • NK2Edit is a portable application that can be used from any computer with Windows operating system (Starting from Windows 2000) without need of any installation process, and without making changes in the Registry.
  • NK2 Control Center - Allows you to watch to location and the status of all NK2 files in your organization.
NK2Edit works on any version of Windows from (and including) Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

Note: This is the 64-bit version of NK2Edit, intended to be used with the 64-bit version of Outlook 2010. If you are using an older, or 32-bit version of Outlook, then get the 32-bit version of this tool here instead.


NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v1.94

nk2edit nirsoft nk2 file outlook

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 04 Feb 2019
Downloads 8,057
File size 371.25 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

04 Feb 2019NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v3.39(Latest stable version)
26 Jun 2018NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v3.36
16 Aug 2016NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v3.25
05 May 2016NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v3.20
03 Mar 2015NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v3.09
03 Feb 2015NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v3.08
25 Nov 2014NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v3.07
11 Nov 2014NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v3.06
20 Oct 2014NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v3.05
07 Oct 2014NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v3.00
23 Sep 2014NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.96
28 Jul 2014NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.95
23 Jun 2014NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.94
18 Jun 2014NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.93
14 May 2014NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.92
29 Apr 2014NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.91
07 Apr 2014NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.90
07 Jan 2014NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.87
27 Nov 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.86
04 Nov 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.85
22 Oct 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.84
14 Oct 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.83
03 Oct 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.82
02 Oct 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.81
24 Sep 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.80
12 Sep 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.78
05 Sep 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.77
26 Aug 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.76
14 Aug 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.75
05 Aug 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.72
03 Aug 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.71
17 Jul 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.70
08 Jul 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.68
25 Jun 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.67
17 Jun 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.66
11 Jun 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.65
01 Jun 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.60
28 May 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.57
21 May 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.56
07 May 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.55
23 Apr 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.53
09 Apr 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.52
01 Apr 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.51
12 Mar 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.50
27 Feb 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.45
11 Feb 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.43
21 Jan 2013NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.42
26 Dec 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.41
17 Dec 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.40
06 Nov 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.38
15 Oct 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.37
02 Oct 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.36
19 Sep 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.35
10 Sep 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.30
05 Sep 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.29
02 Sep 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.28
29 Aug 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.27
31 Jul 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.26
24 Jul 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.25
06 Jul 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.20
09 Jun 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.16
29 May 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.15
03 May 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.11
16 Apr 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.10
10 Apr 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.06
13 Mar 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.05
29 Feb 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.03
22 Feb 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.02
07 Feb 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.01
18 Jan 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v2.00
12 Jan 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v1.96
07 Jan 2012NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v1.95
11 Dec 2011NirSoft NK2Edit (64-bit) v1.94
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