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Version history for NirSoft OutlookAttachView (32-bit)

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Changes for v3.00 - v3.01

  • Fixed bug: 'Copy Selected Items' worked improperly when setting the 'Unicode/Ascii Save Mode' to 'Always UTF-8'.

Changes for v2.97 - v3.00

  • Added 'Message Delivery Time' column.

Changes for v2.80 - v2.81

  • You can now specify environment variables in the base folder of 'Copy Selected Files To...' window (e.g: %temp%\attach ).

Changes for v2.76 - v2.77

  • Fixed OutlookAttachView to save the size range filter settings into the .cfg file.

Changes for v2.75 - v2.76

  • Added 'Always On Top' option.

Changes for v2.74 - v2.75

  • Fixed bug: OutlookAttachView failed to remember the last size/position of the main window and the scan options window if they were not located in the primary monitor.

Changes for v2.73 - v2.74

  • Fixed to display the profiles list for Outlook 2013 in the 'Profile Name' combo-box.

Changes for v2.72 - v2.73

  • OutlookAttachView now also scans the root folder of the .pst file.

Changes for v2.71 - v2.72

  • Added %from_email% and %to_email% variables to the attachment filename format.

Changes for v2.70 - v2.71

  • Added %localmsgtime% and %localmsgdate% variables to the attachment filename format.
  • Fixed a crash problem occurred on some systems after version 2.70 update.

Changes for v2.69 - v2.70

  • Fixed to display date/time values according to daylight saving time settings.

Changes for v2.68 - v2.69

  • Fixed bug: OutlookAttachView crashed on some systems.

Changes for v2.67 - v2.68

  • Added secondary sorting support: You can now get a secondary sorting, by holding down the shift key while clicking the column header. Be aware that you only have to hold down the shift key when clicking the second/third/fourth column. To sort the first column you should not hold down the Shift key.

Changes for v2.66 - v2.67

  • Fixed bug: when turning on the 'Image Preview' option, OutlookAttachView displayed empty image or incorrect image.

Changes for v2.63 - v2.66

  • Added more accelerator keys (in the menus).

Changes for v2.62 - v2.63

  • The number of attachments is now displayed in the status bar while scanning the mailbox of Outlook.

Changes for v2.61 - v2.62

  • Added 'Recent Config Files' menu, which allows you to easily open the last 10 configuration files that you used.

Changes for v2.60 - v2.61

  • Added GB and Automatic to the 'File Size Unit' option.

Changes for v2.56 - v2.60

  • Added option to save and load the entire configuration of OutlookAttachView ('Save Configuration' and 'Load Configuration' under the File menu).

Changes for v2.55 - v2.56

  • OutlookAttachView now remembers the last size and position of the 'Copy Selected Files To...' window.

Changes for v2.51 - v2.55

  • You can now specify wildcards (For example: nir*.doc, abc???.txt) in the include/exclude filename option.

Changes for v2.50 - v2.51

  • Added option to choose the file size display unit: Bytes, KB, or MB.

Changes for v2.47 - v2.50

  • OutlookAttachView now remembers that last 20 strings you typed in the Extensions List, Excluded Extensions List, Subject contains string..., From string, and To string, and you can easily select a string again from a Combo-Box.

Changes for v2.46 - v2.47

  • Added option to choose another font (font name and size) to display the attachments list. (Options -> Select Another Font)

Changes for v2.45 - v2.46

  • Fixed the flickering occurred while scrolling the attachments list.

Changes for v2.43 - v2.45

  • You can now resize the scan options dialog-box. Also, the last size and position of this dialog-box is saved to the config file.

Changes for v2.42 - v2.43

  • Added %attach_id% variable to the attachment filename format.

Changes for v2.41 - v2.42

  • Added option to change the maximum number of characters in every variable of formatted filename. (The default is 64 characters)

Changes for v2.40 - v2.41

  • Added option to filter by the message direction (incoming or outgoing) in the Scan Options window.

Changes for v2.38 - v2.40

  • Added %message_direction% and %message_entryid% variables to the attachment filename format.

Changes for v2.37 - v2.38

  • The 'Show Inline Attachments' option is now turned on by default (In previous versions it was turned off). The reason for this changed: I found out that many users think that there is a bug in OutlookAttachView because they can't find some of the attachments, without understanding that they have to turn on the 'Show Inline Attachments' option.

Changes for v2.36 - v2.37

  • Fixed issue: The properties and the options windows opened in the wrong monitor, on multi-monitors system.

Changes for v2.35 - v2.36

  • Added 'Auto Size Columns+Headers' option, which allows you to automatically resize the columns according to the row values and column headers.

Changes for v2.32 - v2.35

  • Added 'Message EntryID' column, which displays the ID string of the Outlook message.

Changes for v2.31 - v2.32

  • Added %domain% variable to the attachment filename format.

Changes for v2.30 - v2.31

  • Added /SaveDirect command line option, for using with the other save command-line options (/scomma, /stab, /sxml, and so on...)
  • When you use the SaveDirect mode, the attachments list is saved directly to the disk, without loading them into the memory first. This means that you can save a list with large amount of attachment lines into your disk without any memory problem, as long as you have enough disk space to store the saved file. The drawback of this mode: You cannot sort the attachments according to the column you choose with /sort command-line option.

Changes for v2.25 - v2.30

  • Added 'Domain' column, which displays the domain of the from/to email address.

Changes for v2.20 - v2.25

  • Added 'Message Direction' column (Incoming or Outgoing).

Changes for v2.15 - v2.20

  • Added 'From Email' and 'To Email' columns, which displays the From/To email addresses. (The existing To/From columns shows the 'Display Name')

Changes for v2.11 - v2.15

  • Added 'Put Icon On Tray' option.

Changes for v2.10 - v2.11

  • When trying to connect to Outlook 2010 with the wrong build of OutlookAttachView (OutlookAttachView 32-bit with Outlook x64 or OutlookAttachView x64 with Outlook 32-bit), OutlookAttachView now displays informative error message about the problem.

Changes for v2.05 - v2.10

  • Changed the user interface of the Main Scan Options window, to make it useable for lower screen resolutions and to give more space to the folders/subjects/from/to include/exclude lists.

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