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Version history for ESET NOD32 Antivirus (64-bit) (30 Day Trial)

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Changes for v7.0.302 - Beta 8

  • New technology feature that helps to discover and fight botnets like Windigo with Botnet Protection or protect their devices against malware which misuses 0-day exploits thanks to enhanced Exploit Blocker feature. Users can keep their sensitive data safe with the best Anti-Phishing solution on market and manage Anti-Theft feature for all their devices linked to The new products offer users a great balance of protection and usability, without compromising system performance, enabling them to enjoy safer technology.

Changes for v6.0.314.0 - v7.0.302

  • New features:
  • Advanced memory scanner provides protection against obfuscated threats
  • Exploit blocker protects browsers and other popular applications from threats exploiting vulnerabilities in these applications
  • Improved cleaning of rootkits ensures that even in case of infection with persistent malware, the system will be restored to a working malware-free state
  • Device control allows for controlling access to removable devices
  • Automatic first time scan cleans potential malware on the computer and improves performance of future scans

Changes for v6.0.306.0 - v6.0.314.0

  • Fix: Resolved issue with Anti-Theft not sending screenshots in specific cases
  • Fix: Better error handling during during Anti-Theft configuration
  • Fix: More Outlook 2013 fixes which address crashes of the plugin
  • Fix: Improved experience after upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8
  • New: SysRescue supports Windows 8

Changes for v5.2.9.1 - v6.0.11.0 Beta

  • Anti-Theft
  • Idle-state Scanning
  • Scan while Downloading Files
  • Update Rollback
  • Heuristics detection directly in memory
  • Cloud-based reputation of files
  • Personal Firewall
  • Neater GUI with activity status

Changes for v5.0.95 - v5.2.9.1

  • Enhancement: Added Statistics of Scanned Files in the main Home Screen
  • Enhancement: Added more information about running processes reputation from ESET Live Grid
  • Support: Able to activate product using proxy server
  • Support: Ability to use the renewal keys in product
  • Added: Settings for Removable Media blocking and Antirootkit present in main User Interface under Setup
  • Fix: Shadow of the "quick menu" is being repainted during openeing
  • Fix: GUI opened in a large window
  • Fix: irrelevant notification buble is shown when no action is required
  • Fix: issues with stopping of ESET service during installation
  • Fix: Runtime error with HP Protect Tools, ESET gui crash
  • Fix: Removable media blocking functionality does not block devices for particular Windows Accounts
  • Fix: Files are still scanned by real-time protection after swithing it off
  • Fix: Schedule update task can not be started from main menu in SysRescue User Interface
  • Fix: Several Crashing of ESET User Interface under some circumstances
  • Fix: Advanced scanning options are not working in Computer Scan
  • Fix: Activated product reports it's not activated
  • Fix: IMAPS,POP3S checking of protocols and ports for selected applications does not work correctly
  • Fix: Notification window about disabling some type of protection is not displayed if some other protection is already disabled
  • Fix: inconsistence in status for updated virus signature database within User Interface
  • Fix: Any windows user can force execution of planed task
  • Fix: SSL filtering in Chrome does not work under some circumstances

Changes for v4.2.40.0 - v5.0.95

  • Fix: issues with installation on other than default location
  • Fix: issues with re-activation of product in a case of no internet connection
  • Fix: connecting HDD via USB port could cause freeze of the OS

Changes for v4.0.437 - v4.0.468

  • Fixed: External driver injection in ESET SysRescue on Microsoft Windows 7 RC fails when this option is selected in the advanced mode of ESET SysRescue wizard
  • Fixed: Error sending a file via "Send to" in the right-click menu. The problem only occurs in combination of Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Outlook 2003 when the Microsoft Outlook process is not running.
  • Fixed: Mozilla Thunderbird with IMAP account freezes when a virus-laden message is received
  • Improved: Compatibility with server operating systems
  • Improved: HTTP scanning compatibility
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

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