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Version history for Nomad.NET

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Changes for v2.8.7.1685 RC - v2.8.7.1700 RC

  • actMakeFolder command added to folder context menu
  • New default document archive extensions added
  • Size formatting changed a bit (do not show zero after decimal point if it not needed)
  • Parsing dos-like listings improved in FTP (unknown LIST format errors fixed for some ftp servers)
  • Bug fix: Show invalid speed per second (like 0.xxxxxxxx) when copying speed is too slow
  • Bug fix: Sometimes item info panel height became too big
  • Bug fix: Show warning (instead of error) when error occurred when starting link outside browser
  • Bug fix: Black background at toolbar settings page in options under Win7
  • Bug fix: Do not skip shortcut processing if command is disabled
  • Bug fix: Unable to change language in Nomad_x86
  • Bug fix: Some shortcut keys combinations cannot be entered in hot key boxes
  • Bug #159 fixed (Hang when trying to use .ico file as image for toolbar button)
  • Bug #160 fixed (Rare exception when changing "use visual styles" option on Win7 x64)
  • Bug #161 possible fixed (Icons displayed only for focused and selected items in some rare circumstances)
  • Bug #162 fixed (Rare object is currently in use elsewhere error when displaying item icon)

Changes for v2.8.6.1638 Beta - v2.8.7.1685 RC

  • After long period of development and testing Release Candidate is finally arrived. Since previous release in July I receive only several bug reports (all these bugs were fixed), so I believe that program is stable enough. Also after processing survey results (I hope to publish them soon) many people think that browsing speed is not fast enough, so this version improves local file system browsing speed by about 15%.

Changes for v2.6.8.1180 RC - v2.8.6.1638 Beta

  • Nomad_x86 bootstrapper added (useful for starting Nomad in x86 mode under x64 OS)
  • Added ability to minimize to tray (both througt minimize button and command)
  • Added ability to open archives by entering archive path in breadcrumb (command line too)
  • Ukrainian localization added
  • Elevated folders creation in copying operation
  • Compressing files and folders for elevated items now works properly
  • Fallbacking to 7-Zip installation folder when no 7z.dll found in Plugin\Formats folder
  • Using Left and Right keys for fast browsing in Details view
  • Crc32 algorigthm changed to be png compatible
  • Better error reporting for non-main threads
  • Owner-draw comboboxes now have native Vista look
  • Sort dialog layout changed
  • Copy and pack dialog layouts improved
  • Many comboboxes now auto-sizeable for better content localization
  • Small application start speed-up (~5-10%) when many tabs opened
  • Many forms localization improved, plural forms and other changes in strings
  • Do not show copy data streams warning, if only zone identifier stream exists
  • Several fixes in Image property provider (valid exif image rotation and thumbnail size)
  • Bugfix: Remove horizontal scroll bar flickering when changing folder in details view
  • Bugfix: Do not lose focused state in several circumstances in panel under Win7
  • Bugfix: Rare exception when showing item tooltip fixed
  • Bugfix: Very rare racing when extracting files were eliminated
  • Bugfix: Error in delta time calculations when OS is working without restart for more then 20 days
  • Bugfix: Rare exception when trying to show cutted items in panel
  • Bugfix: Now works without errors with FtpDrive
  • Bug #141 finally fixed (Exception when processing appcommands)
  • Bug #144 fixed (Exception after disconnecting usb flash opened in inactive tab)
  • Bug #145 fixed (Exception on elevated process cleanup)
  • Bug #146 fixed (Exception when entering path in breadcrumb)
  • Bug #147 fixed (Rare exception when deleting one file on very fast machine)
  • Bug #148 fixed at last! (Silent crush when opening archive settings in options on some machines)
  • Various unlisted small fixes

Changes for v2.6.8.1166 Beta - v2.6.8.1180 RC

  • Russian license agreement has been added
  • English license agreement changed a bit (points to copyright holders removed)
  • Nomad is built for x86 target (must fix problems under Window x64 for the moment)
  • Clear content cache in network folder on Refresh
  • Bug #99 fixed (Crush when folder bar enabled in both panels)
  • Bug #100 fixed (Panels layout loaded incorrectly when second toolbar visible)
  • Bug #101 fixed (Exception when opening options dialog on asian systems)
  • Bug #103 fixed (Exception when opening new tab from archive)
  • Bug #105 fixed (Cannot open drive with two files with the same name)
  • Bug #106 fixed (Crush on when extracting thumbnail from some html files (with scripts))
  • Bug fix: Very rare crush on reading overlay icons
  • Bug fix: Long-lasting bug with access violation in shell file system was fixed
  • Bug fix: Thumbnail size was not stored with panel layout
  • Bug fix: Fixed problem with mouse wheel scrolling in combobox when dropdown is shown

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