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Version history for Orca Browser

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Changes for v1.2 build 5 - v1.2 build 6

  • Fixed a page opening glitch from the clipboard
  • Some minor fixes in language packs
  • Fixed the crashing problem happening during composing a Yahoo E-mail
  • Fixed the glitch keeping opening a link in the background while using the middle mouse key regardless of whether the related option was checked or not
  • Fixed the problem that the Address Bar drop down list was truncated by the Roboform Toolbar

Changes for v1.2 build 4 - v1.2 build 5

  • Fixed a bug that forced both the address and search bars to go unfocused if closing all open tabs at once

Changes for v1.2 build 2 - v1.2 build 3

  • Upgraded browser core to Gecko
  • Fixed Orca Browser browser:home Persistent XSS vulnerabilities
  • Fixed a bug which mischecked a bookmark url availability
  • Fixed a bug where the address bar drop down list kept showing when switching to other applications
  • Fixed a bug where disabling "auto refresh all tabs" didn't work
  • Fixed a bug which caused the "Search the current site" button to use Avantfind instead of your default search engine
  • Fixed a bug which kept songs from playing on ""
  • Fixed a bug which kept the video player on a site( from maximizing

Changes for v1.2 build 1 - v1.2 build 2

  • Upgraded browser core to Gecko
  • Changed the instances of Shiretoko to say Orca in the Mozilla Addon's dialog boxes
  • Fixed the broken Add Exception button
  • Fixed the problems plaguing the Adblock Plus extension
  • Fixed the bug that kept the browser's scroll position from being remembered while refreshing pages with F5

Changes for v1.1 Build 7 - v1.2 build 1

  • Upgrade browser core to FireFox 3.5
  • Fixed the non-working F3 shortcut
  • Fixed a bug causing a firefox option to change back after exiting Orca
  • Fixed a bug that may cause Organize My Information Dialog frozen
  • Fixed a bug that kept Orca from exiting when Downloads Dialog is open

Changes for v1.1 Build 6 - v1.1 Build 7

  • Fixed the issue that sometime there is a gray bar show up at the bottom of the browser
  • Fixed the dead pages issue

Changes for v1.1 Build 5 - v1.1 Build 6

  • Force using CTRL + N to open new created pages in foreground
  • Removed the CTRL + DEL shortcut

Changes for v1.1 Build 4 - v1.1 Build 5

  • New U-Disk versionAdded Browser:HomeAdd another shortcut of hiding browser with CTRL+DELUpdated to the Core of Firefox 3.0.10Fixed the unzooming issue with arrow keysFixed the problem which keeps opening pages in background while using CTRL+ENTERMade Orca Browser application shortcuts available to all Windows usersSome minor fixes

Changes for v1.1 Build 2 - v1.1 Build 3

  • Fixed miscoded RSS titles
  • Fixed the bug of reopening double last closed page
  • Try to fix non-working shortcuts/buttons problem during page loading
  • Fixed a shortcut bug which tends to bring up context menu
  • Fixed the search words hightlighting issue
  • Fixed the bug that the percentage displayed kept unchanged after zooming
  • Fixed the bug that saved html page was compressed
  • Fixed non-working zoom [...]

Changes for v1.1 Build 1 - v1.1 Build 2

  • Added “Create New Bookmark in this folder” to bookmark sidebar
  • Speed up Floating toolbar response time
  • Fixed the bug with F7 key

Changes for v1.1 RC 4 - v1.1 Build 1

  • Fixed the problem that Right Click Menus on title bar can't be opened through ALT+Space
  • Fixed the problem that the username and password Input Box can't be selected by cursor when logging in Online Storage
  • Fixed the browser troubles caused by minimizing it to System Tray
  • Fixed the flashing problem caused by opening a link with middle mouse button

Changes for v1.1 RC 3 - v1.1 RC 4

  • Fixed the thumbnails preview issue with vista
  • Fixed the bug that Orca would exit with fatal memory error
  • Fixed the focus problem when creating new tabs with double click
  • Added more languages for webpage translation
  • Added option to use firefox’s password manager

Changes for v1.1 RC 2 - v1.1 RC 3

  • Fixed the AutoFill sometimes not working bug
  • Fixed the web page not displaying bug under Polish and Japanese interface
  • Fixed the bug unabling to save configurations
  • Fixed the tab switching bug

Changes for v1.1 RC 1 - v1.1 RC 2

  • Fixed the DDE bug that kept opening htm/html files in Avant Browser
  • Fixed the unresponsive tab switching bug
  • Fixed the bug stopping Orca Browser from tiling properly along with other application windows
  • Removed the feature to start up another application through pressing commands to start->run box
  • Fixed unworking navigation buttons bug in Flash
  • Fixed the bug where downloading files stopped if Orca Browser was closed
  • Fixed the bug stopping Orca Browser from reloading saved pages when restarting it after installing new firefox addons
  • Fixed some translation issues
  • Fixed the bug where the URL drop down list screened up the address bar when the tab bar was set to the bottom
  • Fixed the bug that kept Orca Browser from signing in some websites
  • Fixed the bug that kept the side bar blank when history panel was set default
  • Fixed the miscoded keyword bug if searching a selected text through dragging and dropping
  • Fixed the miscoded hint bug if hovering the mouse over a bookmark item in Side Bar
  • Fixed the unabling to organize bookmarks bug when setting Orca Browser to use IE favorites
  • Fixed the F6 & (ALT + D) not working bug when the focus was already at Address Bar
  • Fixed the bug stopping Orca Browser from callling the default search engine through searching keywords from Address Bar
  • Fixed the bug stopping the Address Bar drop down list from matching the inputting keywords
  • Fixed the unsupporting Chinese username issue in AutoFill

Changes for v1.1 Beta 3 - v1.1 RC 1

  • Fixed the bug keeping you from Opening a Link in the foreground with middle mouse button
  • Fixed the bug keeping the address bar favicon from displaying for Google search
  • Fixed the bug which kept the tab title and window title from updating after you navigated to the home page
  • Fixed the bug keeping the Enter key from responding to Open a Link window
  • Fixed the bug keeping some buttons from displaying in Floating Text Toolbar
  • Fixed the bug where the color of the Nexos skin became darker after you restarted the browser
  • Fixed the bug where the address bar dropdown list screened the interface of some programs
  • Fixed the bug which kept Orca window from closing with Alt+F4
  • Added language packs

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