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Version history for PhotoPagegen

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Changes for v7.1 - v7.4

  • Added: Sprites. A cool new mechanism in the background settings that allows floating-down objects in the background. You can set the number of objects, fall-rate, and transparency. There are several built-in (hearts, balloons, leaves, snowflakes, bubbles, etc.), or you can add your own.
  • Tweak: Prevent swipe mechanism from wrapping around . Previously, if click an image and then swipe, and continue swiping until the end, it would wrap around to the beginning. Now if swipe, and get to the end, it stops.
  • Bug: Fixed a long standing issue whereby when an “older” picture (older than index file created) is dragged into directory to replace an image… it wouldn’t update the thumbnail or the medium image. Now, it removes the thumbnail when a new image or images are dragged into the folder, so as to force a regenerate of the respective thumbnails.
  • Bug:Fixed issue introduced by new swipe mechanism… when changing lightbox modes, previously did not indicate an album needs publishing. Now does.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue that if caption filenames mode was used, a mode was set that caused the comment mechanism to be affected… to break the comments at any character instead of words
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes, various cosmetic cleanups, and stability enhancements

Changes for v6.1 - v7.1

  • Added: Video Blog mode. Generate an online infinite depth video blog that is configured, added to, and monitored all online. Once generated and published, never need PPG again to change it. Allows for likes, comments, and gems, just like other PPG albums.
  • Added: A few new gems to be used with “like” mechanism of albums and new video blog.
  • Added: An admin log to monitor what has been going on with clicks, likes, etc. Also added an admin login name (set in the overall “settings”) to use to get to the log.
  • Added: A “raised panel” mode whereby the pictures/videos and content is all on a rasied panel that is raised from the background. It is also a static color, so no matter how busy the background image is, everything is readable.
  • Added: The ability to have background music/audio. Just drag an mp3 onto the PPG GUI. If slideshow is enabled it will play for that. If not, it will play for the main page.
  • Added: Several new backgrounds. Many with transparency and quite nice. Most were images. Removed some older rarely used or less quality backgrounds.
  • Tweak: No longer allow duplicate comments to be written. Sometimes, if server slow, a user might hit post more than once. It used to cache these requests and post the repeated comments. No longer.
  • Tweak: Made publish update status easier to read and more uniform
  • Tweak: Limit 5 names on gems, and 25 total comments per image.
  • Tweak: Changed the way gems are installed. Now its 1-click, 2-click, etc. on the little heart on an image. Previously used control characters.
  • Tweak: Tweaked some themes. Mostly to add the new “raised panel” feature to some, and others to set the transparency or gradient better for the business of the background.
  • Tweak: Updated several tooltips
  • Bug: Fixed bug that caused “disable further posting” to cause animated backgrounds to fail.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug in background image (and new audio background feature) that kept older image (or audio) files from being published if they were older files. i.e. in some cases, the background image would not be updated on the server because the file date was older than what was on server.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that prevented gems from always displaying if click-number was clicked fast
  • Bug: Fixed longstanding bug where one of the wallpaper backgrounds wasn’t working.
  • Bug: fixed bug that put %20 for spaces (and other conds/control-characters) in subjects of notifier emails
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes, various cosmetic cleanups, and stability enhancements

Changes for v5.2 - v6.1

  • Added: Many more backgrounds and textures
  • Added: Support for “like” mechanism that allows webpage visitors to “like” individual images. It keeps tallies, and color-coded hearts for all to see. Maintains a behind-the-scenes simple database totally in your control. Even keeps the data if the webpage is updated by PhotoPageGen (i.e. doesn’t get erased if you re-upload the album).
  • Added: Many small GUI cleanups that make PhotoPageGen interface cleaner and easier to use. Grouped the thumbnail overlays in it’s own area, and hide the controls when not in use. Much cleaner.
  • Added: Transparency and Gradient sliders to lighten the whole webpage and/or the top of the webpage when using images for backgrounds. Much slicker and tunable presentation style. Also automatically tweak header text colors based on these settings to maximize readability.
  • Added: An FTP transfer log which tracks all transactions and albums uploaded. They can even be clicked to go the webpage created.
  • Added: Support for EXIF data as a caption option.
  • Added: Revamped proof page . Mostly cosmetic and easier to read/use.
  • Added: An all-inclusive FTP transfer progress bar . Combined the previous 2 into one very readable bar.
  • Added: Tweaked the thumbnail border mechanism in several ways. A new thumbnail border type: frame mode . Also tweaked all of the border/border-size/matting-size sizes to better match the size of the border. Also tweaked the colors to better match.
  • Added: Support for animated backgrounds (added animated GIF and PNG support), and included many to pick from. Very slick. You can also drag your own onto the form, and that will automatically become your background.
  • Added: Support for animated images. Added animated GIF and PNG support so that you can make an album of animated GIFs if you wanted to, for example.
  • Added: barcode font as a new caption font option (because it could be done 🙂 … and some other slight font-related tweaks
  • Bug: Corrected some control-visibility issues. Under certain circumstances, controls either showed when they weren’t supposed to, or didn’t show when they were supposed to.
  • Bug: There were minor alignment issues, particularly noticeable when thumbtacks present.
  • Bug: There was an issue with the “Published webpage” link that sometimes wouldn’t show, even though the website was published.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue that prevented one from starting a video-only album, and then trying to add pictures to it. That wouldn’t work. Now can do a picture-only album, a picture-and-video album, a video-only album, or a video-only album that you later decide to add pictures to the album. The last one, previously you couldn’t do.
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes, various cosmetic cleanups, and stability enhancements

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