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Version history for Picture Resizer

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Changes for v5.0 - v6.0

  • Limit processing to landscape (width >= height) or portrait (height < width) files with PhotoResize400X.exe and PhotoResize400Y.exe. This allows you to process your image library in 2 steps applying different options to landspace and portrait pictures.
  • Rotate pictures by EXIF orientation tag while resizing them with PhotoResize400V.exe.
  • Higher accuracy resampling method improves quality in darker areas.
  • Support for JPEG arithmetic compression for both decoding and encoding. PhotoResize400A.exe creates JPEGs with arithmetic compression. Please note that very few applications support arithmetic compression at this moment, but probably will in the future, because the patents have recently expired. Arithmetic encoding reduces file size by ~10% while keeping the same quality.

Changes for v4.0 - v5.0

  • Extend canvas+resize with PhotoResize400x300x5.exe. - The last number (5 in this case) sets the brightness of the canvas 0=black, 9=white, 1..8=shades of grey.
  • Limit processing to files with names matching given pattern with -z switch. For example -za*.* will only resize files starting with 'a' character. * and ? can be used in the pattern.
  • Command line window is closed when the tool is started without parameters and displays information screen. A donate was placed on the window to make donators' life easier.

Changes for v3.5 - v4.0

  • Crop+resize with PhotoResizeA400x300.exe.
  • Preserve file modification time PhotoResize400E.exe.
  • template for custom destination path switch (-c) to automatically classify files by date.
  • -XofN command line switch to split a large resizing batch to parts that can be run consecutively or in parallel on mutliple computers. By using different switches (for example -1of3 -2of3 -3of3), only a fraction of all files will be processed in each run.

Changes for v3.0 - v3.5

  • Quality setting using file name PhotoResize400Q85.exe.
  • Ability to skip files already existing in the destination folder - do quick incremental updates - PhotoResize400U.exe..
  • Command line switches for chroma subsampling.

Changes for v2.0 - v3.0

  • B&W (grayscale) jpeg images are supported.
  • Creation date of the resized file is preserved.
  • Explicit multi-core and multi-processor support. If multiple files are resized, all cores will be utilized. Hyper-threaded processors are also supported, but the speed gain will not be significiant.
  • Image re-targeting support (<- worth clicking ;-)). Combination of resampling and image carving techniques is used to obtain image that fits the specified rectangle. Activated using -gWxH switch or by the G letter: PhotoResizeG1024x768.exe.

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