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Version history for PilotEdit Lite

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Changes for v9.8.0 - v9.9.0

  • PilotEdit 9.9.0 supports file type json and gradle.

Changes for v9.0.0 - v9.2.0

  • provides the ability to disable file update detection.

Changes for v8.6.0 - v8.7.0

  • improves the performance of finding and replacing.

Changes for v8.5.0 - v8.6.0

Changes for v8.4.0 - v8.5.0

  • includes improvements over file group/bookmark.

Changes for v8.1.0 - v8.2.0

  • PilotEdit 8.2.0 supports groovy and rexx.

Changes for v8.0.0 - v8.1.0

  • improvement over column mode.

Changes for v7.8.0 - v7.9.0

  • PilotEdit 7.9.0 provides the ability to remove duplicate lines by running PilotEdit script.

Changes for v7.7.0 - v7.8.0

  • ability to exclude file types while searching/replacing in directories

Changes for v7.6.0 - v7.7.0

  • supports Apache Pig Latin Script.

Changes for v7.4.0 - v7.5.0

  • includes regular expression generator.

Changes for v6.5.0 - v6.6.0

  • PilotEdit 6.6.0 provides the ability to search in zip files.

Changes for v6.4.0 - v6.5.0

  • PilotEdit 6.5.0 has made improvement over file tree window.

Changes for v6.3.0 - v6.4.0

  • PilotEdit 6.4.0 has made improvement over file comparison.

Changes for v6.2.0 - v6.3.0

  • PilotEdit 6.3.0 supports code collapsing.

Changes for v6.1.0 - v6.2.0

  • PilotEdit 6.2.0 is capable of comparing and merging two huge files of 100GB (10 billion lines).

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