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Version history for PuTTY Tray

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Changes for v0.63-t020 Beta - v0.63-t021 Beta

  • New: URLs submenu, for easier keyboard access. Window -> Behaviour -> System Menu appears on alt+space.
  • Fixed: #130: Broken logging/etc. paths with file sessions
  • Fixed: #129: Broken full paths in logging
  • Fixed: #131: Broken file sessions with folders
  • Fixed: #133: Crash instead of error on bad (serial) connections
  • Fixed: #136: ADB: Allow saving of host
  • Fixed: #125: Error handling for file sessions

Changes for v0.62-t019 Beta - v0.63-t020 Beta

  • Fixed: #95: Asserts while loading some keys!
  • Fixed: #109: Revert #88, which broke terminal titles for some people
  • Fixed: #10: Fiddled with default-settings-from-file(!)
  • Fixed: #91: Menu styling
  • Fixed: #96: Could generate illegal log paths
  • Fixed: #97: -title, -log, etc. from KiTTY
  • Fixed: #98: Can now be built with mingw
  • Fixed: #106: Missing tray icon after an Explorer crash
  • Fixed: #107: Can always restart session
  • Fixed: #110: Auto-reconnect in more cases
  • Fixed: #115: Paste delay (thanks to thechile!)
  • Fixed: #123: Crash with ssh-add --invalid
  • Fixed: #112: Can remove broken keys from pageant
  • Plus some fiddly code changes, as usual.

Changes for v0.60 (r2) - v0.60 (r3)

  • New: Load sessions from file using the command line with -loadfile or -file [sessionname]
  • New: Added 'always on top' to the system menu
  • New: Automatically selects 'sessions from file' when the registry does not contain any sessions
  • New: Added option 'reconnect on connection failure'
  • New: Default font set to 'Consolas' when using Windows Vista
  • Fixed: URL hyperlink bug - preferred browser settings ignored in Windows Vista (thanks Jesper Svennevid)
  • Fixed: With 'show tray icon: always' enabled: clicking the tray icon will close the PuTTY window if it is open.

Changes for v0.60 (r1) - v0.60 (r2)

  • New: PuTTY Tray can now store session configuration in files (like portaPuTTY and PuTTY File, but without the limitation of not being able to use the Windows registry anymore)

Changes for v0.59 (r1) - v0.60 (r1)

  • New: Now based on PuTTY 0.60.
  • Fix: Configuration screen crashed when the print spooler service wasn't running.

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