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Version history for QTranslate

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Changes for v6.7.2 - v6.7.3

  • Fixed: Microsoft, youdao, Google search, and Multitran services
  • Updated: Removed SDL and Definr services

Changes for v6.7.1 - v6.7.2

  • New: DeepL supports Portuguese and Russian languages
  • Fixed: DeepL translation service
  • Fixed: Regular fonts are not available in options

Changes for v6.7.0 - v6.7.1

  • Fixed: Google translation service
  • Fixed: Baidu translation service
  • Updated: Most services use https protocol

Changes for v6.5.3 - v6.7.0

  • New: Naver service API (Naver service was renamed to Papago)
  • New: Marathi language
  • New: Danish localization
  • Improved: Text recognition
  • Fixed: Yandex translates only short texts
  • Fixed: Microsoft service doesn't work in China (set Preferred Domain option to "cn")
  • Fixed: Options are not saved sometimes after user logoff

Changes for v6.5.1 - v6.5.3

  • New: 'Enable global hotkeys' tray menu option
  • Fixed: Text recognition
  • Updated: libcurl to 7.61.0
  • Updated: wolfssl to 3.15.3
  • Updated: zlib to 1.2.11

Changes for v6.5.0 - v6.5.1

  • New: History export to CSV format
  • New: 'Remove line breaks' option (fixes PDF translation)
  • Fixed: Microsoft translation service
  • Fixed: Popup window is closed immediately on mouse exit

Changes for v6.4.0 - v6.5.0

  • New: DeepL translation service
  • New: Mongolian language
  • New: Keyboard window is resizable
  • Fixed: Baidu, Promt and youdao translation services
  • Fixed: Any QTranslate window activation brings to the top all the visible QTranslate windows
  • Fixed: Replace selected text with Microsoft service adds redundand new line
  • Fixed: Translate button click cancels instant translation result

Changes for v6.3.1 - v6.4.0

  • New: Microsoft translation API
  • New: High-DPI support in Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • New: Khmer, Telugu languages
  • New: Hebrew, Vietnamese localizations
  • New: Arabic, Bulgarian, and Croatian OCR languages
  • New: F11 turns on/off main/dictionary window full-screen mode
  • Fixed: Youdao service
  • Fixed: Czech OCR language
  • Fixed: Urban dictionary
  • Fixed: "Click on system icon switches mouse mode" option doesn't work in "Enabled for these programs" mode
  • Improved: Translation history is auto-saved every 3 minutes
  • Updated: RichEdit control from RichEdit20W to RichEdit50W

Changes for v6.3.0 - v6.3.1

  • New: Farsi localization
  • New: 'Enable listening to the same text at a slower speed' option
  • Fixed: Google Translate doesn't translate big text
  • Fixed: QTranslate crash when listening to text

Changes for v6.1.0 - v6.3.0

  • New: Naver translation service
  • New: OCR API key option for text recognition
  • New: Speech input auto-detect language option
  • New: Speech input hotkey
  • Fixed: Google Translate, Yandex, Promt services 'No data' error when text exceeds the limit
  • Fixed: Oxford Learner Dictionary service
  • Fixed: "Cannot play audio stream" when Windows changes the default sound device

Changes for v6.0.0 - v6.1.0

  • New: Speech recognition
  • New: When listening to the same text a second time, services will play the words at a slower speed
  • Improved: Yandex and ABBYY Lingvo Live dictionary response
  • Improved: Increased text chunk size for better text listening experience

Changes for v5.7.0.3 - v6.0.0

  • New: libcurl 7.50.3, wolfssl 3.9.10
  • New: 'Auto-hide delay' option for the popup window
  • New: Romanian localization
  • New: SOCKS4, SOCKS5 server proxy support
  • Improved: Translation can be added to favorites in instant mode
  • Improved: Urban Dictionary, WordReference
  • Fixed: Yandex, SDL services don't work in Windows XP
  • Fixed: ABBYY Lingvo Live dictionary
  • Fixed: QTranslate doesn't work on CPUs without SSE2 support (old PCs)
  • Fixed: The popup window isn't auto hidden when 'Enable auto position' option is set
  • Fixed: Click on dictionary navigation icon reloads content in Windows 10
  • Fixed: Mouse mode doesn't work in Microsoft Edge browser

Changes for v5.6.0 - v5.7.0

  • New: OCR Text Recognition
  • Fixed: Yandex translation service
  • Fixed: Babylon translation and dictionary services
  • Fixed: "Replace selected text" trims text when there is comma in translation
  • Updated: BASS to v2.4.12

Changes for v5.5.3 - v5.6.0

  • New: Automatically check for updates option
  • New: Improved translation speed
  • New: Tooltips for popup window buttons
  • Fixed: Yandex and SDL translation services
  • Updated: Bulgarian, Italian and Uyghur localizations

Changes for v5.5.2 - v5.5.3

  • New: Google domain option for Chinese users
  • Fixed: Google Translate service
  • Updated: Chinese Simplified, French, Korean, and Turkish localizations

Changes for v5.5.1.1 - v5.5.2

  • New: Tajik language
  • New: 'Listen to selected text translation' hotkey
  • New: 'Listen' menu item in the history window
  • Fixed: Yandex and Wikipedia services
  • Fixed: Replace functionality doesn't work properly when word has dash

Changes for v5.5.1 - v5.5.1.1

  • Fixed: Google and Yandex translation services
  • Fixed: Can't select backspace key with modifiers in the hotkey window
  • Updated: Ctrl+Shift+Q is default hotkey for the Dictionary window
  • Updated: Italian localization

Changes for v5.5.0.2 - v5.5.1

  • New: Sinhala language
  • New: +13 languages for Yandex service
  • Fixed: Google text to speech functionality
  • Improved: Baidu translation service (supports 26 languages)
  • Updated: Chinese Traditional, French, Greek, Korean, and Polish localizations

Changes for v5.5.0 - v5.5.0.2

  • New: Uyghur localization
  • Fixed: Google Translate (translation of the last sentence for some languages and romanization)
  • Fixed: Promt service translation
  • Updated: Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Hungarian, French, Finnish, and Italian localizations

Changes for v5.4.1.1 - v5.5.0

  • New: XDXF dictionaries support
  • New: History navigation in dictionary window
  • New: Google suggestions for dictionary search
  • New: Dictionary icon in the popup window
  • New: 'Enable mouse mode only when Ctrl is pressed' option
  • New: 'Click on system tray icon switches mouse mode' option
  • New: Tooltips in the services buttons
  • Improved: Application cache

Changes for v5.4.1 - v5.4.1.1

  • Fixed: Google Translate and Promt services
  • Fixed: Urban Dictionary
  • Updated: Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, French, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, and Turkish localizations

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