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Version history for RogueRemover

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Changes for v1.23 - v1.24

  • Changed version tab information.
  • Improved Rogue.Infector detection.
  • Packaged new database.

Changes for v1.22 - v1.23

  • 1. Fixed minor bugs in scanner.
  • 2. Minor optimizations to database loading.
  • 3. Packaged new database.

Changes for v1.21 - v1.22

  • Added database compression.
  • Added digital signatures to executables.
  • New database encryption.
  • Packaged new database.

Changes for v1.20 - v1.21

  • Compressed size of images in executable.
  • Created package with new installer.
  • Improved scan and loading speed.
  • Packaged new database.

Changes for v1.19 - v1.20

  • Added removal notification in logfile.
  • Packaged new database.

Changes for v1.18 - v1.19

  • Added removal verification check.
  • Minor scanning engine improvements.
  • Packaged new database.

Changes for v1.17 - v1.18

  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Fixed minor typos.
  • Packaged new database.

Changes for v1.16 - v1.17

  • Added update status during database update.
  • Added a discount for all RogueRemover FREE users.
  • Packaged new database.

Changes for v1.15 - v1.16

  • Added first run update notification.
  • Branded program with Malwarebytes' name.
  • Fixed trial link not working.
  • Improved RogueNET™ analysis module.
  • Packaged new database.

Changes for v1.14 - v1.15

  • Added RogueNET™ analysis module.
  • Packaged new database.

Changes for v1.13 - v1.14

  • Added ability to download program updates.
  • Fixed minor typos.
  • Improved installer.
  • Made rogue reporting a bit easier/clearer.
  • Minor bug fixes to scanner.
  • Major changes to interface.
  • Packaged new database.
  • Renamed installer.

Changes for v1.12 - v1.13

  • Added error handling techniques to update function.
  • Added link to forums.
  • Added online database link.
  • Added report rogue activity link.
  • Fixed progress bar not finishing after update.
  • Fixed resize bug.
  • Packaged new database.
  • Removed version from header.

Changes for v1.11 - v1.12

  • Added Windows Vista compatibility.
  • Changed program version tab.
  • Optimized database loading speed.

Changes for v1.10 - v1.11

  • Added incompatibility message for Windows Vista.
  • Fixed bug where list would not clear after a scan.
  • Minor memory leak fixes.
  • Packaged new database.

Changes for v1.09 - v1.10

  • Added close button to update form.
  • Optimized process termination.

Changes for v1.06 - v1.09

  • Updated help file.
  • Minor bug fixes with update.
  • Minor bug fixes with scan engine.
  • Added try pro version link.
  • Fixed exclude list not working on right item.
  • Tweaked update function in case update file was ever missing.
  • Fixed minor typos.
  • Created installer to make application smaller for dialup users.
  • Fixed scan results right click bug.
  • Created exclude list.
  • Redesigned interface.
  • Fixed minor typos.
  • Created external database for easy updating.
  • Added ability to rescan after removal.
  • Created help manual.

Changes for v1.05 - v1.06

  • Added ability to select which items to remove.
  • Added right click to scan results list, improves functionality.
  • Minor update tweaks.
  • Created better scan interface, less flicker.
  • Added resize functionality to main form.
  • Added:
  • 2-AntiSpyware, Break Spyware, ContraVirus, CurePcSolutions Anti-Spyware, ErrorKiller, Eusing Free Registry Cleaner,MalwareAlarm, MalwareWiped, MrAntiSpy, PC Health Plan, RegCure, Registry Booster, Registry Cleaner, SpyEraser, SpyMarshal, Spyware Striker Pro, vCatch
  • Updated:
  • AGuardDog Suite (-4)
  • Removed:
  • AlphaWipe

Changes for v1.04 - v1.05

  • Improved log writing feature.
  • Added: AlphaWipe, AntiSpy, DoctorCleaner, ErrorDoctor, My Privacy, RegistryFix, Spy Reaper, SpyPry, SpyRemover, SpyShield, SpyVest, SpyViper, Spyware & Adware Removal, Spyware Scrapper, Spyware Sledgehammer, The Spyware Shield, TrustSoft AntiSpyware, WinKeeper, X-Con Spyware Destroyer, ZoneProtect Anti-Spyware

Changes for v1.03 - v1.04

  • Shrunk module handler to smaller size.
  • 1 Click Spy Clean, #1 Spyware Killer, 100 Percent Anti-Spyware, ADS Adware Remover, AGuardDog Suite, Anti-Virus&Trojan, BotSquash, Flobo Spyware Clean, Froggie Scan, IC Spyware Scanner
  • No applications were updated.

Changes for v1.02 - v1.03

  • Program: [110 applications listed]
  • Another minor bugfix in update function.
  • Made 'more information' textbox more readable.
  • Definitions:
  • [Added]
  • Adware Agent, AgentSpyware, Anti-Virus&Spyware, ArmorWall, Defenza, Easy Erase Spyware Remover, ErrorNuker, ErrorSafe, GoodByeSpy, GuardBar, iSpyKiller, Kazaap, MalwareWipe, MyBugFreePc, PrivacyCrusader, PurityScan, RegFreeze, SafeAndClean, Scan & Repair Utilities 2007, ScanSpyware, SecureMyPc, Spy Cleaner Platinum, Spy Guardian Pro, SpyFerret, SpyFighter, SpyFighterPro, Spyware Removal Wizard, SpywareAnnihilatorPro, The Spyware Detective, True Sword, TrueWatch, UnSpyPC, VideoAccess, VirusRescue
  • [Updated]
  • No definitions were updated.
  • [Removed]
  • No applications were delisted.
  • [Notes]
  • If you have any suggestions on rogue applications, please contact Malwarebytes.

Changes for v1.17 - v1.18

  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Fixed minor typos.
  • Packaged new database.

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