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Version history for Shutter

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Changes for v3.3 - v3.4

  • Added confirmation dialog before unregistering the product;
  • Changed all tool window style forms to dialog style to prevent from hiding of the application from Alt+Tab task switching in Windows 7;
  • License expiration is checked against UTC date instead of local;
  • Opening web interface URL via Options was failing due to invalid URL when using IP address, so will be used in such case;
  • Added icons to the status bar showing whether the web interface and protection options are enabled;
  • Updated icons used on the main interface;
  • Exiting via the tray icon option will shutdown the application gracefully instead of terminating it abruptly;
  • Web interface now scales appropriately in mobile browsers;
  • Explicitly turn off "autocapitalize" and "autocorrect" text field attributes in the Web Interface when displaying on iOS devices;
  • Polished web interface pages and styles;
  • Secondary windows are centered to the main window only on first show;
  • Added shortcut keys to Start/Stop/Now actions: F5, F6, F7;
  • Updated donation URL;
  • Waiting cursor is displayed while starting events;
  • Saving of events and actions on exit and loading on startup is optional;
  • Added "Hard Disk Usage" event which triggers when read/write/total transfer speed drops below specified usage for a period of time;
  • Added "Save" option for directly saving the currently loaded preset;
  • Windows version warnings are now highlighted when not met;
  • Fixed problem with re-selecting a correct network interface;
  • Stop updating network event when network interface is gone;
  • Added thousand separator to the network usage display;
  • Fixed issue that caused incorrect limitation on number of presets;
  • Option to prevent system idle sleep while Shutter is activated;
  • Dynamically link GetLastInputInfo Win API function which is available only on Windows 2000 and later; Fixes startup problem on Windows 98/Me/NT;
  • Screenshot functionality has been updated to handle multi-monitor desktops and semi-transparent windows (CAPTUREBLT flag);
  • Web interface will no longer activate Shutter with current events/actions when a non-existent preset has been supplied.
  • Web interface pages are now translatable;

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