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Version history for SlickRun

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Changes for v4.4.8.3 - v4.4.8.4

  • + Fix customer-reported bugs

Changes for v4.4.8.1 - v4.4.8.3

  • + Add [Calendar]WeekAdjust preference in INI file to adjust week numbers
  • + Add %ts% token to show Terminal Server SessionID
  • + Enable advance notice for hourly chime.
  • v4.4.8.2 (Fall? 2019)
  • + Add richer format string editor
  • +Add @copy@ command to enable copying Unicode content to clipboard
  • Use @copy@ with a parameter of file:filename.txt or file:filename.rtf to copy the file's contents.
  • Show QuickInfo/IdleText time/date/mem/batt/etc in Task Tray icon tooltip

Changes for v4.4.8.0 - v4.4.8.1

  • + Support emoji in idle text
  • + Add countdown/countup idletext token; e.g. %days:12/25% shows the # of days til Christmas
  • + Fix date calculation bug in CAL window

Changes for v4.4.6.1 - v4.4.6.2

  • + Add SHIFT+Alt+F for "Find anywhere in MagicWord/History (vs. Alt+F which does prefix searches)
  • + Scroll Library search match into view

Changes for v4.4.5.1 - v4.4.6.1

  • + Add CTRL+K to expand environment variables
  • + Alt+M with no input shows magicword list
  • + Modernize default MagicWord pack

Changes for v4.4.4.1 - v4.4.5.1

  • @CALENDAR@ macro accepts optional date parameter

Changes for v4.4.3.0 - v4.4.4.1

  • + Offer %cpu% token on idle display
  • + Add .co,.ly,.ms,.dev to known TLDs

Changes for v4.4.2.1 - v4.4.3.0

  • + Add Week Number option on Calendar Context menu
  • + Add WK-1 token to idle display
  • + Add Windows10 Manifest
  • + Add .io,.jp,.de to known TLDs

Changes for v4.4.0.0 - v4.4.2.1

  • Update Environment block on WM_SETTINGCHANGE (SlickRun-launched apps get updated %PATH%)

Changes for v4.3.3.0 - v4.4.0.0

  • + Add calendar to context-menu and @calendar@
  • + Add CTRL+/ and CTRL+\ to swap slashes

Changes for v4.3.2.0 - v4.3.3.0

  • + Add %doy% (day of year) token
  • + Fix bug with quotes in date/time formats
  • + If hotkey registration fails, add SHIFT and retry
  • + Allow fonts up to 144px tall

Changes for v4.3.1.0 - v4.3.2.0

  • + Improve load time of MagicWord Library by 7500%
  • + Allow huge magicword lists (Sum(Length(MagicWord.Names)))>32kb
  • + Add UseUTF8 Option to [General] Section of INI file

Changes for v4.3.0.1 - v4.3.1.0

  • + Fix handling of AltGr on European keyboards
  • + Correct handling of text drag/drop to SlickRun

Changes for v4.2.0.1 Beta - v4.2.1.0

  • Windows 8+ Compatibility improvements
  • Fix for Chrome launch
  • Various bugfixes

Changes for v4.1.3.0 - v4.2.0.1 Beta

  • Windows 8+ Compatibility improvements
  • MagicWords track their usage count
  • Various bugfixes

Changes for v4.0.2.1 - v4.1.3.0

  • Improved support of x64
  • Various autocompletion glitches fixed
  • Filtered history matching on up-arrow when partial string was typed
  • Don't prompt to edit MagicWord if user declines to Elevate when launching a MagicWord
  • Fix drag/drop of files to properly quote paths
  • Fix SLUG loading code to not blow up SlickRun if module load fails
  • Fix pickup of URLs from IE9
  • If user hits CTRL+C while in MATH mode, copy the result to the clipboard
  • Prevent polluting Win7 taskbar if user clicks notifyicon while hidden
  • Add GrabWinSpace preference and simplify GrabWinR preference
  • Add Settings.DefaultShowType preference;
  • Recompiled using DelphiXE

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