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Version history for SmartDVB (64-bit)

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Changes for v0.5.1.1 Beta 1 - v0.5.3.26 Beta

  • Added support for external splitters, including LAV Splitter support. Please note that LAV Splitter support is experimental and initial connection is slow compared to the default splitter (SmartAVSrc). So if you care most about tuning speed, and not so much about picture quality, do not use the LAV Splitter.
  • Added windowed EPG viewer
  • Better support for 4:2:2 4k and 8k
  • Added EVR-CP (Custom Presenter) video renderer, with support for HDR and external shaders. Including support for rendered subtitles (DVB/Teletext Subtitles)
  • improved 4:2:2 support (LAV Splitter in combination with the LAV Video Decoder plays 4:2:2 quite well)
  • improved 4k and 8k support
  • MDAPI improvements/enhancements (including x64 build fixes)
  • Extended zooming support dialog. Zoom settings can be saved per channel.
  • Improved MadVR support (also works well with the LAV Splitter)
  • Support for external multiplexers (including Microsoft MPEG2 demux, Elecard demux, Mainconcept demux etc)
  • Graph performance settings (experimental, leave the default settings if you don't really know what you're doing here)
  • improvements/fixes, added device settings to set the defualt tuning method.
  • Initial (experimental) CAM Menu support for TBS CI CAM devices only. Please report if you have issues with this feature as it has not been tested extensively.
  • Improvements to DVB Transport Stream file play mode video quality/stability, play HEVC DVB File option added. Please do not use transport stream recordings of sizes lower than about 100Mb as otherwise transport stream playback can be somehwat unstable.
  • Improvements to SmartOSD default scaling

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