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Version history for Spider Player Basic

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Changes for v2.5.2 - v2.5.3

  • Fixed:
  • converting feature preview didn't work in the FREE version of
  • Spider Player, now it's possible to convert one track at a time again
  • Other:
  • "Spider Player Basic" renamed to "Spider Player FREE"

Changes for v2.5.1 - v2.5.2

  • Separate color selections for skin's Buttons & Sliders, Text and Background on the Interface tab of the Options window

Changes for v2.5 - v2.5.1

  • New:
  • Lyrics Pane now works in the Basic version as well
  • for the first minute of each song for preview purposes
  • Fixed:
  • Lyrics Pane script error messages

Changes for v2.4.6 - v2.5

  • New:
  • Lyrics Pane in the playlist with auto download of lyrics.
  • Get instant lyrics of the song you are listening to!
  • Spider Remote - remote control app for Android phones
  • new "Feeback" button in the About window
  • Improved:
  • Shoucast-Icecast toggle in the radio directory made more obvious,
  • tooltips added
  • Fixed:
  • DoS vulnerability when loading M3U playlists:
  • mouse wheel moved the pan slider without actually affecting the pan
  • and displaying the pan value in the main window

Changes for v2.4.5 - v2.4.6

  • New:
  • follow us on Twitter @spidder_player by using the new Twitter button in the About window (opens with F1)
  • web interface to control the player from the web or third-party applications
  • you can now tag custom-made CDs in the converter window or amend downloaded FreeDB metadata
  • extra radio recording option (overwrite files with the same name)
  • the player's controls no longer have to be in focus in order for mouse wheel scroll to work
  • equalizer bands and pan can now be changed using the mouse wheel
  • the player will now show internet station name (if known) after the name of the track in square brackets
  • Fixed:
  • changing sound font when the player was stopped crashed the player
  • some other bugs

Changes for v2.4.4 - v2.4.5

  • Rename files feature improvements
  • location of last opened folder/files wasn't remembered

Changes for v2.4.3 - v2.4.4

  • New:
  • Rename files feature (changes filenames to match the nicely formatted playlist entries)
  • New single 2-in-1 installer (regular and portable versions)
  • New equalizer presets: Full Bass, Pop. Default preset renamed to Flat (to see new presets, backup your customs presets by exporting them to a file, close Spider Player, then go to the Spider Player's installation directory and remove the EQPresets.xml file, launch Spider and import your custom presets from the backup)
  • New hotkeys:
  • HOME and END keys - go to the top and bottom of the list
  • SHIFT-HOME and SHIFT-END keys - select to the top and bottom of the list
  • If you are upgrading, please hit "Restore defaults" button on Hotkeys page of the options dialog for new settings to take effect.
  • Fixed:
  • soundfont name did not update in the corresponding label on change
  • Other:
  • U3 version discontinued

Changes for v2.4.2 - v2.4.3

  • New:
  • Scroll "Now Playing" information automatically toggle added
  • Improved:
  • multimedia keyboards are now supported by default. NOTES: Previously it was required to setup multimedia keys as global hotkeys in Spider Player's options in order for them to work. Now non-system-wide multimedia keys (PLAY/PAUSE, NEXT/PREV TRACK, STOP) are used as secondary local hotkeys by default. If you are upgrading, please hit "Restore defaults" button on Hotkeys page of the options dialog for new settings to take effect. System-wide multimedia keys (MEDIA, VOLUME UP/DOWN, MUTE) are not assigned by default. You still have to assign them manually to avoid any unexpected conflicts. TIP #1: to override default OS behavior (e.g. MEDIA key launching Windows Media Player) use system-wide multimedia keys as global hotkeys in Spider Player. TIP #2: using complex hotkeys like "Ctrl + Shift + Play/Pause Media" is also possible!
  • FoxyTunes integration instructions updated:
  • Fixed:
  • a few bugs with assigning/removing hotkeys
  • access violation error on close
  • resizing playlist always changed "Show window contents while dragging" option to true

Changes for v2.4.1 - v2.4.2

  • Fixed:
  • Memory leaks in Favorites Manager
  • checked "Save track position on close" option caused access violation
  • Improved:
  • Shoutcast's list of stations now reloads automatically
  • when switching back from Icecast
  • some translations have been updated

Changes for v2.4 - v2.4.1

  • Improved:
  • all components of the sound engine updated to their latest versions
  • LAME MP3 encoder updated to the latest stable version
  • support for little-endian AIFF files
  • support for 64-bit floating-point WAVE/AIFF files
  • updated to WavPack 4.60.1
  • MIDI: support for 28MBGM.SF2 and CT8MGM.SF2 as default soundfonts
  • updated AAC and AC3 input plugins will be downloaded automatically
  • during the installation; users of the portable version, please
  • download manually from here:
  • Fixed:
  • "Clear playlist" menu item didn't work

Changes for v2.3.11 - v2.4

  • New:
  • support (PRO feature)
  • SoundFont can now be changed by right-clicking its name in the main
  • window and choosing "Replace SoundFont..." from the context menu;
  • you can also assign a hotkey for this action in the options
  • "Clear playlist on exit" option
  • PRO version label is now displayed in the title of the main window (registered users, default skin only)
  • Fixed:
  • Unicode-related bugs in the Radio Directory and Web Search
  • skin engine bug: region wasn't calculated for the main window

Changes for v2.3.10 - v2.3.11

  • Fixed:
  • WAV files conversion issue:
  • advanced title formatting function $iflonger misbehaved
  • Other:
  • updated translations

Changes for v2.3.9.9 - v2.3.10

  • New:
  • Preset Manager for Advanced Title Formatting Rules (with some built-in presets)
  • the following new functions can now be used in title formatting rules: $upper(X), $lower(X), $iflonger(A,B,C,D), $substr(A,B,C), $repeat(X,N), $replace(A,B,C), $char(X)
  • Fixed:
  • "Now playing" hint included album information twice
  • Notes:
  • advanced title formatting feature is no longer experimental
  • advanced title formatting applies only to file types supported by tag editor: MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, FLAC

Changes for v2.3.9.5 - v2.3.9.9

  • New:
  • "Save stream as a single file" radio recording option (PRO feature)
  • Radio directory: better handling of busy Shoutcast/Icecast servers
  • advanced title formatting similar to Winamp and Foobar2000 (highly experimental, only a subset of features is implemented)
  • Fixed:
  • crashes and memory leaks caused by the Favorites editor
  • Other:
  • new and updated translations
  • latest versions of input plugins
  • installer no longer has the option to download a MIDI SoundFont (required for MIDI playback), due to high bandwidth it generates; please read our wiki tutorials on SoundFonts:

Changes for v2.3.9.1 - v2.3.9.5

  • Improved:
  • better support for malformed PLS playlists
  • skinning: playlist window can now have rounded corners
  • Fixed:
  • couldn't read tags from FLAC files
  • couldn't remove global hotkey (visibility toggle) for Spider SFX
  • skin bug (presumably fixed):
  • BassEnc produced FLAC files with invalid duraton information

Changes for v2.3.8 - v2.3.9

  • New:
  • Backward search in the playlist
  • Improved:
  • Radio directory:
  • hints for truncated lines
  • user is now notified, when Shoutcast service is temporarily unavailable
  • Fixed:
  • Metadata editor didn't recognize UTF8 text in ID3v2 tags correctly

Changes for v2.3.7 - v2.3.8

  • New:
  • Backward search in the playlist
  • Improved:
  • Radio directory:
  • hints for truncated lines
  • user is now notified, when Shoutcast service is temporarily unavailable
  • Fixed:
  • Metadata editor didn't recognize UTF8 text in ID3v2 tags correctly

Changes for v2.3.6 - v2.3.7

  • Fixed:
  • Could not read metadata from some MP3 files
  • Player froze when "Enter registration key" button was pressed, if "Always on top" option was enabled
  • Crash when the player is closed while a MIDI file is playing:

Changes for v2.3.5 - v2.3.6

  • Web search menu added (right-click track info scrolling label to show the menu). Available options are:
  • find track/album on
  • find in Google, Yahoo! or Wikipedia
  • find music video on YouTube
  • find artist pictures on Flickr
  • find track's page on
  • look for concert listings on Gruvr
  • find lyrics on LyricWiki
  • find track using Skreemr
  • copy track information to Clipboard
  • "Sort by type" action added (Internet sources go first)
  • Actions added:
  • Rewind 30 sec.
  • Forward 30 sec.
  • Volume up 20%
  • Volume down 20%
  • Improved:
  • Shoutcast radio directory: "Top500" item added to the "Quick Genre"
  • drop-down list (loaded by default)
  • BASS audio library and plugins updated to the latest versions
  • Lame encoder updated to v3.98.2
  • OggEnc encoder updated to v2.85
  • "Show untranslated lines only" option in the Translation editor
  • Faster search/filtering in the Radio Directory, Translation Editor and Favorites Manager
  • Some Windows Vista related tweaks
  • to stop adding files to the playlist one can now hit the Escape key:
  • "Copy to folder" dialog redesigned, confirmation dialog is shown if a file already exists:
  • Fixed:
  • Spider SFX plugin is now fully Unicode enabled and doesn't cause
  • troubles if Spider's installation path contains non-ANSI characters
  • Skinning: the value of the "MenuButAnchors" attribute
  • in the "[PLPositions]" section was ignored:
  • Invadid drawing of search boxes:
  • Crash when the player is closed while a MIDI file is playing:
  • Issue with the tray icon's context menu:
  • Problems playing some Internet streams:
  • One couldn't assign a Tab key to an action:
  • Internet radio playlist not advancing:

Changes for v2.3.1.3 - v2.3.5

  • New:
  • Spider SFX DSP plugin
  • favorites submenu in the tray menu
  • color of the odd lines of the lists is now adjustable
  • tooltips for various controls have been added
  • minor interface changes
  • Fixed:
  • freezes at the end of a song when playing APE files with
  • corrupted tags
  • proxy settings didn't work since v2.3 beta 1
  • invalid "About Spider Player" window position on dual monitor
  • configurations
  • "last opened folder" bug: (5'th message)

Changes for v2.3.1.1 - v2.3.1.3

  • Shift-click on a CD menu item (Main menu -> Play -> CD -> ) reverses the current tracks addition mode
  • Improved:
  • improvements to the DSP effects manager:
  • add or remove DSPs by pressing the SPACE or ENTER keys
  • buttons are now enabled only when they can perform an action
  • current DSP doesn't lose focus when being moved up or down the DSP chain
  • Fixed:
  • main inteface windows placement issue on systems with multiple monitors
  • balloon hint didn't show up when Internet radio was playing
  • some minor fixes

Changes for v2.3.1 - v2.3.1.1

  • "Add to Favorites..." menu items added to the main menu and playlist's favorites menu
  • Shift-click on a favorites menu item adds it to the playlist without clearing the latter
  • blinking pause indicator
  • Fixed:
  • some skins could crash the program

Changes for v2.3.0.2 - v2.3.1

  • New:
  • secondary hotkeys for actions
  • "Restore default settings" start menu item added
  • "Wiki" button added to the About window
  • new drag & drop behaviour:
  • Improved:
  • hotkeys can be assigned much easier now
  • Converter now handles CD arrival/removal events automatically
  • support for saving lyrics to MP3 and OGG files
  • U3 version of Spider Player now supports Winamp DSP plugins as well
  • range selection in the playlist is now possible by holding the Shift key while using the Up/Down arrows. Note: if upgrading to a new version, one must hit the "Restore defaults" button on the "Hotkeys" page of the Options window or assign the corresponding hotkeys to "Select range" actions manually
  • when playing MIDI files, soundfont name is now displayed in the information box
  • the player now remembers active DSPs from the previous session
  • translations updated
  • some other usability improvements
  • Fixed:
  • balloon hint sound issue
  • U3 version: incorrect handling of physical U3 Drive eject
  • could not play, rip and get FreeDB information for some CDs
  • broken playlist saving to PLS format
  • file properties: "Remove tag" button didn't work
  • one could not run multiple instances of the player

Changes for v2.3.0.1 - v2.3.0.2

  • Fixed:
  • language drop-down list always had the "English" language selected
  • tray icon tooltip didn't update when a song title changed (only occured when listening to radio)
  • Windows Vista: crash on close when playing a MIDI file
  • improved support for Right-to-Left languages
  • some tray menu items and translation editor buttons didn't support Unicode captions
  • next to the last line of the "DeviceInfoMemoLines" attribute (driver's filename) has been removed from all translations, as this information is no longer available

Changes for v2.3 - v2.3.0.1

  • crash on closing under Windows Vista and XP (non-administrative accounts)
  • issue with the iZotope Ozone Winamp DSP plugin (and, probably, other Winamp DSPs)

Changes for v2.3 Beta 2 - v2.3

  • the player doesn't load alternate streams of an Internet radio station anymore
  • final stable versions of BASS audio library and its add-ons
  • plugins for playing and converting FLAC, ALAC, MPC, OFR and SPX files are now included
  • better handling of problem PLS files (but slower loading)
  • installer improvements
  • Changed:
  • naming patterns for plugins:
  • dsp_*.dll -> *.dsp
  • tag_*.dll -> *.tag
  • Winamp DSP plugins directory: "Spider Player/Plugins/dsp_winamp" -> "Spider Player/Plugins"
  • Fixed:
  • "Add to Favorites" action caused a memory leak
  • Updated:
  • new versions of the MP4/AAC and AC3 input plugins can be found at in the "Plugins" section
  • Japanese and Swedish translations

Changes for v2.203 - v2.3 Beta 1

  • Favorites manager:
  • Why have all favorites in a single huge unorganized list? Do you want to have a separate list for your favorite radio stations, an individual list for the best songs ever, and so on... just like the favorites manager in your browser, but for songs.
  • Spider Player 2.3 includes new advanced Favorites Manager with improved user interface, support for custom categories and comments, so you can have your favorites organized the way you want.
  • DSP Manager:
  • Many of you have requested the Digital Sound Processing effects support in Spider Player. This latest version has such support.
  • Third-party developers can now write high-quality 32-bit DSP plugins for Spider Player. The SDK is available here .
  • Spider Player itself comes with the DSP Manager which allows to apply several DSP effects simultaneously in any order!
  • And the fact that DSP effects are 32-bit, means that there is no degradation of quality when the sound passes through a DSP chain. For compatibility, 8/16-bit DSPs are supported too, in such case "32-bit sound processing" must be turned off in Spider Player's options.
  • This version also comes with Winamp DSP wrapper - a special DSP plugin which makes use of Winamp DSPs with Spider Player possible! Thanks go to George Boudouris. Originally written by George for Passion Audio Player this plugin have been modified to work with Spider Player.
  • New versions of sound engine and input plugins:
  • Spider Player 2.3 stays on the edge of technology and uses the latest version of BASS audio library to date.

Changes for v2.2 - v2.201

  • New translation: Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Updated translations: Romanian, Vietnamese

Changes for v2.2 Beta 5 - v2.2 RC 2

  • Language file editor save confirmation bug
  • access violation on system shutdown/restart

Changes for v2.2 Beta 4 - v2.2 Beta 5

  • access vialation when trying to play a file (U3 version)
  • wrong version number information (U3 version)

Changes for v2.2 Beta 3 - v2.2 Beta 4

  • New:
  • direct access to the Shoutcast and Icecast Stream Directories with thousands of Internet radio stations listed
  • recording of Internet radio streams:
  • direct MP1, MP2, MP3, AAC, AAC+ audio stream saving, no loss of quality (PRO feature)
  • encoding to MP3 (lossy, but can be used on any kind of stream)
  • ability to load custom SoundFonts for MIDI playback (this also means that owners of non-Creative sound cards can now play and convert MIDI files too)
  • support for ASX (Advanced Stream Redirector) playlists
  • "Load playlist", "Save playlist" and "Add to Favorites" actions can now be accessed via hotkeys
  • Track Info scroll label can now be dragged with mouse
  • Mute Toggle and corresponding action
  • Help on command line options of custom encoders (the "?" button)
  • "Take no action on CD insertion" option
  • Improved:
  • Options window is modeless again
  • Play -> CD -> drive_letter command now works for Data CDs (e.g. MP3 CDs) as well
  • faster start-up
  • much faster loading of PLS playlists
  • drag & drop to any window
  • smarter sample rate info detection
  • "Check for updates" now shows the list of changes if update was found
  • when Drag & Drop a folder with lots of files, the source Explorer window no longer hangs until all files from that folder have been added
  • Fixed:
  • incorrect bitrate detection of some Internet radio streams
  • better handling of problem PLS playlists
  • fixed saving of PLS playlists
  • now paused playback won't resume if position slider was dragged
  • click in the no column area of the Converter caused a fatal error
  • access violation when trying to save tags to a FLAC file
  • crashes, clicks, no sound when playing some URLs with the equalizer turned on
  • "Edit Title..." command caused a "List index out of bounds (-1)" error if performed on empty playlist
  • when was listening to an Internet radio station, application's title at taskbar didn't change when a new song began
  • player couldn't get info from FreeDB for some CDs
  • Failed to set data for '' error when assigning file associations if not logged in as administrator
  • other minor fixes

Changes for v2.103 - v2.104

  • This release brings some improvements, bugfixes and translation updates.
  • "Open URL" window now accepts URLs to M3U and PLS playlists of radio stations.

Changes for v2.102 - v2.103

  • This update fixes the bug with non-working proxy settings.
  • Spider Player for U3 now support plugins as well.
  • Plugins should be placed into the following folder: drive_letter:\System\Apps\A03D6062-1ED3-42bc-BE90-304840637DD8\Data.
  • Where "drive_letter" is a letter assigned to the U3 Smart drive.
  • Updated and new translations: German, Russian, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Spanish.

Changes for v2.101 - v2.102

  • Converter's "Status" columm didn't update

Changes for v2.1 - v2.101

  • An issue with VBR MP3 encoding when "Min Bitrate" value was set to something below 32Kbps has been fixed.
  • This version also includes an updated Italian translation.

Changes for v2.03 - v2.1

  • More converting options and new user interface for them.
  • Encreased converting speed.
  • Support for encoding to FLAC and WavPack makes Spider Player ideal for ripping CDs to
  • one of these lossless formats for your personal music collection and then quickly converting to
  • MP3 or AAC when needed to use with your portable MP3 player.
  • Support for custom encoders allows to use any external command-line encoder with STDIN support with Spider Player.
  • Presets for some popular encoders, such as Nero Digital Audio Encoder, FAAC, Musepack and Lame are included.
  • New Import/Export feature of the Preset Manager allows to backup or share your equalizer and encoding presets with friends or other users easily.

Changes for v2.02 - v2.03

  • "Open" submenu in the tray icon popup menu ability to edit playlist entry title
  • the player now comes on top (if not in the tray area) when a user double-clicks a file in the Explorer "File Properties" window is now modeless
  • "Always on top" now works correctly Note: changes apply after the Options window is closed
  • when a user selects two or more songs in a folder and presses the Enter key, only one file from the selection is played

Changes for v2.0.11 - v2.02

  • This version brings support for the Real Time Streaming Protocol ("rtsp://" URLs) and has some translation improvements.
  • The following new/updated translations are included: Arabic, Italian, French, Russian and South American Spanish.
  • This release also includes preliminary support for bidirectional languages (change "BiDiMode=0" line of the "Arabic.ini" file to "BiDiMode=1", "BiDiMode=2" or "BiDiMode=3" to enable Right-To-Left text display).

Changes for v2.01 - v2.0.11

  • This version includes an updated OGG encoder with better support for multichannel files and some translation fixes.

Changes for v2.001 - v2.01

  • new buttons in the Converter and the Properties window
  • every action of the Properties window now has its hotkey
  • ability to install skins and icon sets in the Options
  • ability to assign global hotkeys separately
  • "Open URL" window now monitors the clipboard for valid URLs
  • hotkeys to minimize/maximize the program and for the "Always on top" option

Changes for v2.0 Beta 2 - v2.001

  • Fixes a bug with hotkeys not saving when running under a non-English version of Windows

Changes for v2.0 Beta 1 - v2.0 Beta 2

  • Small main menu changes
  • Options button in the converter window now calls encoding options directly
  • Now when "Play" is pressed, current item starts playing instead of first selected
  • Playlist up/down arrows didn't work by default
  • URL history didn't work
  • "Choose an action" -> "Rip" now always selects a correct drive
  • Some buttons' hints were updated
  • A few new actions were added
  • When a song was paused and a user double-clicked a file in the Explorer
  • That file was added, but the old track resumed
  • The ability to edit track names manually in the Converter
  • "Restore defaults" button on the Hotkeys page of the Options dialog
  • Fixed "Cannot make a visible window modal." error when open Options while adding a folder
  • Playing CDs and converting them at the same time is no longer possible
  • Closing the Convertor or the program while converting caused a critical error

Changes for v1.90 - v2.0 Beta 1

  • Crossfading support
  • Improved tag editing/information viewing
  • new unified interface for all supported file types,
  • with navigation through playlist entries
  • Tag editing plugins
  • language independent API for retrieving/editing
  • file information/tags in UTF-8
  • FLAC tagging support
  • New equalizer:
  • better sound
  • wider range (31Hz-16KHz)
  • improved preset editor (hotkey navigation, multiselect
  • option)
  • Improved CD ripping & converting
  • new easy-to-use unified interface for both ripping and converting
  • Improved FreeDB support
  • all data is now retrieved in UTF-8
  • Skinning improvements
  • PNG support enables you to create better looking skins with nice transparency and soft shadow effects for graphic controls
  • Customizable local and global hotkeys
  • assign any hotkey to any program's action
  • use global hotkeys to control Spider Player while working or gaming in another application
  • Multimedia keyboards support
  • New icon set format
  • creating icon sets is now faster and easier: no need for special software, all that's required are your favourite icons and any text editor
  • new default icon set with a unique icon for each supported file type
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Full Windows Vista support
  • HTML playlist generation
  • Tray icon "Now playing" balloon hint on track change
  • Always on top option
  • Show selection stats playlist option
  • Auto check for updates option
  • Countless improvemens, bugfixes, major code rewrite/cleanup

Changes for v1.87 - v1.90

  • sticky windows
  • PLS playlists support
  • default skin
  • FLAC decoding speed
  • default font is now Tahoma
  • installer includes more localizations
  • encoder "input != output" check
  • better handling of invalid ID3v1 tags (thanks to CLRS530)

Changes for v1.86 - v1.87

  • PageUp, PageDown playlist shortcuts
  • playlist font settings now affect Lyrics editor
  • Skin format
  • couldn't save some ID3v2 tag fields
  • loading folders with playlists in them can result in duplicate playlist items
  • blank titles of playlist items when loading Simple M3U playlists
  • ID3v2 tag "Save" button started playback
  • could not remove ID3v2 tag if the file was playing

Changes for v1.85 - v1.86

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