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Version history for SpiderOak

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Changes for v5.0.3 - v5.1.2

  • New Feature: New command line option "--rename-device"
  • Speed Improvement: Faster handling of purged files
  • Fix: Folders were sometimes not listed in View Tab
  • Fix: Windows client sporadically came to foreground when minimized
  • Fix: Show warning when installation has been re-installed on another device
  • Fix: Show "Make File Link and Create Email" errors in foreground (Windows)
  • Fix: directory watcher didn't exclude SpiderOak folder on Windows, causing high cpu usage
  • Fix: Syndication process doesn’t run on first device setup
  • Minor fixes
  • Fix: New APT-Key in Ubuntu/Debian packages

Changes for v5.0.1 - v5.0.3

  • Fixes:
  • Fix bug causing exclusion wildcards to fail for files with spaces in the names
  • Fix file naming bug when restoring a deleted Hive folder
  • Fix bug making text in program unreadable on dark themes under some Linux window managers Known issues:
  • SpiderOak cannot currently communicate with the Metro Mail App in Windows 8. This means that the "Make a Share Link and Create Email" option in the OS integration menu will not work. We are working on a fix.

Changes for v5.0 Beta - v5.0.1

  • New Features:
  • SpiderOak Hive: We adopted a simple approach to syncing data across all devices by creating the SpiderOak Hive folder. Simply drag and drop files or folders into this folder and they will automatically sync to your other devices.
  • OS Integration for Windows (Mac and Linux soon to follow): Granting right-click access functions via Explorer now allows you to backup, share, and view historical versions.
  • Enhancements:
  • ShareRoom Enhancement: Users can now add passwords to their ShareRooms which adds an additional layer of security when sharing important files.
  • Remote Diagnostics: We added a capability for remote diagnostics to help when troubleshooting problems with customer support. This option is disabled by default. You must explicitly enabled it. Diagnostic reports consist of metadata such as program and OS version information, file system types, program log files, folder and file names. Reports do not include backup data, passwords, or encryption information.
  • Password Enhancement: As a new user, you must now change your password upon setting up your first device when JavaScript was disabled during signup and a temporary password was automatically generated.
  • ShareRoom Enhancement: We added clarification to the ShareRoom creation wizard
  • Fixes:
  • LAN sync: Fixed a bug with LAN sync, allowing the client to recover from certain error conditions
  • UI / View Tab: Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the UI to erroneously disable the View tab in the client after displaying the "out of space" popup window.
  • AppIndicator framework: Switch system tray icon to use AppIndicator framework on Ubuntu.
  • Backup: Fixed a bug which prevents category size indicator on basic backup tab from updating without restarting the client
  • Downloads: Fixed a bug that prevented downloads from resuming after a network failure.
  • Uninstalling SpiderOak: Fixed a bug on Windows which reports publisher info as 'unknown' when uninstalling SpiderOak
  • Sync: Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented sync from detecting a moved folder properly, instead considering it a deletion
  • Backup: Fixed a bug causing backup to fail under a very rare edge case

Changes for v4.7.9948 - v4.8.4

  • Fix a bug causing upgrade from one version of 4.8.x series to a newer one to fail on Windows.
  • 4.8.3 (General Release)
  • Fix a bug preventing the client from opening the web browser on some Linux setups
  • Fix further bugs causing warnings when installing through Ubuntu Software Center
  • 4.8.1 (General Release, Linux)
  • Fix a bug preventing the program from installing through Ubuntu Software Center
  • 4.8.1 (General Release, Mac only)
  • Fix an issue where non-administrator user accounts could not run the program on Mac
  • 4.8.0 (General Release)
  • Fixed bug causing synchronizations to not work correctly under Windows XP in certain situations
  • Re-built the Windows installation file as MSI for greater flexibility and installation user management
  • Fixed bug causing recycle bin downloads to fail
  • Fixed bug causing custom download locations for file-restores not to work correctly
  • Fixed bug causing un-installation to require reboot under Windows

Changes for v6.9945 - v4.7.9948

  • Fix minor bugs affecting the preview generator
  • Fix a bug causing the program to crash when attempting to create a sync with an entire drive in Windows
  • Fix bug causing single files selected for backup (ie. not part of a folder which is selected for backup) to not be monitored for immediate changes
  • Fix sync bug causing subfolder contents not to be synced in some circumstances

Changes for v4.5.9941 - v4.6.9945

  • Do not include ShareRoom password support from previous beta
  • Add digital signature to Mac builds

Changes for v4.5.9939 - v4.5.9941

  • Sync and LAN Sync reliability improvements

Changes for v4.3.9928 - v4.5.9939

  • Fixed bug causing scans to repeat constantly during scheduled time
  • Fix a bug causing SpiderOak to upload duplicate directories due to Windows path separator
  • Fix bug causing --generate-previews command line option to encrypted previews to the incorrect key in some circumstances
  • Fix a bug causing sync to fail to update some often-changing files
  • Fix a rare preference loading bug
  • Fix a bug causing SpiderOak to constantly reconnect when proxy password is set incorrectly
  • Fix backup tab lag in the presence of floppy drives
  • Fix a rare download bug
  • Addition of LAN Sync

Changes for v4.3.9917 - v4.3.9928

  • Remove Windows Explorer "Favorites" category
  • Fix out of memory issue caused by "Favorites" category
  • Deduplicate backup selection when a folder is a part of multiple categories

Changes for v4.2.9913 - v4.3.9917

  • Fix a bug causing client to hang in some circumstances when purging historical versions.
  • Fix a bug preventing image previews from updating after deduplication.
  • Fix local copy feature.
  • Add --generate-previews command line option for generating previews for historical versions.

Changes for v4.2.9909 - v4.2.9913

  • Fix a refresh bug on the view page.
  • Fix an issue with non-English characters in passwords.

Changes for v4.2.9907 - v4.2.9909

  • Fixed a problem with some large filetypes that could lead SpiderOak to falsely conclude the file had been modified during backup.
  • Fixed a bug in the basic view causing category selection to be incorrect if any of the default categories appeared in Windows Favorites.

Changes for v4.1.9860 - v4.2.9907

  • Fix bug causing changes to backup selection to be lost if a transaction is committed or received from another device before the save button is pressed.
  • Fix a bug present only in betas 9895 through 9901 which inadvertently writes the user's password to the local log files during new device setup.

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